Kundal Vietnam

Kundal is the number one, environmentally-friendly shampoo brand from Korea. Kundal is exclusively distributed by Guardian Vietnam - a popular healthcare and beauty retailer chain.

Guardian has evolved to be the top retailer in the health and beauty sector in Asia and is owned by the leading pan-Asian retailer Dairy Farm.

Facebook ads

  • Cosmetic and healthcare market research
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Identify the target audience


  • Promote 5 flagship shampoo lines of the brand
  • Emphasize the ingredients and positive effects
    of the products
  • Share body care and hair care tips
  • Promotion campaign planning


  • Product image design
  • Post design following the brand's guidelines
    and agreed concepts
  • Advertising post design
  • Digital promotion banner design


  • KOL marketing campaign setup:
  • Micro influencer: those who have high influence in hair caring to share relevant hair care tips and tricks
  • Macro influencer: those who have high follower counts as to increase brand reach
  • Booking KOL
  • Campaign managing and reporting
  • Middleman task handling


  • Video script planning
  • Video making and editing
  • Background music selecting and adding
  • Transitions and special effects adding

  • kundal

    Beautiful and elegant images aligned with highly interactive content make our campaign with Kundal a true success. Let's visit the work of our Kundal Project Team.