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Run and Grow Your Business during Pandemic

The global pandemic hits the world of business hard with intermittent lockdown and social distancing.

Over time, many have learned to adapt while a few still harbors a hope that everything will soon be back to normal. In any situation, doing nothing is never the way to sustainable growth, but doing anything doesn’t always fare better.

Let’s learn how to navigate during the global pandemic with key considerations in managing and growing your business.


Digital Marketing in Pandemic: Statistics, Trends and Predictions

In a pandemic, there is a trend of businesses shifting to digital or online operation to overcome limits imposed by lockdown or social distancing, giving digital marketing a golden opportunity to flourish.

As the pandemic’s impact is uneven across industries and businesses, each company must make specific, informed decisions based on reliable statistics.

This article provides you with recent digital marketing data as well as possible future developments.


Digital Marketing during Pandemic: Disruptions and Opportunities

Digital marketing has long been one of the proven key business tools with extensive influence. In the age of Internet and advanced technology, it grows by leaps and bounds.

During crises that human-to-human contact is limited such as pandemic, lockdown or social distancing, online marketing is the lifesaver for hardest-hit businesses. The question is how.

Follow these 4 steps to adapt your digital marketing strategies timely and protect your business’ sustainable growth during and after the pandemic.


Unfold the Future of Content Marketing – A Future for the Early Birds

“Content marketing” has become a common practice in any business, especially those that seek to build a strong online image and increase their digital influence. In their toolkit, digital content marketing takes a pivotal role.

Bearing such importance to a business’ sustainable growth, content marketing can’t escape the wave of disruptions. Experts have tried to predict digital content marketing trends in 2021 and beyond. Let’s buckle up for a bumpy yet exciting ride to the future of content marketing!


Why Accept Guest Blogging As a Content Creation Strategy?

As the digital age promotes a dynamic lifestyle and globalization trends, the need to digest more and more information leaps without limit. But as time is limited, so is our attention.

To produce more captivating content and seize this finite resource, many businesses have turned to guest blogging for more qualified traffic, leads and sales.

Let’s learn how to utilize guest blogging – a proven technique of content marketing strategy – to your advantage as a sustainable business.


Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: The Long-Standing Feud

With the birth of the Internet and the resulting irreversible change of consumer behavior, businesses seek to increase their virtual exposure with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Over time, the PPC market grows and “settles down”, leaving two big names in the mind of any online advertisers: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads.

Which yields more results in shorter time? Which consumes less resources but produces more? Together, let’s answer the big question: Google Ads or Facebook Ads for your sustainable business?


Search Engine Optimization: A Reality Check for Company Decision Makers

A “household name” in marketing sphere, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves around search engines, which most of the time means Google, to increase traffic from organic search engine results, hence (hopefully) boost conversions and sales.

However, popularity doesn’t mean quality. In fact, many SEO myths still lurk around to cloud the judgment of its users, e.g. marketers, and its “beneficiaries”, e.g. company decision makers. It’s time to have a reality check to truly understand and leverage the power of SEO.


Graphic Design for Foreign Investors | On Digitals

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, as your business can thrive or be plunged by your choice of visuals presented to your audience. It makes graphic design a much more impactful strategy than many usually think.

To any business, especially foreign brands trying to penetrate the Vietnam market, graphic design is a double-edged weapon since it can evoke emotions both ways. Learn how to harness its power to cut through the noise, touch the hearts and seize the throne.


Vietnam’s Social Media Marketing in 2020s

The world in 2020s starts with a “new normal” fighting against Covid-19. Though Vietnam is on the winning side, making it even more lucrative, foreign brands and investors can’t turn a blind eye to latent disruptions to how this blooming market behaves in the global chaos.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic accelerates the ever-present groundswell of support to online adoption. Social media marketing has turned from a common tool to an indispensable edge for businesses to mark their influence in Vietnam market.

Vietnam’s economy and marketing strategies for the 2020s

Vietnam economy is developing at a rapid pace in recent years along with its significant rise in digital needs.

This article provides concrete facts as to why this Southeast Asian country is a good choice for foreign investors.

It explains ways and means of how to scale a business in Vietnam and what digital marketing solutions are the go-to options to effectively target this unique market.