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why backlinks are important

Why Backlinks Are Important to SEO Strategy | On Digitals

SEO is indispensable to any business aspiring to expand their online influence. As there are many elements in a comprehensive SEO plan, businesses need to prioritize based on their current business strategies and resources.

Many SEO experts put the most effort in link building to create quality backlinks for great results in traffic, engagement and conversion.

It is essential to understand what backlinks are and why they are important in SEO before learning the best way to wield this weapon.

why SEO is important

The importance of SEO in all businesses | On Digitals

The inevitable wave of digitalization has urged all businesses to find a more sustainable method to grow. Implementing effective digital marketing strategies to build a strong online profile is one sure way.

Among various digital marketing disciplines, SEO is undoubtedly a wise investment for any forward-looking business.

This article will help you understand why SEO is important for your business and what needs to be done to tap into the unlimited potential of this powerful tool.


SEO Copywriting: The Process and Best Practices

You may think SEO Content and SEO Copywriting are just one thing, but there is a critical difference.

While both satisfy basic requirements, the latter must go the extra mile to perfect all necessary elements and other supplementary factors.

Why have so many reputable businesses invested in building their own SEO copywriting system? The answer is because positive reader responses will accelerate the rate of conversion.


Content Marketing Strategy for Business Growth | On Digitals

With the aid of rapidly developing technology, content marketing strategy has become an indispensable tool for sustainable business growth.

An effective digital content strategy does not only create and deliver impactful information but also contributes to customer engagement and retention, thereby boosting conversion and revenue.


Traditional vs Digital Marketing: The One-Sided Battle?

The third millennium comes with the “invasion” of technology in every nook and corner. To adapt and prosper in the new age, companies can’t ignore the move from traditional to modern ways of doing business.

Many businesses believe that in the near future, marketing activities will only take place on digital platforms. But will this be a total or partial replacement? And what should businesses prepare for this upcoming change?

infographic design

Infographic Design: Greater Business Benefits | On Digitals

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has pushed all businesses on a universal mission: How to best deliver their messages?

Infographic is one of the emerging presentation styles that help make the mission much easier. Consequently, infographics become more and more prominent in the digital marketing toolkit for communication strategies.

Done right, infographics will be the best storyteller to significantly improve your communication results.

influencer campaign

Charm Your Audience with the Best KOL Marketing Campaign

KOL is no longer a stranger in our digital marketing toolkit for effective campaigns. Just like wine, its charms come with age and new recipes for an impressive evolution.

This article will help you understand deeply about KOLs, their difference from influencers and their development in the digital age.

In addition, you will be provided with a list of key actions to boost the results of your KOL marketing campaign.


Curb the Pandemic Impact on Your Business by 3 Aspects of Marketing

Social distancing has disrupted all business operations. Not only sales but marketing also struggles to keep their activities afloat during this challenging time.

Fortunately, digital marketing has granted us the ability to keep in touch with our customers, increase brand awareness and build a positive brand image during the pandemic.

To tap into the power of digital marketing and reduce the pandemic effect on your business, let’s dive into 3 cornerstones of marketing – owned, paid and earned media.


How This Pandemic Can Be the Best Opportunity for Your Business

Rarely does a crisis wipe out all types of businesses. Some will still flourish because its nature matches the new environment or the management is capable of adapting their business.

So which business types are best at surviving and thriving during this pandemic?

Let’s prepare for the future of your business after the pandemic with our three-step guidelines.

digital marketing during pandemic

Future-proof your Business Growth after the Pandemic

The pandemic has made many businesses change, maybe even in a direction that’s not in their original plan.

The question now isn’t “When will this crisis end?” but “Which direction should my business head to when it ends?” Is it better to continue the current change, though it’s just an ad-hoc adaptive decision? Or should we return to our well-thought plan before the outbreak?.

Let’s prepare for the future of your business after the pandemic with our three-step guidelines.