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The last few years have witnessed a very drastic transformation in the global digital landscape, especially regarding KOLs and online influencers. Ever since the pandemic, KOL marketing service has been very fruitful due to users turning to the Internet for information before making their purchases. The numbers say it all, influencer marketing market share saw an astronomical surge from 2016 to 2023 [1], going from 1.7 to 21.1 billion US dollars.



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Generally, opinions and recommendations from KOLs

hold significantly more value for consumers than the company’s own words
so loads of businesses are working with KOLs and influencers to upgrade their digital marketing game.

If your business is looking to throw your hat in the ring, On Digitals is here to help. We are an experienced Vietnam-based agency specializing in all things digital marketing, and KOL and influencer marketing are no exception.


Contact us today to learn about what is involved in our services and how we can bridge the gap between you and the best KOLs in the business.


are On Digitals’ KOL marketing clients?

KOL marketing is a service for the future and On Digitals wants to assist businesses in embracing this new trend. We have managed to collaborate with various influencers in many industries and elevate business’ reputation in the process.

Ondigitals Partners

Passion, with exquisite bottles of wine curated and distributed specifically for the Vietnamese market, have harnessed the power of KOL marketing to establish themselves as a premium wine brand in the country.


Scope of work: KOL management


Results: 200% increase in Facebook engagement, 140% increase in revenue, and improved brand online presence.

Banner Kundal
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

Beauty and body care is one of the best sectors for KOL Marketing. On Digitals had the chance to work with the popular retail chain Guardian to promote Kundal – a Korean hair and body care product brand. We brought their brand closer to the Vietnamese consumer base with the help of creative, engaging, and credible KOLs and their loyal following.


Scope of work: KOL marketing.


Results: 130% growth in brand awareness and 20% increase in lead generation.


Reebok is a well-known sportswear and athletic footwear brand in not only Vietnam but other prominent markets. With a sporty and energetic image, Reebok enlisted the help of On Digitals to forge a connection between them and suitable KOLs to engage their target customers effectively.


roles do KOLs serve
in a marketing campaign?

Create social media posts

Depending on the direction of the campaign, these posts can range from simple text and photos to long-form and short-form videos. On Digitals will also determine the platforms with the clients, and advantageous ones in Vietnam are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Zalo.


Livestream on multiple platforms

This one is a bit more demanding because it will happen in real-time. However, live streaming is extremely common nowadays due to the drastic shift in customers’ preferences and the e-commerce boom. As of 2023, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are the most notable channels for this content type.

Image Influencer-collage-ods

Sharing relevant posts

In addition to creating content, KOLs will also share relevant posts in the campaign from the business or their peers. This can enhance the amount of impressions and interactions considerably.

KOL Ondigitals

Appear on digital or print advertisements

The fourth task for KOLs is the closest one to traditional marketing strategies. The influencers will pose with the products or services for photos, which will be displayed on billboards, digital advertisements, and possibly merchandise.


does On Digitals’ KOL marketing services do?

The description of KOL marketing suggests that the two main parties are the business and the KOLs themselves, so how does a digital marketing agency fit into this equation?

On Digitals will play an intermediary role, connecting businesses with the perfect KOLs for their marketing strategies. We will go further than simply mediating contact between the parties as we aim to accompany our clients, who are the businesses, throughout the entire process.

KOL marketing services

Since the KOL and influencer marketing business is growing tremendously, it may be puzzling for companies to navigate it on their own. Our services cover all aspects from identifying the suitable influencers to contacting them and ensuring that their work is in line with the businesses’ strategies.

So of all the KOLs currently active on the Internet, how does On Digitals find the right ones for your company?


should businesses

collaborate with On Digitals

for KOL marketing?

There are four main elements that we take into consideration to single out the appropriate KOLs for a business and its ongoing campaign.


1. Relevance

The best possible KOLs need to be relevant to both the business and its target customers. Their job is to essentially become an advocate for the brand, so it is a given that they need to understand the company as well as its products and services. We prioritize finding KOLs working in the same industry as the business for the campaign due to their status and expertise in the field.

Moreover, On Digitals conducts thorough research into the business’s target customers. By understanding the demographics and preferences of the audience, we can select KOLs whose followers closely match the desired customer base.


2. Budget

The monetary constraints of the campaign play a significant role in KOL selection. On Digitals works within the allocated budget to identify KOLs who offer the best value for money. We will evaluate the KOL‘s impact, content quality, and price offer to determine the best fit.


3. Reach

Choosing KOLs with a large following seems like an incredible idea, but it is not for all businesses. These KOLs will come with an equally large price tag, so choose at your own consideration and budget. The business scale may dictate the appropriate type of KOLs/influencers for a campaign. While large enterprises can go for macro or even mega influencers. In turn, micro and nano influencers will be perfect for new businesses. All in all, On Digitals will assist businesses in reaching the most suitable KOLs based on their goals, preferences, and budget of the campaign.


4. Image

Last but certainly not least, On Digitals will find KOLs and influencers with a positive and credible public image. These individuals will be the faces of a brand, so their reputation will no doubt reflect on the brand.

On Digitals will always be mindful of brand reputation while booking KOLs. Hence, we always conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their online presence, ensuring that their image, values, and behavior align with the business’s brand values and objectives. This minimizes the risk of any potential controversies.


does a KOL marketing campaign work?



As the middleman of the project, On Digitals strives to deliver the most ideal results for our clients by ensuring a seamless and successful campaign.

Step 1


The minute On Digitals receives a collaboration offer from a client, our research process will begin. We will examine everything from the company’s identity, products, and services to their budget and objectives.

Our research process enables companies to increase their success possibility and avoid allocating their time and budget for a mismatch.

The audience will also be under scrutiny because the project is directed towards them. Each demographic has distinctive preferences, leading them to prefer various KOLs. On Digitals makes sure to learn about your target customers and compare them with the audience of the KOLs we have in mind.

Step 2


After setting our sights on a list of certain KOLs, it is time to put together a plan. Aside from the obvious task of securing the influencers, On Digitals will discuss with our clients over multiple meetings to decide the goals, KPIs, timeline, creative direction, etc. for the entire project.

Step 3


On Digitals will do the heavy lifting for our clients and contact the influencers ourselves. In a standard KOL marketing campaign, a small number of businesses may enlist the help of only one KOL, provided that their influence is big enough. For the remaining companies, there is usually a group of KOLs participating in one project.

We will bring together a suitable blend of influencers from four tiers: mega, macro, micro, and nano influencers, depending on the insights we have learned from step 1 and additional input from the clients. Furthermore, On Digitals aims to foster a long-running and stable working relationship between all three parties to enhance the effectiveness of the project and potential future ones.

Step 4


For this service, the content creation task lies in the hands of the KOLs instead of On Digitals. This does not mean we will not accompany you during the process.

We still take a proactive approach, albeit more on the briefing and outlining side of things. Working closely with the business, we will determine the direction for the project, including content types, angles, schedules, platforms, etc., and inform the KOLs.

Step 5

Monitor and analyze

The final stage of the campaign involves us keeping track of key metrics like engagement, impressions, reach, and conversions. We employ analytic tools to collect and generate reports for clients while providing our evaluation and proposing appropriate courses of action.


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Collaborate with On Digitals

On Digitals has accumulated years of experience in the digital marketing field, which results in connections with numerous reputable KOLs in many industries. These individuals and their loyal following can do wonders for your business’ brand awareness and elevate you to industry leader status.

Contact On Digitals today for consultation on how to take advantage of KOLs for digital marketing.