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Utilize the Biggest Social Media Platforms for Marketing

In recent years, Facebook has been leading the charge in the social media takeover. The biggest social media platform in the world has worked its way into the everyday life of almost every active Internet user alongside its fellow Meta platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Threads, and Messenger. On Digitals will help you leverage this absolute gold mine of marketing opportunities with our Meta advertising services.

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Meta Paid Performance

Meta, formerly known as Facebook

plays a crucial role in modern marketing strategies due to its expansive reach,
diverse user base, and robust advertising tools.

However, advertising on Meta platforms can be challenging due to algorithm changes, ad saturation, and ad fatigue. Privacy concerns and regulations also impact targeting, while rising costs and competition require efficient budget management.

On Digitals will help you leverage this absolute gold mine of marketing opportunities with our Meta paid performance services.


Contact On Digitals now and let us introduce you to more than 3 billion active users per month on these platforms.


are On Digitals’ Meta advertising clients?

Meta advertising services present an incredible opportunity for many businesses, especially those looking to make a quick and effective statement, much like our most notable clients.

Banner Korice
Ondigitals Partners

On Digitals finds Meta ads a perfect choice for Soju Korice, a Korean brand looking to enter the crowded beverage market in Vietnam. With the help of thorough market analysis, we have successfully assisted Soju Korice in turning online exposure into tangible results.


Scope of work: F&B market analysis and Facebook ads.


Results: Engagement surpasses KPI by 160% with an 1138% increase in monthly

logo AFF

Meorient is one of the most prominent businesses specialized in exhibitions, namely international exhibitions, exhibitor training, and B2B publishing. They have collaborated with On Digitals to promote their marquee trade fairs – China Homelife Expo and Asian Fashion Fair, attracting a large number of visitors for a successful event.


Scope of work: Lead generation through PPC (Meta ads)


Results: Achieving 130% of KPIs, successfully generated 300 qualified leads to join the event.

TAEGA, or The Aesthetic Group Australia, is a cosmetic service provider based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. To bring their minimally invasive treatments to their target user base, On Digitals has implemented a Meta ad campaign, facilitating their lead generation process.


Scope of work: Paid performance with Meta ads.


Results: 120 leads/month and average 3 customers/day.


are Meta advertising services to On Digitals?

Facebook has 3 billion active users per month, including a wide variety of audience demographics. Meanwhile, Instagram is not too far behind, boasting an impressive and highly active user base of over 2 billion. Aside from those two, WhatsApp and Messenger are two of the biggest messaging apps worldwide.

In case those numbers are not enough to convince you that Meta advertising services are a highly lucrative venture, their intuitive advertising mechanic will. These platforms allow businesses to target specific audience demographics and display their ads in a non-intrusive way on their newsfeed.

Meta Paid Performance

Furthermore, the default pricing option for Facebook ads is cost-per-click, providing businesses with an affordable method to implement advertisements. However, they can also choose to make a switch to cost-per-impression and other pricing schemes they deem suitable.

Overall, Meta ads are flexible and intuitive with a highly focused approach, making them ideal for lead generation. As social media platforms are taking over the Internet, this form of advertising can be an option for the future as well.


should you choose On Digitals

for Meta advertising services?

As a digital marketing agency, On Digitals understands the importance of Meta advertising services in the current era. We want to offer the best possible services for our clients based on our team’s experience, creativity, and professionalism.

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1. Experienced

Experience is a valuable factor in implementing Meta ads. It takes considerable knowledge and insights into the market and potential consumer demographics to target the appropriate user base. Working with On Digitals will allow businesses to make informed decisions in digital advertising and allocate their budget for the right target customer base.


2. Creative

Unlike search engine advertising, Meta advertisements are not based on keywords. Instead, it is up to the business to set its sights on certain users based on their characteristics like age, gender, location, interests, professions, etc. This means the people seeing the advertisements may not be actively looking for the products or services. On Digitals can help our clients create appealing content to attract the right users and drive conversions.

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3. Professional

Meta advertisements require significant attention to yield valuable results effectively. On Digitals’ team will ensure that the advertisements perform as intended by monitoring them closely and making adjustments where suitable according to our client’s objectives and feedback.


do On Digitals’

Meta advertising services works?



Our Meta advertising services typically include five major stages:

Step 1


Learning about our clients and scouting the market are always two things at the top of On Digitals’ agenda.

First, we are looking to learn our client’s objectives, requirements, budget, etc. to set attainable goals and expectations for the campaign. Furthermore, this process will give us important insights to decide the suitable audience demographic for the ad campaign.

Secondly, we need to gauge the interest of said demographic and their social media usage. We must understand their behavior because it will influence the content and design of the advertisements.

Step 2


The first stage of planning a Meta advertising campaign is determining the creative direction for the content and illustrations. It will depict the unique characteristics of the brand while embracing the hottest trends at the current moment.

Secondly, we will advise our clients on the most suitable advertisement types. Facebook offers a variety of ways to display ads, including:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Slideshows
  • Carousel
  • Instant Experience
  • Dynamic
  • Lead
  • Collection
  • Event
  • Stories
  • Polls

Additionally, we will also consider creating multiple ad groups to see which one yields the best results according to your chosen objectives.

Step 3


With everything in place, On Digitals will begin the content creation and ad implementation process. We will stick to the predetermined schedule while keeping our clients posted on all developments of the campaign.

We will run the ads based on a variety of factors related to the users:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • External data sources
  • Relationship status
  • Professions
  • Languages

Step 4

Testing and optimizing

Requiring adjustment does not necessarily mean the ads are not performing up to the standards. Since customer behavior and preferences can change drastically, On Digitals will need to go back to the strategizing stage and come up with fresh ideas to make sure the ads can always draw the attention of the intended audience. From those new ideas, we will create new materials and adjust our ad strategies according to the latest market developments.

Step 5


On Digitals will deliver periodic reports to our clients detailing the performance of the advertising campaign, depending on their requests. Businesses will be able to see how the public responds to their products and services and make changes where they see fit.

Additionally, On Digitals will offer our assessment of the ad campaign and how effective it is as well as propose some key takeaways and viable solutions for continued business growth.


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Meta paid performance services to cater to the incredible user base of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. On Digitals can help you harness these platforms and bring your brand closer to your intended audience.

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