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optimize for featured snippets

Optimize for Featured Snippets: Best Practices in 2023

Optimize for Featured Snippets: Definition The concept of featured snippets is no stranger to SEO practitioners, and even to laymen, as long as they are a […]
black hat and white hat combine

How To Do White Hat SEO: 4 Sustainable Strategies

The 3 Win Model of Google Google’s 3Win model involves 3 beneficiaries: information searchers (users), websites (advertisers) and Google. Google is most interested in the users.  […]
seo title tag for wordpress

SEO Title Tag: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

SEO Title Tag: Definition SEO title tag or meta title is the super HTML tag specified for the title of a website. It is also one […]
latest serps software reviews

Top 10 SERP Tracking Software for 2023

Google Analytics Google Analytics by Google is used to analyze websites with high accuracy. It is one of the most widely used SERPs software, especially for […]

Disavow Links: The Tool to Guard Against Bad Backlinks

What is Disavow Links tool? Disavow links is a Google tool designed to help prevent low-quality backlinks. It allows webmasters to report to Google bad links […]

Adapt SEO Strategies To Zero Click Searches

Zero click search is a familiar concept to SEO practitioners, though mostly in an unfavorable light. [...]

visual content social media

Visual Content for Social Media Marketing

Hardly does any online business join the attention-grabbing battle without the weapon named visual content, especially if they choose social media to be the main battlefield [...]

how to create visual content

How to Create Effective Visual Content – The Golden Recipe

It’s virtually impossible to find an online business these days without any visual content for marketing and business purposes [...]

why is off page seo important

Why Off Page SEO Is Important To Your Rankings | On Digitals

The main purpose of SEO is to improve a site’s rankings, and one sure-win way for many marketers is increasing page authority. With that goal in mind [...]

why on page seo is important

Why On Page SEO Is Important – From Invisible to Invincible

As a pillar strategy in digital marketing, SEO’s main purpose is to improve site rankings.To reach this end, one key action of any business is to ensure search engines can “read” and [...]