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An overview of FDI in Vietnam and a primary case story

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Over the years, Vietnam has welcomed a wave of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that has prepared its economic landscape for multiple growth opportunities. It has also proven to be extremely beneficial for the investors thanks to the rapidly developing market. From learning the fundamentals to delving into a significant case story, we will explore the world of FDI in Vietnam.

The current situation of FDI in Vietnam

FDI in Vietnam is thriving like never before, even after the pandemic took a toll on the global economy. Let’s examine all contributors to this development to see the reason behind it.

Understanding FDI

Before we plunge into the dynamic world of FDI companies in Vietnam, it is essential to grasp the concept of Foreign Direct Investment. FDI indicates the act of a business or individual from one country channels investment directly into another country. It is also one of the prominent driving forces behind the development of global economic relations.

Foreign Direct Investment

FDI in Vietnam plays a role in the overall economic development

This mutual exchange fuels economic growth, stimulates innovation, and fosters global collaboration. FDI can manifest in diverse forms, such as new entities, mergers, acquisitions, or expansions.

Additionally, FDI not only enables investors to boost their own growth but also nurture economic transformation in the host country.

What makes FDI in Vietnam a worthwhile business venture for investors?

In recent years, Vietnam has rose to the occasion in terms of post-pandemic economy development. On top of the recovering after lockdown, the country has also presented itself as one of the best destinations for foreign investment. Thanks to the vehement globalization efforts as well as the growth of domestic businesses, it is now a country brimming with opportunities. But what exactly makes Vietnam an attractive destination for FDI?

vietnam growing economy

Vietnam’s thriving economy paves the way for FDI growth in the country

Robust economic growth

Firstly, Vietnam has witnessed a consistent and impressive economic development over the last few decades. Its impressive economic growth rate has in fact outpaced many of its regional peers.

Specifically, experts have predicted that GDP growth in Vietnam in 2024 is projected to reach 6-6.5%, showcasing incredible consistency and immense potential. Consequently, this has piqued the interest of investors worldwide, generating multiple rewarding opportunities for the nation’s economy.

Outside of statistics, it is evident that Vietnam is welcoming more and more foreign businesses, especially in major industries like food and beverages, electronic devices, etc. Not only that, domestic enterprises are also enhancing their presence on the market by offering high-quality products and services that can rival even the biggest brand in the world while addressing relevant needs and demands of consumers’. All these developments have contributed to a highly competitive and robust economy prime to enter a fruitful era.

Strategic location

Vietnam’s strategic location places it at the crossroads of Asia’s bustling trade routes. It serves as a pivotal gateway to two vast consumer markets of South Asia and Southeast Asia. This interconnected web of nations, representing over 600 million consumers, beckons to businesses seeking regional expansion. The country also shares borders with China, Laos, and Cambodia, three regions prime with trade opportunities.

Maritime routes situated near Vietnam provides easy access for shipping purposes, while the resources naturally available can help the country continue manufacturing operations sustainably. These factors have played a role in making Vietnam a beneficial partner, in turn, allowing the country to join various trade agreements globally.

Vietnam's strategic location

The strategic location of Vietnam is a motivation of Vietnam’s economic growth

The rise of middle-class income

Middle-class consumers are major contributors to the increase in FDI. As their consumption rate went over the roof in recent years, the viable customer base increased exponentially.

Naturally, willingness to spend means higher demands for quality products and services, both domestic and international. Subsequently, this trend translates into a vast array of business opportunities for overseas enterprises, incentivizing investors to join the fray and get a piece of the wide open market.

For example, if consumers set aside a larger budget for smartphones, they would be looking for better functions such as better camera, longer battery life, comprehensive security measures, data connectivity, and potential customizations. It is up to businesses to develop product that can appeal to consumers and encourage them to make purchases.

Young and skilled workforce

At the heart of Vietnam’s economy lies its young and highly skilled workforce. Boasting a burgeoning population with a median age of around 30, the country’s labor force is not only sizable but also renowned for its adaptability. Since the available workforce includes many young talents, securing them can ensure longevity in human resources, which is key to survive in the Vietnamese market.

With a strong emphasis on education and a high literacy rate, Vietnam’s workforce is well-equipped to drive innovation across modern industries. In addition, their enthusiasm for learning and embracing new technologies makes them a valuable asset for any foreign investor.

Government incentives

Vietnam’s government is acutely aware of the pivotal role foreign direct investment (FDI) plays in the nation’s development. As a result, it has actively cultivated a business-friendly environment that encourages FDI.

Through a series of strategic policies, tax incentives, and robust infrastructure development, the government has created an ecosystem where any business can thrive. The commitment to simplifying administrative procedures and reducing bureaucratic hurdles reflects a sincere dedication to supporting foreign investors in achieving their goals.

Samsung: A success story of FDI in Vietnam

Samsung Electronics’ success in Vietnam is a remarkable example of technological progress and investments within the region. By establishing manufacturing plants and research and development (R&D) centers, Samsung has not only fueled the growth of the electronics industry but has also generated abundant employment opportunities for the local workforce.

Samsung's substantial investments

Samsung is one of the pioneers of investing in Vietnam

Since gaining their investment license in 2008, Samsung’s investments in Vietnam have seen an astounding increase, soaring from USD 670 million to a staggering USD 17.3 billion. Consequently, Samsung now stands as one of the largest foreign investors in the country.

According to Samsung’s Supplier List 2022, Vietnam is housing 30 Samsung suppliers and their largest R&D center in Southeast Asia.

As a result, the Vietnamese government acknowledges the invaluable contribution of foreign investment enterprises, such as Samsung, to their vibrant economy. Namely, Samsung’s substantial investments have done wonders for the national export turnover and employment rates.

Samsung Electronics’ triumphant journey in Vietnam serves as a powerful inspiration for other firms seeking to invest in the region. With the appropriate approach and profound research, an FDI company should be able to integrate themselves into the Vietnamese market without any hindrance.

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Final thoughts

On Digitals hope that our insights will help you understand the FDI in Vietnam picture and maybe encourage enterprises to go through with the decision of entering this highly beneficial market. The country has created many opportunities to welcome investors overseas and foster a long-standing partnership.

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