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The idea behind hosting and attending an event is simple. These occasions present a rare opportunity for businesses to introduce their products to clients and consumers, gather insights from industry leaders, and network with potential partners. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of B2B events, all thanks to the flourishing event industry. Since participating in and hosting events has become one of the premier outreach methods for enterprises, event planning and organizing businesses are poised for a very lucrative growth period ahead.

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While the demands suggest a booming period for the event industry

its infancy comes with plenty of areas that need improvement.

To facilitate their growth, event-organizing businesses have utilized the power of digital marketing to reach a wider audience, bring their events into the spotlight, and ultimately generate more leads.


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is the current condition
of the Event industry
in Vietnam and nearby regions?

Overall, the event industry is on the rise, but that does not mean there are not many things to note. The demand for event planning and organizing goes hand in hand with the economic development of the country because businesses are required to step up their outreach efforts.
Specifically, B2B events are an immense choice for businesses looking for direct interactions with potential clients and partners to expand their network and enhance brand awareness. In the current market, the most prominent event types are exhibitions, trade fairs, product launches, conferences, seminars, and networking events.

Over the years, these events have gone through an evolution. From physical locations to virtual platforms and a mix of both, the event industry has made significant strides by integrating technological advances and coming up with creative solutions to give all visitors a unique, informative, and personalized experience.
With numerous changes on the horizon, the event industry can look very different shortly, which can raise some challenges for businesses in the industry.


are some challenges that
Event businesses may face?

The entire idea behind event coordination is lead generation, and each step of the process raises different challenges that businesses will need to overcome. Some of these barriers are targeting the right audience, incentivizing them to participate in the event, collecting valuable data from these participants, and utilizing the data acquired.

It is the usual lead generation process, but when it comes to events, there are a lot of moving parts that businesses need to manage. The main challenge is to create a unique and beneficial experience at the event, which attracts the right participants and encourages them to provide key information, therefore putting businesses on the right track for lead generation.

Specifically, to improve the visitor experience, businesses will need to keep up with the latest technological developments, create engaging content, and find the perfect balance between online and offline experiences.
After that, businesses will need to learn how to categorize and utilize leads acquired from the events. This information will facilitate the planning and organization of future events, allowing the host as well as participants to build on the previous event.



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The TradeChina expo showcases the best industrial equipment manufacturers in China and surrounding regions. During its visit to Vietnam, On Digitals utilized a comprehensive digital marketing plan to draw the attention of relevant audiences to the event.


Solutions featured: Digital Content and Paid Performance


can On Digitals help
Event businesses enhance
their digital marketing strategies?

As the leading digital marketing agency in Southeast Asia, On Digitals is ready to provide businesses with a variety of data-driven solutions to boost the effectiveness of event planning and organizing, these include:

Digital Content Marketing

Content is key in event coordination because it has a place in almost every aspect of the process, from garnering more attention to ensuring the flow of the entire event. Digital content takes things a step further by allowing businesses to integrate a wide variety of content types into their strategy, including blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more.
Collaborating with a digital marketing agency is key to ensuring effectiveness in digital content creation. With considerable experience in the market and an eye for engaging materials, On Digitals can assist businesses in creating content that provides immense value for both organizers and participants of the event.

Paid Performance Services

As the day of the event draws closer, having a paid ads campaign is vital to accelerate the lead acquisition stage. These targeted advertisements can find the perfect audiences and bring your event right in front of their eyes. Moreover, businesses have a choice between a wide variety of platforms, from search engines to social media.
With Google, Facebook, Zalo, and more, On Digitals can shine a spotlight on event businesses and their upcoming projects with effective ad campaigns. We will help you put together a viable advertising plan according to your budget and accelerate your lead generation process as you get closer to D-day.

To bring the events even closer to your intended audience, On Digitals can assist you in utilizing everyday communication methods with email and SMS marketing. Both of these marketing solutions rely on customer segmentation to form a more direct form of communication to users than what websites and social media platforms can offer. Moreover, considering the incredibly high open rate of SMS, it is very efficient in securing leads for events.
Meanwhile, OOH advertising comes in numerous placement options such as billboards, public transportation, interactive pop-up events, etc. With the use of eye-catching visual cues, it proves ideal for businesses to garner attention from many customer demographics for the upcoming event while simultaneously enhancing general brand awareness.


SEO is a long-term solution with immense organic growth potential, which event organizers can take advantage of to increase brand awareness and understand user preferences.
On Digitals can help businesses come up with a comprehensive keyword strategy to earn their primary web pages a good position on search engines, thereby drawing more attention to the events. Additionally, SEO is a great way to learn more about your audience through their search behaviors.
Besides, a user-friendly website can help event businesses in facilitating many tasks such as managing registration, informing visitors about the event, and bringing the entire experience to the digital realm.

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The event business is still finding its footing in the Vietnamese market but it has been making great strides. Digital marketing can offer a great helping hand for enterprises in this business by facilitating the lead generation process and enhancing their brand awareness.

If your business requires the help of an experienced agency, On Digitals is the one you need to find. Thanks to our expertise and diverse services, we can help businesses ensure the success of their events. Contact us now to learn more about our service and get a quote.