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Digital Content Marketing

Capture Your Audience’s Attention With Engaging Content 

Content has been and will be one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. Nowadays, the Internet is overflowing with content from a plethora of sources as a staggering 91% of B2B companies have a content marketing plan in place[1]. For this reason, businesses need to tap into Digital content marketing to set themselves apart from the rest of the playing field.

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In today’s digital age, content reigns SUPREME.

It’s not just about words on a page.
It’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with your audience.

On Digitals is a Vietnamese digital marketing agency that values authenticity and uniqueness in content. Understanding the increasing demand for content, we offer a variety of services that cover all corners of digital marketing.

Digital Content Marketing

Collaborate with us for a comprehensive digital content marketing service package that allows businesses of all scales to attract customers organically with the most engaging blog posts, videos, graphics…from a professional content marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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The importance of digital content marketing translates to tremendous demand. On Digitals have enjoyed collaborating with some of the biggest brands in their industries with this service.

Ondigitals Partners

Passion by World Wine is an intricately distilled and curated premium wine brand exclusively for Vietnam. Though fine wine has generally taken a back seat to beer in the Vietnamese market, On Digitals wanted to put the brand in the spotlight by providing a glimpse into the field with an engaging content marketing strategy.


Scope of work: Content planning for SEO and KOL marketing.


Results: 200% and 140% increase in Facebook engagement and revenue, respectively.

Banner TP
Ondigitals Partners

Cloud technology and services from TPCloud, the first comprehensive solution from cloud technology, infrastructure and data security services verified by VMWARE, can be viable solutions for businesses of all sizes. On Digitals helped introduce the brand to the public with a content marketing project tailored to their target customers.


Scope of work: Comprehensive content marketing service package for B2B audience through social media.


Results: Website traffic reached 150% over KPI.

Banner Bentley
Ondigitals Partners

How do we introduce a widely-known brand like Bentley to the public? The answer is we do not. On Digitals took what makes Bentley the world-renowned brand they are and reiterated those characteristics to the right customer demographics with the power of content marketing.


Scope of work: Content marketing strategy for social media and paid ads.


Results: 120% increase in organic landing page traffic and over 3000 new followers during the first month, a 130% increase.


sectors do our Digital content

marketing services cover?

Note: On Digitals will provide all the necessary consultation to help our clients choose the best possible package for their budget and purpose. To achieve the highest overall results from digital content marketing, it is best to have a mix of types of content.

Blog posts

This is arguably one of the most common content types of all because they are incredibly effective. They help businesses provide solutions to customers and raise awareness about the products/services. A series of SEO-optimized and engaging blog posts can easily put a website on the map.

ODs Credentials 2024

Social media posts

While these are in social media marketing territory, they are technically related to content marketing. Quick, concise, and made for instant consumption, quality social media posts can attract customers in split seconds. On Digitals will come up with meaningful angles to generate valuable engagement on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Videos are no different from illustrations. They can fit into any phase of the consumer’s journey for all the good reasons. Generally, video marketing allows businesses to communicate their messages more captivatingly, encouraging users to spend more time consuming the content.


is Digital content marketing to On Digitals?

The rough description of content marketing is creating and producing content for all platforms to provide value for the intended audience. In the long run, businesses will gradually establish themselves as industry leaders with the help of content creation, therefore shining a spotlight on their products and services.

For On Digitals, however, this rough description does not cut it. Our digital content marketing services focus on two main characteristics: brand identity and values for the audience.

Content Marketing

We believe originality goes a long way in the current marketing game. Furthermore, On Digitals considers content marketing as the true test of a business’ appeal to their target customers.

This is why paying attention to customer behavior and preferences is key for this marketing method. Internet users are the consumers of digital content, so they will undoubtedly be the inspiration and the driving force behind all campaigns.


should businesses

collaborate with On Digitals

for Digital content marketing?

Digital content marketing is of the utmost importance for any digital marketing campaign, so businesses will undoubtedly want to collaborate with the best names in the industry. On Digitals would like to make our case for being the digital marketing agency for your digital content marketing needs. Aside from our previous experiences stated above, these are the reasons why we think that we would be a good fit for your business:


1. Creativity and diligence

There is a lot of time, effort, and brainstorming that goes into a content marketing campaign. On Digitals has put together a group of innovative marketers that are committed to providing value for clients.

Not only that, but our team also prides themselves on their diverse experiences in marketing and multiple other industries. We also have a deep understanding of current trends and market situations in Vietnam, making us an ideal choice for businesses looking to enter this fruitful market.

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2. Comprehensive research

Enterprises can rest assured that their brand voice and identity are in good hands with On Digitals. Our team will make sure to learn all about your branding, services, products, and past campaigns to address your strengths as well as areas of improvement.

We will also assess your competition to identify gaps and opportunities in the market to propel you past them. Lastly, your target customers will be examined to tailor our proposed strategy accordingly.

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3. Customized strategy

On Digitals will put the businesses at the center of all our content marketing strategies. While we have a certain formula to devise a proper plan, the final product is always a personalized campaign fitting for the client and the current market.

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4. Original content

Modern content marketing is facing two outstanding problems: plagiarism and overreliance on AI tools. Content creators of On Digitals are professionally trained experts who will never take credit for unoriginal work or publish subpar content.


does On Digitals execute
a content marketing campaign?

On Digitals offers a complete content marketing package for all businesses.



While our digital content marketing method involves multiple steps, it can be summarized in five steps.

Step 1

Market and keyword research

To set the stage for an effective content marketing campaign, On Digitals will start by doing a lot of research, namely about the market, client, competition, etc.

Additionally, keyword research plays an indispensable role in creating content that resonates with users. By conducting keyword research, On Digitals will be able to find suitable keywords for the target audience, categorize them, and work them into the overall strategy seamlessly.

We will take into account the keywords’ search intent, search volume, competitiveness, and cost-per-click to compile the most suitable keyword list for the purpose and budget of the campaign.

Step 2


  • Ideation
    Building from the keyword list and categories, On Digitals will proceed to come up with the freshest and most engaging topics to start the campaign. With these topics, we will address the issues of audiences and provide them with valuable solutions.
  • Schedule
    Having content is one thing but publishing them is another. During the brainstorming phase, we also establish a content calendar to assist our clients in this process. The schedule will take into account the platforms of choice, content types, and user preferences.

Step 3


This is the central step of the entire process. Based on the fleshed-out plan from the previous steps, we will write posts, film videos, design graphics, etc. according to the schedule.

Step 4


There are two stages of feedback: internal and external feedback.

Internal: Quality control is one of the first things On Digitals will handle after finishing the production process. We want to ensure that the content is up to par with business’ expectations, ensuring that it delivers the correct message and has the ability to resonate with users.

External: Before putting the content pieces out to the world, our team will send them to our clients for feedback. Should there be any adjustments required, we will quickly improve its quality and publish it per the predetermined schedule.

Step 5


After finalizing the works, On Digitals will publish the content on the chosen platform according to the preset content calendar. However, the work does not stop here, as optimization is essential to maintain the effectiveness of content.

The digital realm has a lot of rules and algorithms that dictate which content pieces will be featured prominently and which are a bit more obscure. In this step, our editors and proofreaders will make changes to the content to ensure the quality of their performance on search engines and other platforms.

Step 6


Reporting is an essential step in all marketing campaigns to monitor and evaluate their performances.

To know how your content marketing project is performing, we will look at various metrics, including:

  • Awareness: impressions, mentions, social engagement, search volume
  • Consumption: traffic and page views for different formats and devices
  • Engagement: average time on page, social shares
  • Conversion: qualified lead generation, subscriptions, follows


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Digital content marketing has a place in almost all areas of a business’ digital marketing efforts. As people often say, content is king, and it is time for companies to take on a comprehensive and engaging approach to enhance its effectiveness.

Contact On Digitals today to get a quote from us and attract your target customers with captivating content.