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TikTok is the home of the hottest trends on the Internet with a young and active user base. Placing advertisements on this platform seems like a no-brainer for businesses, but many are wary of the fierce competition.

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TikTok has become a powerhouse in marketing

due to its massive user base, diverse demographics, and the platform’s ability to create viral trends

Worry not, as On Digitals got your back with our TikTok advertising services.

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Contact us now and let’s take your brand to a new level on this rapidly rising social media platform.


are TikTok advertising services to On Digitals?

TikTok has an astounding number of monthly active users: 1.1 billion. This is even more impressive considering how the app has not been in the game as long as other giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or X.

The platform is specifically designed for short video content, including advertisements. This allows the ads to appear in a less intrusive manner, taking away one of the most notable disadvantages of social media ads.

Furthermore, many influencers have found their way to this exciting platform with a new style of content creation focusing on short, funny, and relatable materials. The app draws many comparisons to Vine, which was also popular for short-form content and possessed an extremely loyal user base.

So what does all this mean to businesses? TikTok has become one of the premier platforms for ad placements in recent years, especially for a young audience demographic. Considering how active this user base is, TikTok is a gold mine for businesses to enhance their brand awareness and generate quality leads.


should you choose On Digitals

for TikTok advertising services?

Advertisements on TikTok need to be trendy, unique, and targeted to be successful due to the intense competition on the platform. On Digitals’ TikTok advertising services can help you achieve just that.

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1. Low-cost

Paid ads’ effectiveness is widely known, though their price tag may drive some businesses away due to their budget. TikTok ads are an ideal choice for businesses to reach a large number of incredibly active users with its low cost.

In the early days of the app, businesses needed to pay a fortune to gain control of a viral TikTok channel to reach the young but incredible user demographic. However, the introduction of the native ad system has allowed businesses to considerably save their budget.

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2. Engaging

Since ads appear in between the videos on TikTok, it is possible to capture the users’ attention by incorporating the hottest ongoing trends. Young audiences are always fascinated with brands attempting to join in the fun, which can ultimately generate profitable leads for your business.

As a digital marketing agency with many years of experience, we have witnessed numerous examples of businesses striking gold with the use of memes and other relatable materials online. Collaborating with us can help your business achieve the same thing.

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3. Targeted

Since TikTok users tend to consume content quickly, they will ignore videos that do not interest them. This is why On Digitals wants to help you understand how TikTok ads work and allow you to place advertisements for the appropriate audience demographics, getting you closer to the target user base of your business.


do On Digitals’

TikTok advertising services work?



On Digitals’ TikTok advertising services span 5 major stages:

Step 1


To start, On Digitals will need to know our clients’ allocated budget and objectives to determine the scope of work.

Furthermore, we will look into other factors such as the industry of the business, the competition, and user preferences to identify the right approach for the ad campaign.

Step 2


The first thing On Digitals wants to decide in a TikTok advertising campaign is the budget. TikTok utilizes a bidding system for their advertisements with various options like cost-per-view, cost-per-impression, optimized cost-per-impression, and finally cost-per-click. Each of these methods serves a different purpose and we will choose the best one for our clients based on their objectives.

Moreover, On Digitals will also brainstorm the creative direction for these advertisements. TikTok has certain requirements including aspect ratios, content moderation, etc., but aside from that, businesses are free to craft their promotional materials. On Digitals’ creative designers and content writers will help you with this stage.

We will help you choose from a wide variety of ad types available on TikTok such as video ads, in-feed ads, spark ads, image ads, shopping ads, carousel ads, etc.

Step 3


Before putting the plan in motion, On Digitals will receive feedback from businesses about our TikTok advertising strategy. Businesses will have a chance to provide input on the bidding option, creative angles, ad types, allocated budget, and more.

On Digitals will assist businesses every step of the way to ensure all suggestions are discussed, considered, and worked into the strategy where appropriate.

Step 4


Ad implementation is key for success in this venture, and luckily, TikTok has a user-friendly ad mechanic. As mentioned before, the platform uses a bidding method, so On Digitals will utilize an ROI-focused bidding scheme for users to get the most out of these advertisements. We will also help you create the campaign from scratch, pick the right objectives, create ad groups, determine targeting, and set the budget and schedules.

Specifically, businesses can target audiences based on their location, age, gender, languages, interests, behaviors, and device type.

After implementing, we will schedule the time for your ads to go live and start monitoring them.

Step 5

Monitor and report

Tangible results are what businesses look for from our TikTok advertising services. We will monitor the performance of the ad campaign closely and make adjustments where appropriate.

Depending on their requests, our clients will receive comprehensive reports with detailed engagement metrics and our evaluation. We will also propose plans so our clients can build on the results of the ad campaign for continued business growth.


about On Digitals’ TikTok advertising services

How do TikTok advertising services work?

Are TikTok ads worth investing in?

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Collaborate with On Digitals

On Digitals offers comprehensive TikTok paid performance services to help our clients approach the active user base of this platform. We will assist businesses in creating, implementing, and monitoring the ads to ensure their best performance.

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