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Social Outreach

Bring Your Business Closer to the Right Audience

The ultimate idea behind marketing is rather simple. It allows a business to establish positive relationships with certain audiences or consumer demographics and build on that foundation to enhance its reputation and sales. Outreach is the first step of the entire process and On Digitals can be of help with our outreach marketing services.

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Social Outreach

Social Outreach marketing specialize in expanding a brand’s visibility and engagement

by forging meaningful connections with targeted audiences

Social groups outreach services provide businesses with valuable insight and appropriate courses of action to enter a new market, generate valuable and relevant leads, and improve their overall digital presence. Furthermore, they allow businesses to have a clearer idea of how to implement other marketing efforts in the future.

Social Outreach

Contact On Digitals today and let us bring you closer to your target audience demographic and forge a positive relationship between consumers and businesses.


are On Digitals’
outreach marketing clients?

Outreach marketing services deal with acquiring, interacting, and forming a positive connection with certain audience demographics. Thanks to its many benefits, many clients have enlisted On Digitals’ help to enhance their marketing efforts.

Banner Areus
Ondigitals Partners

Areus Atelier is a showroom displaying aesthetic and innovative aluminum glass doors and windows. Understanding their revolutionary vision, On Digitals has brought them closer with their target audience, highlighting their values through various outreach marketing methods.


Scope of work: Product, event, and services review on social groups, discussions handling, and campaign message inbox management.



  • Chấm collection: 780k+ reach and 1,1 million+ impression
  • INVISIDOOR collection: 707k organic reach, 396.2% page visit increase, 321.8% web traffic increase, and 300+ organic mentions.
  • Total revenue generated: $55,422, 9.4x ROI.
Banner Bentley
Ondigitals Partners

Bentley is widely known for its focus on finesse and innovation, two traits that have elevated the brand to the summit of automobile manufacturers. To facilitate its entry into a crowded market like Vietnam, On Digitals has leveraged its best characteristics to craft a perfect digital marketing strategy tailored to its target customers and audiences.


Scope of work: Content strategy, social media management, paid ads, and landing page development.


Results: 120% increase in organic traffic to the landing page and 3000 new followers, a 130% increase compared to the first month of the campaign.


outreach marketing services

do we provide?

Outreach marketing services include a variety of services that help generate interest from the public:

Digital marketing strategy consulting

Devise a full-fledged digital marketing strategy to navigate the complex field of digital marketing. This service includes crafting a strategy from scratch and consultation for existing plans. On Digitals hopes to play a part in laying a stable foundation for businesses in digital marketing.


In line with the monumental rise of social media, many influencers have exploded onto the scene, with many establishing themselves as key opinion leaders (KOLs). These individuals have become invaluable marketing sources thanks to their status in the industry and loyal following. Let On Digitals bridge the gap between your businesses and potential customers with the help of these trailblazers.

PR Services

Public relations primarily deals with the image of a business and its associated brands rather than revenue generation. Our PR services go through our client’s entire brand identity and help them make appropriate adjustments for the market they are aiming for.


Seeding services can help businesses start conversations surrounding themselves as well as their products and services. It proves to be a highly useful tool to generate interest from the public with the help of influencers, thought leaders, or even the consumers themselves.


Despite not being as prominent as other sectors, email marketing can still deliver considerable results thanks to the personalized approach. On Digitals can help you harness this method with our comprehensive service package including compiling email lists and writing marketing emails.


should you choose On Digitals

for outreach marketing services?

On Digitals’ outreach marketing services can help businesses kickstart their digital marketing campaigns with a customized, tech-savvy, and creative approach.

icon brand

1. Personalized

Considering the main aim of these services is to introduce businesses to the target market or audience demographic, brand identity will be the driving force of the campaigns. On Digitals will tailor our approach to our client’s demands, budget, preferences, and objectives.

icon trendy

2. Creative

Businesses are facing fierce competition in the current market and consumers have a lot of options available. Our outreach marketing services can provide businesses with a much-needed boost thanks to our trendy and creative approach to content production and influencer management.

iocn tech-driven

3. Tech-savvy

In the age of digital marketing, outreach marketing has adapted to the latest technological developments. We utilize a variety of digital platforms and tools to enhance our campaigns, especially in diversifying the outreach efforts and tracking results.

icon team

4. Professional

These outreach marketing services involve us managing and making adjustments to the business’ public image. Understanding businesses’ needs to find a professional and trustworthy agency for such campaigns, On Digitals guarantees to maintain integrity in our campaigns to effectively and positively enhance our clients’ exposure and reach.


do On Digitals’

outreach marketing services work?



On Digitals’ social outreach campaign generally consists of five steps:

Step 1


On Digitals will start the outreach campaign by getting to know our client and the current market situation.

First, we will inquire and take into account the objectives, requirements, budget, and previous marketing campaigns. Assessing these factors will help us come up with an effective and appropriate strategy for the project.

Market and social group research is not any less important. As a Vietnam-based digital marketing agency, On Digitals has accumulated many years of experience in the domestic market as well as neighboring ones. However, as the market is constantly developing, we want to ensure our ideas and angles are in line with consumers’ preferences.

Step 2


Once we have gathered enough insights, we will move on to devising a strategy for the outreach campaign. This may include a variety of tasks like:

  • Deciding the most beneficial audience demographic to target.
  • Determining suitable digital platforms (social media channels, emails, etc.).
  • Establishing creative angles and schedules for content production.
  • Shortlisting potential influencers.
  • Propose social group solutions

Step 3


With a detailed strategy in place, On Digitals will begin the implementation stage, including tasks like content production, influencer booking and management, seeding, and social groups management.

Note: For the digital marketing strategy consulting service, this stage coincides with the strategizing phase.

Step 4

Monitor and adjust

Throughout the campaign, we will make sure to maintain the brand identity and image of our clients. Since these services aim to generate interest and draw attention to businesses, On Digitals will constantly monitor the engagement metrics of the content to assess its effectiveness.

In case the results are not up to par, we will make timely adjustments to improve the quality and ensure its relevance to the audience’s preferences.

Step 5


On Digitals values transparency in our digital marketing campaigns as shown by our periodic reports. They will point out how the campaign is progressing and how close our clients are to their objectives. Additionally, we will also provide our assessment and propose some suggestions to further improve the campaign.


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Social Outreach services shine the spotlight on your business, allowing you to introduce yourself or your most notable products and services to the public. They are highly beneficial ventures for businesses looking to increase their brand awareness and build on that to gradually increase their sales and revenue.

Reach out to On Digitals today and let us help you enter a new market or promote a new project.