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Industries We Serve

With every product, On Digitals aims to capture the identity of the business, provide valuable insights for their target audience, and establish our clients as a credible name in their industry.

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Digital marketing has weaved its way into various aspects of the market

staking a claim to an influential role in the development of businesses all around the world, including Vietnam.

As a digital marketing agency based in the rapidly developing Vietnamese market, On Digitals aims to become a prominent name in the field, bringing our solutions like SEO, Social Media Marketing, KOL booking and management, PR, and Paid Performance to various industries.


Ultimately, our primary mission is to become a trusted partner of all businesses in need of a digital marketing boost.

Industries We Serve

Thanks to over 86 clients, 128 projects, countless creative products under our belt, On Digitals has managed to bring our brand of digital marketing to many prominent industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods, financial services, and event coordinating.


This industry encompasses many sectors such as automobiles, industrial machinery, buildings, textiles, and many more. As one of the most important industries in the world, manufacturing is enjoying incredible demands and businesses are open to a world of opportunities.

On Digitals’ B2B and B2C digital marketing services can extend a helping hand to businesses aiming to stand out in this competitive industry, take advantage of the abundance of opportunities, and acquire valuable leads to build a foundation for business growth.



Similar to the manufacturing industry, automotive production is going strong in Vietnam, especially with the rise of electric vehicles. This industry presents a great example of businesses leaning towards sustainability and environmentally-friendly values.

The introduction of these elements into the industry is a highly welcome one, as more and more consumers have shown immense interest in the new products. For that reason, many electric automobile manufacturers are thriving on the market while other companies are also working on eco-friendly products.

Digital marketing can help businesses adapt to the change with the use of data-driven solutions, allowing them to introduce their new products to consumers with an engaging approach.



Working with consumers requires a dynamic approach since businesses often have multiple customer demographics in their sights. Additionally, consumer goods can be anything from live produce and processed food to electronic devices and cosmetics. The possibilities are endless, and so are the challenges.

Consumer goods are notoriously competitive and consumers can change their preferences quickly. Hence, digital marketing can help businesses navigate through these challenges and find success with their products.


Direct to Consumer Event

From exhibitions to trade fairs, events are an integral part of the outreach efforts of many businesses. There are a lot of things that go into hosting or participating in an event, which explains the rise of event-coordinating businesses in recent years.

The biggest challenge for these businesses is generating leads and acquiring participants for the events, which is where On Digitals comes in. We can leverage our network and services to help businesses draw more attention from relevant audiences and invite more participants to the events.


Financial Service

How about industries that are more niche? Financial services only cater to the needs of certain businesses and individuals. They are not as widespread as many other industries in the economy but still hold a very influential position in the bigger picture.

So where do our services fit into the whole thing? On Digitals has had considerable experience with the Vietnamese market as well as neighboring ones so we can help businesses navigate through these markets and reach their target customers effectively.

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On Digitals is always expanding our horizons and searching for new opportunities to collaborate with businesses from various industries. We always want to learn more about different sectors of the economy and how we can deliver values to those sectors through our digital marketing solutions.
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