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Attract your target audience and improve user experience

The website is frequently referred to as the central hub of a business.

No matter how a potential customer discovers the business, all roads will eventually lead them to the website. Hence, website design service is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

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Your website has the major responsibility of making an excellent first impression

by being the virtual “guide” for potential customers to get to know your business and decide whether to make purchases.

Not only that, the website is the one place that allows you to present all your marketing efforts without any restraints, so you should take advantage of it by showcasing your very best works.

If all this seems like a tall order, On Digitals is here to lend your business a helping hand. We are a digital marketing agency based in Vietnam with a deep understanding of the current market and website design.

We offer diverse services tailored to all types of businesses to set our clients up for success in this digitalized era. Contact On Digitals today to learn more about our website design services and more.


are On Digitals’ Web Design clients?

Many businesses have come to On Digitals to seek quality website design services. We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a wide selection of industries, which helps us accumulate tremendous experience.

kim long diep
Ondigitals Partners

As a high-end jewelry brand, Kim Long Diep appeals to their customers with elegance and finesse. We took those characteristics into account and created a smooth and intuitive experience for consumers on the website, equipped with an organized layout and various functions to enhance their shopping experience.

Ondigitals Partners

To capture the essence of Ducati, a world-famous motorcycle brand, On Digitals developed a fully functional website with optimized performance, security, and designs. The website can provide a boost for the motorsport company to succeed in the Vietnamese market.


type of website design services
does On Digitals provide?

The current market sees many different types of websites in operation due to the varied nature of businesses and customer preferences. Understanding the diverse demand, On Digitals offers four services under the website design umbrella.


Standard website design

For this service, the project will adhere to the client’s preferences and demands. This service of ours allows businesses to put themselves on a website and present it to the public.


WordPress website design

In this day and age, On Digitals is fully aware that businesses want to streamline their content to ensure consistency and stability. This is where our WordPress website design service can help.
Of all the popular content management systems (CMS), WordPress has to be the most prominent one. We offer to assist businesses in building and managing a WordPress website to allow them a quick and easy way to level up their website game.


eCommerce website design

Did you know that 71% of businesses have a website in 2023 [4]? In just a few years, largely due to the pandemic, websites went from a luxury to a necessity for businesses, even small ones.
The eCommerce website design service by On Digitals aims to assist businesses looking to hop on the trend and avoid getting left behind. A well-designed eCommerce website can be the main difference between a successful business venture and a failed attempt.

Web app design

As websites become the norm, customer preferences start changing once again. Web app is the latest development, adding interactive elements into a user’s online experience.
With On Digitals’ web app design services, businesses can be the frontrunners in their industry by using web applications to improve user experience.


is On Digitals’ Website Design services?

On Digitals considers website design to be one of the most important areas of customer digital experience. It has many responsibilities, including showcasing brand identity, making a great first impression on customers, and presenting the key aspects of a business while ensuring a seamless experience from top to bottom.

Therefore, our website design services will juggle the monumental task of balancing the design, layout, and information to achieve the most desirable results. We believe that a successful website design project can work wonders for the future development of a company, so our team always strives to present the best possible products for our clients.


should businesses choose On Digitals
for Website Design?

To create websites that serve their intended purpose of elevating the online presence of businesses, On Digitals needs to consider various aspects. Here are the characteristics of websites designed by On Digitals, based on the top reasons driving visitors away from a website [1]



Users need to be able to access your website through different devices. In fact, people are more inclined to use their smartphones rather than their desktop computers or laptops. When designing a website, On Digitals always ensure that the site functions perfectly on all platforms, giving users the best possible experience no matter which device they opt for.

This calls for a joint effort between our teams, including developers, SEO practitioners, content writers, and graphic designers.

Moreover, we cannot overlook one of the recent groundbreaking developments in mobile-first indexing from Google. With this knowledge, we prioritize designing websites for mobile devices, which is in tune with the current trend of Internet users browsing on the go[3]. This will allow our websites to run seamlessly anywhere at any time.

icon research


Businesses may have different requirements for their websites based on their primary objectives. With considerable experience in digital marketing, On Digitals can tweak our website design process to accommodate our clients’ needs and requests, starting with offering various website types like branding or ecommerce websites.

On Digitals will diversify our approach depending on the website type and make sure that the final product will include all necessary elements and functions to help our clients achieve their business goals.



On Digitals is aware that the previous two traits will be redundant if the website cannot reach users effectively.

SEO is a layered field of digital marketing that requires the attention of multiple departments, and website design is no exception. We optimize technical elements like sitemaps, speed, images, videos, etc. to ensure the ranking ability of the web pages.

Paired with informative and valuable content, our website design service can place your business high atop the search engine results.



Website security is a pressing matter in the digitized era. Technological advancements have brought many benefits, but their challenges are not far behind. To address this issue, On Digitals will implement various robust security measures to maintain the website in operation without a hitch.

These measures can include purchasing an SSL certificate, implementing security plugins, and anti-malware software. On top of that, we will also instruct our clients on how to safeguard their login credentials, backup website data, and update add-ons and plugins.



While this is not one of a website’s primary traits, it still has a very significant impact on the appeal of a website design service package. This service has been in high demand for quite some time, so there is no doubt a competitive pricing plan will be more beneficial for businesses.

On Digitals assures that our clients will get their money’s worth from our website design services. With a team of professional and skillful developers, marketers, and designers, we provide high-quality designs for very reasonable prices. Contact us now to learn more and get a free site audit.


does an On Digitals
Website Design process work?



There are 7 major stages in a standard web design project of On Digitals:

Step 1


During the briefing stage, On Digitals will need to learn about our clients’ budget, proposed timeline, primary objectives, their target market and user demographics, and other specific requirements.

Additionally, we will also ask our clients for unique visual and branding elements such as logos, photographs, or texts to incorporate into the design. In case there is no materials as such, On Digitals will also ask businesses to properly provide our design team access to authorized materials to avoid future copyright issues.

Step 2


Much like our other campaigns, On Digitals will take our time learning about our client’s brand, company culture, services/products, target customers, industries, and markets. These insights will help us devise a suitable plan for the website.

For this particular service, we will also go through the current website of our clients, if available, to determine its strengths and weaknesses. No matter if a client is willing to go through with the campaign, they will receive a free site audit from On Digitals.

Step 3


In the third step, On Digitals will start visualizing the website from our ideas and the client’s input. We will then determine the pain points of the website to establish a plan and schedule for the entire campaign.

This step will pave the way for the remainder of the campaign, as we will make numerous key decisions during this phase, including determining the overall structure, style, layout, color scheme, content types, etc. Before officially implementing these ideas, we will consult our client multiple times for approval.

Step 4


This is where the magic happens, or in other words, our developers, designers, and SEO practitioners will get started with building your website. These teams will work in conjunction to create secure, consistent, and captivating products and put them together to make the final product.

Step 5


Throughout the website construction process, we will frequently provide updates and reports for our clients. Not only does this help businesses stay on top of the process, but it also allows them to provide input on which areas they are not satisfied with.

Step 6


After the website is officially in operation, the optimization stage will commence. All elements of a website require considerable optimization to be competitive digitally, as search engines employ multiple rules and algorithms to single out the best of the best.
Based on our expertise and the help of multiple analytic tools, we will conduct tests with various methods, namely A/B testing, to see how your website performs and make adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, since clients also have complete website administration rights, we will maintain extensive communication with clients in order to ensure all changes and adjustments are recorded.

Step 7

Monitor and analysis

On Digitals’ job is not finished after submitting the final product to the clients. We also offer additional service outside of the original package to help businesses better manage their website.

With an additional fee, we will continue to monitor the performance of the entire website for a period of time by running A/B tests, keeping an eye on user engagement, and analyzing key metrics. Should there be any setbacks, we will make timely adjustments to get the website back on track as soon as possible.


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Collaborate with On Digitals

As an experienced and tech-savvy digital marketing agency, On Digitals is capable of handling all aspects of website design for businesses of various industries. We understand the need for a functional and intuitive website in this day and age and utilize the latest technological developments to achieve the best results. Businesses can rest assured that working with On Digitals will result in a perfect website to optimize the customer experience they are providing.

Contact On Digitals today to get a quote from us for a holistic website design service package.