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Leverage the Power of Search Engines

Search engines, most prominently Google, are where consumers worldwide explore their options to find the best solutions. Earning an advantageous position on this highly populated platform will be tremendous for a business in terms of lead generation and raising brand awareness. On Digitals’ Google ads services can help you accomplish just that.

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Google Service

Google’s paid performance, through platforms like Google Ads

is vital for businesses, providing a measurable and effective way to reach potential customers,
drive website traffic, and generate valuable leads or sales.

Additionally, Google houses a powerhouse of a platform in the biggest video hosting site worldwide, YouTube. Implementing ads on this platform can enhance your brand awareness by presenting your products and services to the right user demographics.

Google Paid Performance

Contact On Digitals now and take the opportunity to enhance your brand exposure and yield measurable results quickly and effectively with our Google ads services.


are On Digitals’ Google ads clients?

Google ads services can put a brand right in front of its target customers in an instant. This proves to be a highly effective tactic, as proven by some of the most notable clients of On Digitals.

Ondigitals Partners

EduClaas offers a wide variety of e-learning solutions including learning platforms, teacher training, and content creation. By harnessing our Google ads services, On Digitals has managed to draw significant attention to its products.


Scope of work: Implement ad strategies combined with landing page optimization.


Results: 150 leads/month (300% increase in qualified lead).

Banner Bentley
Ondigitals Partners

As one of the biggest automobile brands worldwide, Bentley is regarded as an industry leader thanks to class and ingenuity in design. On Digitals has helped the British brand introduce itself to the Vietnamese market with an effective Google paid performance project.


Scope of work: Paid ads and landing page development.


Results: 120% increase in organic traffic to the landing page.


are Google ads services to On Digitals?

Google ads services cover two of the most used platforms on the Internet: the search engine Google and video hosting platform YouTube. These advertising techniques belong under the PPC umbrella, allowing businesses to easily manage their monetary digital advertising investment.

First, ads on search engines allow businesses to accelerate their growth on the platform. Frequently regarded as the companion of SEO, search engine PPC advertising also aims to propel a business’ website to the top of the result pages, albeit with a quicker approach. While SEO is widely known as a long game centering around organic growth, PPC ads can help you achieve the same thing in a shorter time.

On the other hand, YouTube is a prominent platform for an extremely large user demographic. Placing ads on this video hosting site proves to be highly effective thanks to its connection with Google, allowing it to display suitable ads for its diverse user base.

On Digitals considers these services to be an ideal option for businesses seeking immediate exposure in a limited timeframe. We also recommend Google and YouTube ads for brands looking to approach a large audience demographic due to the ubiquity of these two platforms.


should you choose On Digitals

for Google ads services?

On Digitals is your one-stop shop for everything digital marketing and our PPC services are designed to bring enterprises the best possible results.


1. Comprehensive

Google and YouTube ads are wildly different and On Digitals can help businesses perfect both. Thanks to years of experience in digital advertising, we can handle every stage of a Google paid advertising project from keyword research, copywriting, video production, creative design, and ad implementation.

icon personalized

2. Personalized

Digital ads do not have much space or time to draw attention and impress users. This is why On Digitals aims to take full advantage of the available window to create engaging ad copies and videos that are unique to your business and provide consumers with valuable solutions.


3. Experienced

Running ads on Google and YouTube requires considerable knowledge about how these two platforms work. On Digitals is ready to help our clients with implementing, monitoring, and adjusting their ad campaigns on Google and YouTube to ensure their effectiveness. Furthermore, we devote daily and hands-on attention to all paid advertising campaigns to ensure they perform as planned.

icon transparency

4. Transparent

On Digitals will update our clients every step of the way with detailed reports. Aside from engagement metrics, we will also include our assessment and propose possible solutions to improve the campaigns.


On Digitals’ Google ads services work?



There are many tasks in an advertising project on Google, but they generally belong to one of these five stages:

Step 1


Firstly, On Digitals needs to learn about our client’s objectives, budget, requirements, etc., to propose a suitable strategy for the campaign. Furthermore, we will look into your previous PPC projects as well as evaluate the competition to set appropriate objectives.

Keyword research, on the other hand, is the most important task in Google ads services. Refining the keyword strategy will help your advertisements appear for the right queries and target audience, avoiding wasting resources of your business.

Step 2


With all necessary insights and data available, On Digitals will work closely with our client to lay out the plan and decide on the schedule, content requirements, creative angles, etc. This strategy will be based on the knowledge and insights obtained from the previous stage as well as our experience in Google PPC advertising.

Step 3


For Google, On Digitals will use the keyword list compiled from the research stage to create a search ad campaign. From there, it is up to the client to decide whether they want to write ad copies themselves or delegate the task to us. Our content team is highly capable of writing the most engaging ad copies and maximizing their effectiveness.

Additionally, On Digitals can also assist businesses in optimizing and implementing other advertising forms on Google such as display ads (GDN) and Google shopping ads. We will help businesses compile and submit their information into Google database, allowing them to target the appropriate user demographics.

For YouTube, we can also assist our clients in producing appealing video advertisements, Demand Gen ads, and banners tailored to their target audiences.

Step 4


Consumer preferences may change daily, which may lead to the original keyword list not being relevant for advertising after some time. On Digitals will monitor changes in the market closely and filter the keyword list to ensure their relevance.

Furthermore, as we can see from the performance of the advertisements, our team will also adjust the ad copies and videos to enhance their performances.

Step 5


Google PPC advertising requires a hands-on approach so On Digitals wants to keep our clients posted with periodic reports, specifically weekly and monthly. These reports will display key engagement metrics like organic reach, traffic growth, clicks, page views, time on page, etc.


about On Digitals’ Google ads services

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Google paid performance services utilize two prominent digital platforms with a significant number of users. Businesses aiming to make their presence known quickly and effectively should take the opportunity with an engaging paid advertising campaign.

Reach out to On Digitals now and let us bring your business closer to consumers with the help of Google and YouTube ads.