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Harness the Power of Visuals to Attract and Convert Potential Customers

The current market is a gigantic playing field with millions of players vying for a prominent position. To stand out from the rest, businesses need to build trust and attract customers through practical and meaningful content. In this new age, video marketing services can be exactly what you need to put your brand in the spotlight.

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Video marketing can capture every moment, milestone, and effort

throughout the journey of your company. It can also help you showcase your identity

by preserving and conveying the authenticity of your values to your prospects and customers.

On Digitals is a Professional Video Marketing Production Agency aims to deliver multiple facets of brand personalities with captivating videos to audiences. This goes beyond simple advertising, as we pride ourselves in being a client-centric agency that places immense focus on businesses for video marketing.

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is On Digitals Video Marketing Clients?

Video marketing appeals by giving them a realistic look at businesses and their products, enhancing credibility of their marketing efforts. On Digitals has helped many businesses harness the power of videos to draw attention of the public and generate quality leads.

Ondigitals Partners

EduClaas offers technology-based solutions in education, which can benefit greatly from introduction or demonstration videos. As part of their service package, On Digitals produced many engaging videos in hopes of enhancing their digital marketing efforts.


Scope of work: Create videos to enhance customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.


Results: Social interactions increase by 160%. 150 leads/month and a 300% increase in qualified lead

Banner Kim Long Diep
Ondigitals Partners

Video marketing is nearly indispensable in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and our project with Kim Long Diep was no exception. We wanted to help expand their reach and exposure and there are few better ways than promotional videos.


Scope of work: Integrated marketing with Facebook videos and live streaming included.


Results: 16 times revenue increase, reaching the 8 billion VND mark.

Banner Kundal
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

While Guardian is a well-known beauty and personal care retail chain in Vietnam, videos can always enhance their digital presence. As with the case of Kundal, the Korean brand with a focus on natural and eco-friendly products can demonstrate their selling points to customers effectively with a great video marketing campaign.


Scope of work: Social media content, including videos and other visual elements.


Results: 130% growth in brand awareness and 20% increase in lead generation.


types of Video Design
corresponding to advertising needs?

Example: Short teaser video for a new Invisidoor product campaign

Client: Areus Atelier

Short-form Videos

Short-form videos usually have a duration of no longer than 10 minutes, making them the best options for the current trend of content consumption. The rise of TikTok as well as Reels and Shorts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are a testament to a shift in user preferences.

Since these videos are made for quick consumption, On Digitals will help businesses craft concise and appealing promotional messages to resonate with users effectively.

Example: Educational video for Cloud Technology Security

Client: TPCloud

Long-form Videos

There is no denying the effectiveness of long-form videos in delivering in-depth insights. While short-form videos help attract users, these informative content pieces will help you retain and potentially convert them into customers by introducing the products and services of your businesses in an engaging manner.

Additionally, long-form videos can do wonders for brand awareness by generating organic shares and backlinks. Over time, effective videos can be a stepping stone towards a position as one of the industry leaders.


is Video Marketing to On Digitals?

Advertising video or video marketing uses videos to promote products or services of a business with the ultimate goal being increased interactions on social and online channels. Most notably, video marketing can include educational content for consumers while innovating the way content is delivered on familiar platforms.

The combination of visuals, sound, and language in advertising videos creates a certain impression. Not only does it help customers understand the messages businesses want to convey, but it also allows them to see the brand identity. Consequently, it establishes a unique connection between individuals and the brand.

Why should you choose video marketing? Simple, people are consuming more and more videos online. It is projected that there will be nearly 3.5 billion Internet users watching videos on the Internet at least once per month in 2023.


should you choose On Digitals’

video marketing services?


1. Relevant

On Digitals’ video marketing services will help you open a gateway to your target customer base. As the market is getting increasingly competitive, an advertising video will bring you and your products or services as close as possible to your prospects and customers, allowing you to gain and retain an advantageous position in the market.

There have been multiple instances of advertising videos elevating new products of a brand to new heights, with giants like Adidas, Apple, McDonald’s, etc., benefiting from this method in the digital age.

As more and more people enjoy the advertising videos, they become aware of the brand and its products or services. In time, this will generate trust and credibility for the business, establishing it as one of the industry leaders

icon brand

2. Engaging

Our approach to video marketing is simple, as our main focus is the business itself. Essentially, we will help you deliver your message and products to your customers in a creative way that speaks “you,” bringing the business closer to customers.

Meanwhile, we will also take advantage of the ongoing trends on the Internet and social media in general to help create a viral effect. Finding the sweet spot between utilizing trends and staying true to your brand values can be tremendous for a video marketing campaign.


3. Optimized

Thanks to these trends, businesses may enjoy an influx of social shares, which can play a part in expanding potential customer base.

On the more technical side of things, websites with advertising videos tend to see reduced bounce rates. Mainly, it will help create a professional first impression on users, which goes a long way in encouraging them to stay longer. Make sure to invest time and effort into post-production to help users feel that their time spent watching your videos are worthwhile.


4. Tangible results

However, that is a bit of a long-term conversation. What businesses can expect after a video marketing campaign can be increased conversion rates and revenue.

Considering the advantages mentioned above, video marketing is an effective supplementary tool for business operations. It builds customer trust and brand credibility, aiming to achieve the ultimate goal: revenue growth.

Statistics show that companies utilizing video marketing experience up to a 49% increase in revenue compared to those that do not use this form of advertising.


does a Video Marketing Production




On Digitals will take you behind the scenes, where the magic happens, with the steps we take to deliver well-crafted advertising video products.

Step 1

Information Gathering

This process will take place before and during the discussion between On Digitals and clients regarding the product introduction and brand advertising video. We will do our homework before discussing with clients about the product information, video concept, and other specific requirements like budget and schedule.

Step 2

Research and Analysis

For the next step, On Digitals will conduct research on the type of video to produce while selecting the appropriate customer segments for the advertising video. The production team will then analyze the coverage of the video in the target market compared to competitors to provide clients with the latest information about the content.

Step 3

Requirement Agreement

All the results from step 2 will then be compared with the initial requirements. On Digitals will then advise and discuss with clients to decide on the best direction for the video marketing campaign.

Step 4

Script Writing

Based on the information provided by the client and the research results, On Digitals will structure the content and visuals from the video design concept. This will include tone, format, and synchronized effects that align with the brand’s characteristics.

Step 5

Editing Marketing Videos

We will start shooting and producing the video once both parties agree on the finished script. Furthermore, On Digitals will focus on elements that can positively impact viewers:

  1. Timing and ongoing trends.
  2. Creativity, which affects audience perception.
  3. Relatability, which encourages sharing.

Step 6

Optimization Adjustment

After the production team finishes shooting the video, the final version will be delivered to clients within the timeline stated in the contract. Businesses will provide feedback and propose changes until the final version is achieved.

Step 7

Finishing the Video

When the final version of the video premieres, On Digitals will directly monitor metrics such as views, likes, and impressions.

Measuring the results is essential to evaluate how successful the advertising video is, especially how it resonates with the audience. The numerical data will show whether the business’s story attracts viewers and its effects on their perceptions of the brand.


about Video marketing services

We already have a stable customer base, so do we need video marketing?

If using video production services, does a business need to invest a large budget?

How can you evaluate whether a product introduction video or business advertisement is suitable for customers?

Is it true that advertising videos only have an effect for a short period?

Is the video production process too complicated and time-consuming?

What does a business need to prepare for a video marketing production strategy?

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