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PR Services

Polish your Brand Image for the Public

A relatable and well-crafted brand identity and image can make all the difference in marketing. In the digitized era, consumers are not easily pleased so businesses need to constantly polish various aspects of their marketing strategy to solidify or improve their position in the market. Knowing the increasing demand for PR services, On Digitals is here to assist businesses aiming to establish their presence in Southeast Asia with our comprehensive service package.

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PR Services

Public Relations (PR) services are strategic communication tools

aimed at building and managing a positive reputation for a brand or individual.

These services utilize various channels, such as media relations, content creation, event planning, and crisis management, to shape public perception and foster meaningful connections with target audiences.

The primary goal of PR services is to enhance visibility, establish credibility, and maintain a favorable image in the eyes of the public, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of the entity or individual they represent.

PR Services

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does On Digitals’ PR services do?

PR services cover almost all aspects of how a business presents itself to the public. It concerns social media presence, websites, press releases, conferences, interviews, and other venues. PR is a continuous venture and businesses need to maintain a pristine image.

The main focus of these services is brand image and public perception of a company. Specifically, we will make sure that information regarding your business will portray you appropriately, depending on the specific objectives of the business.

PR Services

PR is also different from marketing and advertising. While they all contribute towards enhancing and solidifying a business’ position, PR focuses on exposure, reputation, and public perception with an organic approach.


should you choose

On Digitals’ PR services?

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1. Credible

Collaborating with a PR agency means entrusting your public presence to another party. Understanding local behaviors is key to devising an effective PR strategy, which businesses can count on On Digitals and our local insights in the Vietnamese and other neighboring markets. 

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2. Engaging

To generate organic interest from the public, having a positive image may not be enough, especially for industries with considerable competition. On Digitals can assist your business in coming up with a captivating PR strategy to draw attention from the public and elicit a positive reaction from online communities.

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3. Professional

PR is a full-time venture because news sources and social media platforms never cease operation. On Digitals will constantly monitor all aspects that may affect public opinion toward your business and come up with timely and appropriate solutions.


does On Digitals’

PR campaign work?



There is no fixed formula for success in public relations and On Digitals will tailor our approach to the clients. However, these are the 5 steps we take in all projects to ensure our success.

Step 1


On Digitals’ PR services can serve various purposes. It can be launching new products or services, rebranding, entering a new market, or recovering from a negative event. These purposes all require a different approach to PR, which will dictate our strategies.

Briefing is where we learn about the exact objectives of businesses, particularly their goals, expectations, and other requirements for the campaign. From there, we will proceed to the following stages of the campaign with a clearer idea on what we are working towards.

Step 2


On Digitals wants to learn about our client’s primary objectives to decide which area of their digital presence needs focusing on. Additionally, we will also need to know the budget as well as the business’ current situation to fully understand what we are working with.

Moreover, market research is an indispensable step in any PR campaign. Its primary purpose is gauging the current public opinion of the business, but it can also point out noteworthy patterns in consumer behaviors. Additionally, since PR does not strictly concern the consumer-business relationship, On Digitals will also need to learn about 

  • Internal relationships
  • Current and former partnerships
  • Fellow competitors in the industry
  • Other prominent parties such as investors and media platforms

Step 3


All the aforementioned insights will contribute to our next step, which is devising a suitable strategy. Depending on the objectives of our clients, we will consider utilizing some or all of the following strategies:

  • Creating content on social media platforms
  • Collaborating with other parties: news sources, broadcasting platforms, etc.
  • Working with appropriate KOLs and influencers
  • Producing digital press releases
  • Hosting online press conferences
  • Implement digital-based community events

We will customize our PR service package depending on our client’s objectives and demands. Furthermore, On Digitals will also set specific campaign objectives to enable our clients to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign as it progresses. Specifically, some of the metrics we focus on are share of voice, sentiments, earned media value, mentions, and impressions.

Step 4


A PR agency will not be the only contributor to a campaign. Instead, an effective PR project requires a joint effort from the agency, news and media sources, influencers (if needed), and of course, the business itself.

On Digitals will utilize our network to gather resources per our clients’ requests and approval. We will be the intermediary party and facilitate communication between all parties to ensure the PR campaign goes smoothly.

Additionally, sponsorship can also be a key part of PR. On Digitals can also help our clients single out appropriate parties for sponsorship of the PR campaign and finalize a suitable deal for all parties.

Now for the most important part, as we implement the campaign, we will stick to the predetermined strategy and schedule. However, since our PR service package is flexible, we will keep a close eye on the public response to determine the best courses of action in the future.

From there, On Digitals will constantly adjust and improve our approach to make sure the PR materials resonate well with the public and the intended audience.

Step 5


Time is of the essence in our PR services so we always make sure to let our clients know the latest developments in the campaign progress. Every decision we make will be communicated and explained to our clients.

Furthermore, our clients will also receive detailed reports consisting of a full run-down of the campaign and key engagement metrics for businesses to see the PR services’ effects on their brand image and public perception.

Lastly, On Digitals will also interact with consumers to gather organic feedback using digital forms and surveys to give our clients a comprehensive look at how the campaign affects their exposure and reputation.


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