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We are On Digitals, a digital marketing agency based in Vietnam

Our passion is to help businesses scale and drive revenue through creative digital marketing campaigns.

We deliver the best KPIs with advanced digital solutions tailored to your needs.

Our digital marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO), paid-per-click (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), website/eCommerce design & development, and more.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

People in different demographics are spending more time on electronic devices. They search the web for answers to their current problems.

They look for products, services and business solutions that can solve their immediate needs. Did you know that there are more 90,000 searches per second?

Are you leveraging the search results and social media? If not, you are missing out on valuable leads.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From the 2020s, an ever-increasing number of people, from C-Level employees to consumers, are using the web to search answers for their problems.

Will your site be there at the first result to offer your products and services to solve their immediate needs? If not, your competitors are probably getting all those valuable leads.

Fortunately, we are here to manage and execute full-service SEO campaigns. Our SEO service includes page optimization, technical website modifications, content writing, and guest blogging.

Your website will be on the first page of Google search results.

  • On Page
  • Off Page
  • Guest post
  • Quality leads
  • ROI-focused

Paid Per Click (PPC)

While SEO is crucial for your long term growth, if you want a quicker return on investment (ROI), then PPC will give your page an immediate boost.

Our digital experience laboratory develops awe-inspiring marketing strategies that cut through the noisy web and bring the target audiences to you.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we invest a considerable amount of time to analyze your business, your competitors and craft detailed plans.

Our PPC services combine Google Ads, Google Display Network, and social media ads.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media has become an integral marketing communication channel for most businesses.

Facebook, being one of the leading social media platforms, can help brands generate sales and traffic to their websites. According to emarketer, more than 90% of digital marketing experts claim Facebook Ads offers the highest return on investment.

On Digitals provide crafted social media services including Facebook Ads, Instagram & LinkedIn marketing for your own business’ goal.

Our social media marketing services help both international & domestic brands to grow and remain ahead of the saturated online competition.

Website/eCommerce Design and Development

Your website is the first impression on your clients and the most important component of your marketing strategy.

When it comes to websites, we think about conversions. We custom make websites that are mobile-friendly, SEO optimized together with a great UX/UI experience.

A fast loading page will not only increase your conversion rate (according to Entrepreneur) with good user experience but also boost your SEO ranking.

Therefore, at On Digitals, we only create websites with a good speed rating on Google PageSpeed Insights - the most strict speed testing system on the Internet.

On Digitals’ goal is to provide the best digital solutions that inspire. We are proud to deliver effective content marketing initiatives in order to strengthen brands’ identities and core values.

Content Marketing Service

Statistically speaking, 70% of consumers are drawn to brands through content rather than traditional advertising.

A unique & well-tailored content marketing approach is the key to brands’ long-term successful growths.

Quality content improves SEO and drives sales; garners awareness in the brand and makes your customers’ hearts grow fonder.

KOL Marketing Service

Businesses started to realize the importance of using influencers to gain consumers’ interests in the brand. According to a recent survey, half of consumers purchased a product based on an influencer recommendation in the past 2 years.

KOL marketing makes a positive impact on customer buying behavior. Influencer Marketing Hub has stated that celebrity endorsement played a crucial role in today’s influencer-driven marketing campaign.

With that being said, lots of companies choose to collaborate with online influencers to improve brand recognition and increase revenue.

On Digitals has the experience to deliver professional KOL marketing service; we work with brands to produce uniquely tailored services that align with their goals.

Creative Design Service

Brand positioning is how customers differentiate your brand from your nearest competitors. Successful branding identity is defined by engaging brand messaging and unique design ideas.

Design service is essential to any brand positioning strategy. Unique branding design improves brand recognition by delivering brand consistency that sets you apart from other counterparts.

At On Digitals, we offer the best design solutions to project brands’ messages and attract target audiences. We trust our strength and talent to build a reasonably-priced design service to drive more customers to your brands in Vietnam.

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