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Social media is taking over the digital realm at a rapid pace. These platforms have been the place to be in recent years for brands and enterprises looking to put themselves in the spotlight. 55% of consumers discover products on social media and 43% of them go out of their way [1] and use social media more for their shopping needs. This is why Social media marketing should be one of the first things on a business’ marketing agenda.

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With nearly 60% of the world population being social media users [2]

numerous companies strive to have a dominant presence on these platforms

to take advantage of this enormous number of potential customers with the help of social media marketing.

On Digitals is a digital marketing agency in Vietnam offering comprehensive social media marketing services for businesses of all scales on a wide variety of platforms. With a team of passionate and professional individuals, we can elevate your social media game to new heights.


Collaborate with us to learn more about how you can generate more leads by tapping into social media channels.


did we do Social media marketing for?

Social media marketing and management are one of our premier services, attracting many lucrative clients in both Vietnamese and international markets.

Banner Areus
Ondigitals Partners

Vietnamese consumers are showing an increasing preference towards high-end living spaces. Taking advantage of that trend, On Digitals has taken to social media platforms to showcase Areus Atelier, a showroom displaying ingenuity, craftsmanship, and artistry in door and window design.


Scope of work: Art direction and content for social media marketing and management for two major projects: Chấm collection and INVISIDOOR collection.



  • Chấm collection: 780k+ reach and 1,1 million+ impression
  • INVISIDOOR collection: 707k organic reach, 396.2% page visit increase, 321.8% web traffic increase, averaging 400 visitors/day to the activation launch, and 300+ organic mentions.

Total revenue generated: $55,422, 9.4x ROI.

Banner Korice
Ondigitals Partners

One of the primary Korean-made products of RTG Co., Ltd., Soju Korice has become a popular beverage in the Vietnamese market. Our social media marketing campaign helped them put on a fresh appearance on their digital platforms and generate organic interest from the public.


Scope of work: On Digitals created an audience-targeted social media management plan, designed and developed social posts, implemented Facebook ads.


Results: 1138% increase in monthly revenue to 20,000 USD and engagement surpassed expectations by 160%.

Banner Bentley
Ondigitals Partners

For the coveted British automobile brand, On Digitals wanted them to showcase their classy and innovative design to the Vietnamese market. Audiences in Vietnam were undoubtedly familiar with the brand, but we were looking to elevate it to another level by showcasing the craftsmanship, innovation, and performance of Bentley vehicles.


Scope of work: Comprehensive social media management.


Results: 120% increase in organic (landing page) traffic and 3000 new followers, a 130% increase in the very first month.

Banner Kundal
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

Guardian is widely known by many Vietnamese consumers as a reliable beauty and wellness retail chain featuring many international brands. One of which is South Korea’s natural hair and body care brand, Kundal. There is no shortage of demand nor competition in this field, so On Digitals wanted to establish both Kundal and Guardian as prominent names in the industry using the power of social media marketing.


Scope of work: Social media channels management


Results: 130% rise in brand awareness and 20% in lead generation.

Banner Kim Long Diep
Ondigitals Partners

A rising high-end jewelry brand with an eye for unique and dazzling products. On Digitals have been handling multiple aspects of their digital marketing strategy with one being social media content creation and Facebook livestream management.

Banner nội thất RK
Ondigitals Partners

A Vietnamese furniture company with affordable pricing. On Digitals handled social media content creation and production.


is On Digitals’ idea of Social media marketing?

In general, social media marketing involves creating content to promote a brand as well as its products/services on multiple platforms. The ultimate goal is to attract an audience and potentially convert them into customers of the business.

On Digitals wants to take social media marketing further, or in this case, closer to your potential customers. Our campaigns are tailored to your unique needs while taking your target audience and the current market situation into consideration.

social media

One of the primary advantages of collaborating with On Digitals is our insights regarding the Vietnamese market. By partnering with us, you can navigate and enter one of the fastest-rising markets in Southeast Asia in particular and the world in general through the most coveted social media platforms.


should businesses collaborate

with On Digitals

for social media marketing?

The importance of social media marketing is unparalleled in this day and age, which is why businesses will only entrust their social media presence to the best of the best.

On Digitals would like to throw our hat in the ring and establish ourselves as one of the go-to names for social media marketing services.

icon team

1. Dedicated team

The crown jewel of our social media marketing work is our passionate and devoted team. On Digitals will assign the best individuals to manage your accounts and all related aspects of the campaign.

For social media marketing, we put together a team with diverse experiences. You can rest assured that our marketers are highly experienced, with multiple years working in the industry and a firm grasp of the Vietnamese market. On the other hand, our team also includes many young and energetic minds with an eye for everything trendy.

icon research

2. Extensive research and planning process

When you decide to work with us, we will make sure to learn everything about your business. This includes all the aspects that help your products stand out, the unique traits of your brand, and your target audience/customers.

Also, before getting started with the social media marketing campaign, On Digitals will make sure to communicate with clients about suitable objectives and compare them with what they expect. We always make sure to set reasonable goals and dedicate our efforts to achieve said goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

All that information above paired with insights about the current situation of the market and ongoing trends will allow us to put together a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

icon personalized

3. Personalized strategy

Our proposed campaign will be tailored to your needs and perfect for attracting customers effectively. With that being said, there will also be multiple pitching sessions for clients to go over initiatives before we begin implementing the strategy.

To solidify the efficiency of our plans, we also employ analytics tools to gather data about the clients themselves, their competition, and their previous campaigns to determine pain points and propose fitting solutions.

icon transparency

4. Transparency in reporting

During the campaign, clients will never be left in the dark. On Digitals will always keep businesses in the loop with our monthly and quarterly reports about the campaign results.

These reports will give enterprises a full run-down of every aspect related to the ongoing social media marketing campaign. With this data in possession, On Digitals, as well as the clients, can make appropriate adjustments to improve the joint marketing efforts.


does On Digitals execute

a social media marketing campaign?

On Digitals provides user-centric and personalized social media marketing and management services.



While our social media marketing method involves multiple steps, it can be summarized in six steps.

Step 1


This starting point will set the stage for everything that comes after. Because of its importance, we devote a lot of time and effort to this step to understand who we are working with and how we can yield the best possible results.

Specifically, we consider these three subjects in our research:

  • Market
  • Competition
  • Trends

Step 2


After obtaining all the necessary information, On Digitals will move on to the next step on the agenda. However, this step also requires the attention of our clients.

Devising a proper social media marketing strategy involves identifying the designated platforms, deciding suitable content types, determining a content calendar, etc.

Also, during the campaign, we will need to turn back to this stage every time changes are needed. It can be due to a new trend or undesirable results.

Step 3


Content is king, and this step echoes that statement. This is the large step that spans the entire duration of the campaign and is built on the foundation of two previous steps. On Digitals doesn’t give you a one-size-fits-all solution, but a customized and unique weapon for you to unleash your potential.

Content creation in social media can involve writing posts, producing videos of various lengths, planning live streams, publishing infographics, etc. For all content types, On Digitals guarantees to maintain the designated brand identity and keep the target audience in mind during the creative process.

Another key part that we pay attention to is the buyer’s journey. Early on in the campaign, we will start with small goals such as reactions, comments, shares, etc. As consumers grow accustomed to the business’s presence on their news feed/timeline, we will gradually guide them along the path and convert them into customers.

Step 4

Art & Design

This particular stage can be considered a part of content creation since they happen simultaneously. However, On Digitals wants to highlight the significance of visual elements in social media marketing.

The star of social media content in recent years has been eye-catching illustrations. Since users scroll through posts extremely fast, visual elements are more capable of attracting their attention than texts.

With a creative team of designers, On Digitals will create visually appealing illustrations and graphics to go with our content.

Step 5


Advertising can increase the effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign. However, the main focus of this stage is finding the sweet spot and placing the right amount of ads moderately and appropriately.

On Digitals have a lot of experience in this department and we can help corporations optimize advertising results without overspending or jeopardizing user experience.

Step 6


The final stage of an On Digitals social media marketing campaign will help businesses retain customers they have previously acquired. This step includes our team managing social media accounts to respond to comments, requests, questions, etc.


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Collaborate with On Digitals

Social media marketing is a worthwhile investment that can usher in a new era for your business in the global market. On Digitals is ready to be your partner in navigating and exploring this dynamic and exciting world of social media.

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