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Email Marketing Service

Foster Positive Communication With Your Audience

Email marketing has been the undisputed method for personalized communication with customers and business partners in all of digital marketing. It allows businesses to tailor their approach to each customer and establish a closer relationship with them. To help businesses take advantage of this digital marketing method, On Digitals offers our comprehensive email marketing service package.

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Email marketing service is all about delivering business messages

in such a manner that resonates with consumers effectively.

Our email marketing service is all about delivering business messages in such a manner that resonates with customers effectively, therefore incentivizing them to continue their support for the business.


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email types do our services cover?

There are many reasons to send your customers an email, but they have to provide significant value to be effective. Here are some of the email types that we employ in our campaigns:

Informational emails

The main purpose of this email type is to announce or update information.

New content announcement

New content announcement

This concerns anything that can provide direct benefits for your customers like new products, discounts, etc.

Product updates

Product updates

Notify your customers of changes that may affect their experience.



This is dedicated to customers interested in the latest developments in your business or industry.

Event invitation

Event invitation

You can also disclose what is in store at these events like product first looks or influencer appearances.

Co-marketing emails

Co-marketing emails

Announcing a partnership can be exciting, but make sure that your customers will be interested in this information.

Internal updates

This is a bit of an outlier, but employee-dedicated emails can also be considered marketing.

Social media send

This type will contribute greatly to your social media marketing campaigns.

Transactional emails

On the other hand, these emails are triggered by specific actions and sent automatically.

Confirmation emails

Users can receive these after registering an account, doubling as a form of security

Form submission kickback or thank-you emails

This is a great way to express gratitude to consumers, which can significantly improve customer sentiment.

Welcome emails

A warm greeting is always welcome.

Lead nurturing emails

Lead nurturing emails

This type is for consumers who have already expressed interest but have not become buying customers. An effective email can lightly nudge them toward a purchase decision.


is email marketing services to On Digitals?

An email marketing campaign involves sending periodic emails to clients to inform them about discounts, promotions, and new products or remind them to complete a certain action. It is a highly effective method to foster a positive relationship with customers and encourage them to come back. This is why On Digitals sees it as an opportunity for businesses.

Email Marketing

We think email marketing provides enterprises with an automated and affordable way to showcase their branding and commitment to customer care. With emails, businesses can initiate interactions with customers and offer them valuable information tailored to their interests.


should you choose On Digitals

for email marketing services?

Depending on the consumer journey, On Digitals aims to assist businesses in their email marketing projects with services that center around audience preferences to help businesses achieve their goals.

icon package

1. Full package service

Our email marketing services will handle all stages of the campaign, from initial research and creating email templates to creating content and sending it to customers.

icon research

2. Valuable insights

A successful email marketing campaign requires highly specific insights into a business’ brand scheme and its customer’s behaviors. As a Vietnam-based digital marketing agency, On Digitals already possesses considerable market knowledge, simplifying our research process.

These insights will help us craft the most appropriate email marketing campaign.

icon creative email

3. Creative content and design

A promotional email has to be engaging enough to entice users to open it, even if they are the perfect targets for your business. Even after you convince them to do so, you are only halfway to a successful conversion.

On Digitals employs a variety of email templates to tailor the content and layout to businesses’ demands and customers’ preferences, enhancing the effectiveness of the campaign.

icon team

4. Tech-savvy team

The idea of email marketing is sending personalized messages to a large number of customers. To maintain consistency and punctuality, On Digitals will utilize automated tools for the campaign, accelerating the sending process without jeopardizing the quality.

Our team consists of professional and skillful email marketing specialists with years of experience in this field. Thanks to their proficiency in email tools and digital marketing skills, On Digitals can lead you to success.


does On Digitals’ email marketing work?

Though email marketing service is no longer a go-to option for businesses when it comes to customer care, On Digitals aims to revitalize this digital marketing method with a holistic approach.



Our email marketing service includes 6 major steps:

Step 1

Information collection

This is the equivalent of the preparation stage, where we will receive inquiries, demands, budgets, and requests from our clients. On Digitals will familiarize ourselves with the business’ missions, branding, products/services, and industry. By doing so, we can have an idea of how to craft the email marketing strategy according to the brand.

Step 2

Define goals

The most important aspect of an email marketing strategy is the primary objective, which is the focus point of this step. On Digitals wants to help our clients define goals to compile suitable email lists and create effective content.

Email marketing can play a role in helping businesses attain many goals, including:

  • Inform users of new products/services, changes to existing ones, new blog posts or videos, or upcoming events.
  • Attract your customers to keep them coming back by updating them with new and relevant information.
  • Engage users by delivering your messages with captivating email copy and designs and personalized content.
  • Guide users elsewhere like your websites or social media pages and let them explore more from you.
  • Nurture existing customers and maintain a positive business-customer relationship.

Convert quality leads into buying customers.

Step 3

Segmenting data

A business caters to various customer demographics with varying interests, preferences, and demands. Based on key factors like name, age, location, gender, interests, and behaviors, On Digitals will help you compile multiple email lists for the project. Additionally, segmenting data will also ensure that your emails will reach the appropriate users.

Step 4

Run campaign

All previous steps will contribute to this one, where On Digitals will begin implementing the email marketing campaign. We will start writing personalized and appealing email content according to predetermined creative angles verified by our clients.

Furthermore, we also adhere to email regulations (CAN-SPAM act) and ensure compatibility with all devices to maintain a positive experience for users. Lastly, your emails will include incentives and CTA to encourage users to complete an action like accessing your website, subscribing to your social channels, or checking out your new products.

When it comes to sending the emails, On Digitals will manage the email frequency to keep customers updated without spamming them. Additionally, we will consider the spam filters to make sure your emails can reach your customers effectively.

Step 5

Testing and adjustments

Throughout the process, we will create multiple versions of email content to design to test the waters at the early stages. After a given period, we keep the ones that perform best and continue testing to see how they can be improved further.

On Digitals will also keep a close eye on the email list to remove old or inactive accounts. Bounced emails can have a detrimental effect on the entire campaign, so we will remove them as soon as possible. Moreover, we also consider removing contacts that have not opened your emails for a long time to save resources.

Step 6

Tracking and report

The last stage of the campaign is all about monitoring its performance. We will base our evaluation on a variety of metrics such as:

  • Bounce rate
  • Open rate
  • CTR (click-through rate)
  • Conversion rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Share or forward rate
  • Subscriber list growth rate
  • Lead generation
  • Overall ROI

Depending on the initial agreement, we will send monthly and/or quarterly reports for our clients alongside general evaluations and proposals for the future.


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Collaborate with On Digitals

On Digitals can help your business perfect email marketing to foster a positive relationship between you and your target customers. Thanks to our experience and understanding of the market, we can devise a perfect email marketing strategy for your existing and potential customer demographics.

Reach out to On Digitals for a quote from us and learn more about our email marketing services.