Email Marketing Service – The Key to Convey Brand Values

One of the most popular B2B and B2C communication tools, email marketing offers unique values and services to both companies and their customers.

Effective email marketing provides highly personalized customer experience, which boosts brand awareness, conveys brand values and paves the way for further communication.

Outsource to the top email marketing management services and your company will always send the right message to the right audience at the right time, optimizing content delivery and maximizing conversion rate.

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At On Digitals, email marketing management services start with the end in mind: audience experience and conversion.

We recognize the importance of thorough research to ensure your personalized messages convey the most relevant and valuable content to the right audience – the start of great results.

Whether you just want an email list service, a complete email blast / mass emailing campaign, or email deliverability services, our expert team commits to deliver you the best solutions.

Outsource Email Marketing – All-in-One Solutions for Great ROI

With extensive experience across industries, On Digitals provides the best one-stop email marketing solutions for all companies.

Hesitate no more as our email marketing packages cover every single service you need to run the best mass emailing campaigns.

  • Target audience research
  • Mailing list building
  • Email segmentation
  • Content and layout
  • Professional template design
  • Strategic email marketing campaigns

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What is email marketing service and how does it work?

Email marketing, sometimes called email blast or mass emailing, is the act of sending emails for marketing purposes, including the promotion of a brand, their product, service, event, or content.

Many consider email marketing a means of advertising. While it’s not untrue, it only reflects a fragment of the whole truth.

To run an email marketing campaign, you simply need a mailing list, the content and an email service provider (ESP) or bulk mailing service provider. There are many free ESPs (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) with premium options as well as paid ones Hubspot, Salesforce, MailChimp).

In short, sending emails is not hard, but sending effective emails that bring back the results your business wants is another story.

The best email marketing agencies don’t only own the best list, their service packages closely follow a tried-and-tested process (like the one in the next part) to maximize ROI.

What is the standard process of a mass emailing service?

In a full service email marketing package, the agency will go through at least 9 steps to ensure the highest returns for your campaigns.

What are the key benefits of an email blast service?

Here are 6 benefits you can expect from an effective emailing campaign.

1Build and cultivate relationships
Emails enable official communication between your company and your prospects, customers, partners, employees and anyone else.
Sent to the right person with the right content at the right time, your emails can create fruitful relationships even before you meet each other.
2Boost brand awareness
Emails with relevant, compelling content sent at the same time each week for example will create a positive impression and make the audience subconsciously look forward to it.
This is the opportunity to present your brand as a reliable reference point for prospects and customers, hence foster customer loyalty.
3Generate leads
There are many tactics to generate leads by email marketing, such as a newsletter with high-value content to attract people to subscribe to your blog service.
Then, all data will be analyzed to help draw the most detailed buyer persona – the foundation to create more and more engaging emails to boost conversion.
4Nurture leads
The more complex the buying decisions (especially for B2B solutions and long-term services), the more effort required for email marketing to move your leads through the process.
Make the best use of personalization and valuable content to keep them engaged, intrigued and ready to make one step forward.
5Provide valuable content
Blog updates, event invitations, new research reports or ultimate guide downloads are some examples that make your emails a welcome and credible source of information.
6Promote products and services
Social media may provide a myriad of choices, but do you know that more is less when it comes to choices?
Whether it’s a year-end sales campaign or new product launch, your emails select the best deals in advance for your customers. The noise is filtered and there is a higher chance to make sales.

Each campaign will focus on different benefits and require different best practices to create the best results. Many companies choose to outsource to an email marketing agency with full service packages as experts know how to do it best.

Is email marketing service obsolete?

In one word, no. While the first marketing email was in 1978 (and brought back $13 million in sales), nearly half a century doesn’t undermine its importance and impact.

1Let’s have a look at some interesting statistics.
  • According to Statista, there are 4 billion daily email users. The number is expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025.
  • Litmus’s email marketing ROI report asserted that emails generate $42 for every $1 spent.
  • Hubspot’s 2021 State of Marketing report stated “77% of marketers reported seeing more engagement with email over the past year”.
  • And Content Marketing Institute’s 2022 B2B Content Marketing Insights report claimed that email marketing software is among top 3 technologies that B2B companies use to assist content marketing.

Though many believe the rise of social media means the fall of emails, statistics beg to differ. In fact, emails remain the main way of communication in various situations, both personal and business.

1Here are the reasons why.
  • Emails can be highly personalized, generating a positive feeling of 1-on-1 communication.
  • Emails give the recipients the time and space needed to digest the information. Most of the time, they don’t rush people into doing something, even limited deals don’t end in an hour. (We can’t guarantee the same when emails are from your boss or your customer though).
  • Emails are proof that your business really cares for the customers. Each customer will receive high quality content, event invitations or limited deals that are most relevant and valuable to them.

In conclusion, email marketing remains one of the key communication tools for both B2B and B2C companies. Increased investment on other channels doesn’t mean businesses stop recognizing the importance of emails.

What makes an effective email marketing campaign for a company?

If your emails can bring about desirable results, open up new opportunities and support other business activities, you know this is a great investment decision. So, for your emails to do a great job, consider 6 elements.

Don’t send the same emails to every list you have. Even the best mailing list service can’t give you one email list for all purposes.
Segment your lists on various criteria, such as email behaviors, shopping habits, and content preferences, to improve targeting and reception. It also helps to review your database and previous email marketing data such as open rates, click-through rates, read rates, etc.
If you think having “Hi ” instead of “Dear Customers” is enough personalization, think again.
Fruitful relationships can’t start with just name calling (no pun intended!). You need to show you know what the recipients need, want or like to have. In other words, send them relevant, unique content that will make them remember your brand.
One common email personalization tactic is to send out deals or offers that are available in the area of the recipient, or those related to their search history and past orders.
This is one of the key factors to ensure email deliverability services work.
People today are already overwhelmed with information, so it’s a natural reflex to disregard emails whose senders are not recorded in their memory.
Therefore make sure to give your audience the right to choose whether to receive your emails, which types and how often. One example is to implement double opt-in, but only if it serves your goal and strategy.
Some may argue this practice makes emails colder and less effective. It’s not untrue if you abuse it.
Automation is to improve efficiency by reducing human effort for repetitive tasks. But it’s by no means the magic that guarantees performance.
Even the best email marketing agency can’t leave their automated mass emailing processes unchecked over 2 weeks, because it doesn’t only make emails go cold, but also the hard-earned leads.
5Mobile optimization
It’s not a surprise that many open their emails on mobile devices.
Therefore make sure your landing pages behind your beautiful CTAs (call-to-action buttons) are all mobile optimized.
If your emails offer a deal, make sure your eCommerce website looks neat on various mobile views.
6Visual appeal
Your website is not the only place that needs creative design, your emails want it too.
Visual content is easier to digest and more memorable. Just make sure your emails are visually optimized so that they both look appealing and are user-friendly.

All in all, the best emails are neither spam nor personal messages. They are personalized business communication to offer unique values to people that find them relevant, helpful and insightful. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and you will have a better idea of what makes them engaged in emails.

What are some types of email marketing that are effective for any company?

There are more than a way to classify types of marketing emails, but one of the most simple ways consists of only two big types: informational and transactional. Each will have several smaller types, which adds up to 12 in total.

Informational Emails: The main purpose is to announce or update information. Here are 8 types of information that need separate emails.

1New content announcement
Sometimes called offer emails, here you announce your new ebooks, next sales, free trials or anything that the recipients love.
2Product updates
Depending on the type of your products, these emails can be sent weekly or monthly to your fans and customers.
This is your opportunity to round up highlighted stories and articles published on your blog for the whole week or month.
4Event invitation
Make sure you factor in enough time based on the scale of the event. A two-day regional conference shouldn’t be announced just one week before that.
5Dedicated send
It means your emails are dedicated to a certain group, such as event participants or community members.
6Co-marketing emails
These are used when you have a partnership with another company and want to reach their audience. It can be just an announcement about the partnership, a joint event or deals that are only available to customers of the other company.
7Social media send
If you manage a LinkedIn group and send a LinkedIn announcement, you are sending emails to your members. Because you can’t customize the layout of these emails, keep your messages clear, short and succinct.
8Internal updates
Yes, this is also a type of email marketing. Some examples are internal newsletters, marketing offers for employees only, and new product announcements.

Transactional Emails: These are emails triggered by specific actions and sent automatically. Here are 4 cases that require this type of email.

1Confirmation emails
Sometimes called offer emails, here you announce your new ebooks, next sales, free trials or anything that the recipients love.
2Form submission kickback or thank-you emails
Depending on the type of your products, these emails can be sent weekly or monthly to your fans and customers.
3Welcome emails
These are for people who have just subscribed for your blog, newsletters or other offers.
4Lead nurturing emails
These are a list of interrelated emails with the purpose of moving leads through different stages, from awareness to consideration to decision. Depending on the reactions of the recipients, they may be moved back to a previous stage for more “nurturing”.
5Dedicated send
It means your emails are dedicated to a certain group, such as event participants or community members.
6Co-marketing emails
These are used when you have a partnership with another company and want to reach their audience. It can be just an announcement about the partnership, a joint event or deals that are only available to customers of the other company.

When is the best time to run an email marketing campaign for a company?

It depends on your customers and your campaign.

First, analyze your email marketing database to have a realistic view of your customers and their behaviors (data such as open rates and click-through rates will help).

Second, identify the goal and the nature of your campaign. Is this a seasonal sale that has been going on for years? Or is this a “re-engagement” campaign for subscribers with low or no response over a

Third, run A/B testing to compare different send times and identify the better.

And last, befriend technology. In other words, use tools such as Smart Send Time of Klaviyo. They will run smart analysis and give you the answer.

What is the best frequency for a company to send out email marketing?

Many researches have tried to answer this question with a definite number, such as 5 emails per week. In fact, the answer depends on 3 factors.

  • Customer behaviors and preferences
  • Your industry
  • Types of emails or content


When calculating the number of emails sent per week, remember one address can be registered for more than one list. So you may think you only send 2 emails per week, but your customers may receive a dozen (many are automatic).

So double check to ensure your send times are spaced logically even if they talk about different things. Receiving too many emails in a too short time will make the button “Unsubscribe” look undeservingly appealing to your recipients.

Does email marketing work better for a B2C or B2B company?

It seems to many that B2B is the answer because of the two following facts.

  • Emails are considered more official and business-like than other types of communication, but they still somehow feel more “personal” than an announcement on the company website.
  • Emails allow for more detailed information and more time to digest before taking actions, which is more suitable for the longer, more logical buying process of B2B.

However, it’s still too soon for B2C businesses to stop partnering with an email marketing service provider, because promotional emails are best suited for the shorter, more impulsive buying process.

So, this is not an either-or choice. As long as you (or your email marketing agency) know the way around different types of emails and their best practices, it doesn’t matter if you are a B2C, B2B or ecommerce firm.

Which industries need email blast service the most?

The answer doesn’t depend on your industry, but your customers. If they often use emails, you have to make email marketing services one of the top priorities.

For example, try asking a cold email marketing agency about the industries of their customers, you will find many ecommerce businesses or online stores on the list. Email marketing for online business has become a necessity.

But even if your customers use emails, it doesn’t mean they have the same tolerance across industries. Don’t assume! Do your research or outsource to a trusted firm to collect email marketing data before making your move.

Is email marketing effective in Vietnam and how to build the best Vietnam email list?

First, email marketing is effective anywhere if you know how to do it, and Vietnam is not an exception.

In Vietnam, emails have long been the main tool for B2B communication, but we are seeing an “invasion” from ecommerce and B2C services. One possible reason is because emails mean less distraction and less options, which helps people make purchase decisions more easily.

Second, the most effective email list for Vietnam is one built by experts who know the local market and audience.

Now comes the great news: you’re in the right place!

With experience and success in various local and global digital marketing projects, On Digitals is confident to offer you the best email lists in Vietnam that match the highest with your requirements.

And our services don’t stop at providing an email marketing database, we know how to make your emails stand out and create impact to boost conversions. Great content, enticing visuals coupled with the right list will guarantee great ROI.

How to know if my company is running email marketing effectively?

It’s simple: track your results by pre-agreed metrics. Here are some commonly used.

1Bounce Rate
% of emails that can’t reach the inbox.
2Open Rate
% of recipients who open the email.
3CTR (click-through rate)
% of recipients who click on at least one link embedded in the email.
4Conversion Rate
% of recipients who have clicked through and completed a desirable action (submit a form, subscribe for blog, etc.)
5Unsubscribe Rate
% of recipients who choose to unsubscribe.
6Share or Forward Rate
% of emails in a campaign that get shared on social media or forwarded to another email.
7Subscriber List Grow Rate or Lead Generation
% of new emails generated after a campaign.
8Overall ROI
There’s no rule saying you can’t track all these metrics at the same time, but the best email marketing agencies will ask you to focus on the most important ones depending on your overall strategy and the campaign purpose.

Is it better to outsource email marketing activities?

Unless you have an expert in-house team who can act as a full service email marketing agency, the answer is yes.

Like any other digital marketing activities, running an email marketing campaign effectively requires expertise, experience and market knowledge.

For example, if your company wants to expand business to Vietnam and email marketing is on your list, choose a local-based agency to leverage their local knowledge and database.

What should a company prepare to get the most from an email blast service?

Besides information that any plan requires such as goals, expectations and analysis, consider three recommendations.

1A well designed (and mobile-optimized) website.
If you don’t have enough time to optimize the whole site now, at least make the landing pages pleasant to the eye and user friendly. But as soon as possible, invest in website optimization because it helps boost the performance of all digital activities.
2A rich base of content.
Building email content is part of a full service package of any email marketing agency, but content on your owned media (website, blog, social pages) is your responsibility.
If you don’t have enough content on your page and even less presence on Google due to weak SEO practices, post-email engagement and retention rates are going to suffer.
3Make this a habit.
Great results don’t come from one-time effort, no matter how successful it is.
Make email marketing one of your strategies with long-term plans and schedules, especially if you provide B2B products and services.

In conclusion, email marketing indeed opens up new opportunities, but you need a strong foundation, authentic values and various supporting activities to maximize its performance.

How to choose the best email marketing agency to outsource?

Follow 3 rules of thumb.


If Vietnam is on your next destination list, make sure your email marketing services agency is based there.

It’s true that emails run globally, but the best email marketing service provider knows that local insights and data rule.

And another great news for you: it’s more cost-effective to choose an offshore bulk mailing service provider.


What kind of email marketing services is your company looking for? B2C or B2B? Which industry and market?

How about the email service provider (ESP)? Do you have specific requirements?

It’s best if your agency offers full service packages, including building a mailing list and various types of email content such as newsletter, advertising, promotion, etc.

Additional services

Email marketing alone can’t make you the winner. There are many digital marketing activities that need optimization, including SEO, website design, content marketing, and social media.

So if your agency offers other digital marketing services, it is a big plus.

How to receive On Digitals’ proposal and quotation on mass emailing service?

Please provide us the following information to receive our proposal in the shortest time.

  • Your business information and industry.
  • Your emailing list.
  • On Digitals can support in evaluating and updating the current list, or we also offer email list service (especially when you want to run email marketing in Vietnam). Just have your requirements listed.

  • Your goals and expectations.
  • Estimated workload and timeline.
  • Other requirements.
  • If there’s anything else you think we need to know, please note it down too.

This information helps us a lot in building an optimal solution tailored for you. But if you don’t have these ready yet, don’t worry. Our experts are here to help.

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