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Financial Service Industry

Financial services envelop quite a few different services available in the Vietnamese industry, and each requires a different approach to ensure success. Their current condition is complicated due to the unpredictability of the worldwide economy as well as the ever-changing customer behaviors. Subsequently, the financial services industry has considerable potential but also requires significant industry knowledge.

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Aside from outside factors,

the Financial services industry itself also comes with some significant barriers that businesses need to be aware of.

To navigate the complexity of this industry, many businesses often enlist the help of digital marketing, which can further their understanding of their audience and the market as a whole.

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is the current condition
of the Financial service industry
in Vietnam and nearby regions?

Financial services in Vietnam make up a diverse group that involves various aspects of the economy. Two of the most prominent services are loan apps and e-wallets, which provide great value for their users in their everyday routines. The others, on the other hand, cater to more specific needs of their user base such as trading and investing.
Thanks to the relatively stable situation of the Vietnamese economy, these platforms have attracted and maintained a healthy number of users, having become trustworthy options for consumers. Additionally, since the demand for these platforms has risen significantly in recent years, Vietnamese users have ostensibly set high standards for these platforms, incentivizing businesses to consistently improve their features.

Lastly, security is of the utmost importance in this industry. Since Vietnam is currently going through a rapid development period, consumers are getting incredible opportunities to access digital platforms while not being equipped with sufficient knowledge about online safety. This is why businesses should implement security measures and safeguard users’ data to establish themselves as a viable name in the financial services industry.



are some challenges that
Financial service businesses may face?

Competition is certainly the biggest issue on the market. Since this is a very appealing industry, businesses will not only have to deal with existing competition but also nimble and technology-proficient fintech startups. The best way to address the competition is head-on and businesses should keep their eyes on competition around their level before moving on to bigger and more established names in the industry.
Next on the agenda, businesses should be informing and educating their users about online data safety. Establishing themselves as a brand that prioritizes safety for users is vital to winning over their target audiences organically.

The third and arguably the most significant barrier is none other than Vietnam’s advertising regulations. These are nationwide laws that apply to both domestic and international businesses so there is no way around them. What businesses can do is consistently improve their user experience and provide their audience with valuable insights to foster positive relationships with both potential and existing customers.


are On Digitals notable clients
in Financial Service industry?

Ondigitals Partners

Look into how On Digitals introduces a world-class trading platform to Vietnamese traders with the use of social content based on a perfectly laid out strategy.


Solutions featured: Digital Content and Social Outreach

Ondigitals Partners

FXTM worked with On Digitals to break into the Vietnamese market brimming with opportunities through engaging social content, increased web traffic, and effective PR strategies.


Solutions featured: SEO, Digital Content, and Social Outreach


can On Digitals help
Financial businesses enhance
their digital marketing strategies?

With multiple projects under our belt, On Digitals is confident that we can offer businesses a helping hand in this exciting and competitive industry. Our services are designed with the best interests of our clients in mind:


Leveraging search engines is one of the best ways to acquire customers and SEO will let you understand the search behaviors of your target customers. In a niche industry like financial services, optimizing keywords for your website and earning high rankings is one of the most effective methods to direct users to your website.

Few methods can quite compare to SEO in the long run, especially if businesses want to harness the power of websites and search engines.
Having a professional online presence starts with the website, which is where users can verify the legitimacy of a business. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of this platform to publish educational content about their services, providing their potential customers with transparency and attracting organic attention from people interested in what they have to offer.

On Digitals can help businesses enhance their SEO efforts on all fronts. From on-page to off-page elements, we can put together a comprehensive keyword list and optimize a business’ website to propel it to a more prominent position.

Digital Content Marketing

It is always good to form a positive relationship with your audience through direct and engaging interactions and content is exactly how businesses can make this happen. With a mixed bag of blog posts, social media posts, videos, infographics, and more, businesses can help consumers grow accustomed to their financial services effectively.
Collaborating with On Digitals can enhance the content creation process of businesses and allow them to communicate with their target audience easily through a wide variety of platforms.

Paid Performance Services

The effectiveness of paid advertising is undeniable, but it is important to be mindful of advertising regulations. Some financial services cannot be promoted and thus paid advertising is not a viable option for businesses. For that reason, financial service providers will need to find alternatives to bring their products closer to the audience.

Social Outreach

A comprehensive social outreach campaign lets businesses harness the power of communities to establish and strengthen their branding. Earning the trust of potential and current users will allow service providers to acquire more customers in the current market. PR, email marketing, and KOL marketing enable businesses to maintain their reputation on the market and generate attention from users organically.

On Digitals can introduce your financial services to the public

The financial service industry is doing quite well in the Vietnamese market, though it can be quite dependent on the overall situation of the country’s economy. With that said, there is plenty of room to grow for businesses thanks to the available consumer base. To ensure that they are on the right track, these service providers should be aware of advertising regulations and constantly renew the interest of their audiences.

With the help of a digital marketing agency like On Digitals, businesses can acquire valuable leads, maintain their current customer base, and facilitate their growth in the market. Reach out to us for more information about our digital marketing service packages.