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Retail Industry

For many years, the retail sector has led the Vietnamese economy due to its widespread influence and prominence. Having survived the pandemic era, the industry has been enjoying an upward trajectory in the last few years, presenting consumers around the world with quality products that have a role in all aspects of everyday life. It covers everything from fresh produce and processed food to jewelry and cosmetics, which means each business will have different priorities for each audience demographic.

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Targeting and appealing to the right audience

is an age-old challenge for these businesses, but a new era means people are spoilt for choice.

A catchy tune on a TVC or unique packaging may not be enough, as a large number of businesses can do the same thing. The best answer for businesses right now is to harness what makes them unique and deliver those values to their audience through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


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is the current condition
of the Retail industry
in Vietnam and nearby regions?

After a grueling time in the pandemic, the industry is experiencing a rejuvenating period thanks to the meteoric rise of e-commerce and modern elements like supermarkets and shopping malls. In particular, the online shopping sector is projected to reach 32 billion USD in market value shortly.
The industry is sporting a different outlook from what it was a couple of years ago. As the rise of physical stores and shopping malls has stopped, it has been replaced by the dominance of digital shopping experiences, with eCommerce platforms acting as a driving force.

In particular, shoppertainment experiences have become primary methods for businesses to engage with potential customers. Because consumers are essentially spoiled for choice, brands will now have to actively engage with their target customers through live streaming and other interactive promotional strategies.
Additionally, the industry is brimming with growth potential thanks to the influx of foreign investment. Many international brands have made their way into the country to take advantage of an incredibly active and diverse consumer base.
Retail is one of the most appealing industries for businesses, but it is riddled with challenges. What are some of the barriers that enterprises need to clear to succeed in the Vietnamese market?



are some challenges that
Retail businesses may face?

Managing inventory, identifying the perfect business model, and keeping tabs on the latest technology are only some of the most prominent tasks that businesses need to master to succeed in this industry.
Despite considerable research and management being required to maintain a retail business, customer acquisition remains the most difficult task due to their ever-changing preferences and increased expectations.

Since consumers are presented with more options than ever, they can hold the products and businesses to higher standards, which essentially sparks an extremely competitive race on the market. In turn, digital marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to pull ahead of the pack and bring their products into the spotlight, therefore attracting more customers and generating more profit.

So what can digital marketing do for businesses in retailing?


are On Digitals notable clients
in Retail industry?

kim long diep

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy is tailored to Kim Long Diep, a jewelry brand centered around elegance and sophistication.


Solutions featured: SEO, Digital Content, Paid Performance

Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

Find out how On Digitals and Kundal breathed a breath of fresh air into the Vietnamese market with engaging and creative campaigns to attract consumers.


Solutions featured: Digital Content and Social Outreach

Ondigitals Partners

Discover how On Digitals utilized a refined digital marketing strategy to introduce Passion Wine – a brand that presents wine enthusiasts with easily palatable options.


Solutions featured: Digital Content, Paid Performance, and Social Outreach

ods banner colgate
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

Learn more about the collaboration between On Digitals and Colgate & Palmolive to help the world-famous brands break into the Vietnamese and Thai markets.


Solutions featured: SEO and Digital Content

Ondigitals Partners

See the combined power of an SEO and digital content marketing strategy from On Digitals that elevates Bigbike to higher rankings on Google.


Solutions featured: SEO and Digital Content


can On Digitals help
Retail businesses enhance
their digital marketing strategies?

Fast-moving consumer goods require businesses to acquire a broad audience and constantly stay relevant. That means their use of digital marketing will need to juggle two main goals: establish a memorable brand identity and appeal to a large number of customers.

On Digitals has had major experiences working with retail businesses in more than 100 projects, and we can offer the following services to make your goals more attainable

Digital Content Marketing

Speaking of brand awareness, content creation is the organic route that businesses can take to achieve this goal. Compelling content like blog posts, social media posts, or videos featuring the products or essential insights related to your field can be a great introduction to potential customers of your brand.
What makes it so effective is its unmatched ability to educate and engage consumers. When you command their attention and give them coming back for more, you are already well on your way to establishing a positive impression, and in turn a relationship, with your target customers.

Paid Performance Services

The competitiveness of retail can get pretty intense and paid advertising can provide businesses a much-needed boost. These advertisements can be extremely effective, but only with a perfect plan to target the right audiences to save resources.
On Digitals offers advertising services on a diverse collection of platforms like Google, Facebook, etc., to help businesses cast a wide but targeted net. With these advertisements, enterprises can bring their products to appropriate users right when they need them. Subsequently, businesses aiming for quick success can leverage advertisements to drive immediate sales.

Social Outreach

Last but not least, the digital marketing efforts of a business can go beyond the digital realm. Social Outreach includes services that focus on communities and help businesses get to know them. To do so, we can connect businesses to KOLs and run PR campaigns to enhance the company’s image in the eyes of consumers. All in all, the ultimate goal is polishing the brand voice and image, making it relatable to users and incentivizing them to check out the products available.

Let On Digitals help you approach your target customers

Retail has an undeniable influence on the Vietnamese economy and it takes a lot for businesses to stand out in this industry. Despite that, the industry remains an incredibly appealing sector due to its active consumer base and abundance of opportunities.

On Digitals is ready to help businesses win over their target audience with our digital marketing solutions tailored to their preferences. We can help businesses engagingly showcase their branding and products while staying within their budget. Contact us to get a quote and learn more about our services.