Make a long-lasting positive impact with unique brand identity design

According to Hubspot, brand identity is “the personality of your business and a promise to your customers”.

It’s not only how you communicate with your audience, but also how you want them to feel when they interact with your brand. And how you look each time can reinforce or destroy your established position.

As an expert branding agency in Vietnam, On Digitals knows the local market and best practices for your brand to secure a special place in customers’ minds.

Excellent brand positioning with professional look of digital branding for increased engagement and trust

Brand positioning is how you differ from your competitors in customers’ minds with unique offering and image design. An integral part of brand positioning, digital branding involves designing for different parts that appeal to the target audience, such as logo, brochure and website among others.

Because it takes 5-7 impressions for an audience to remember a brand, your online look must be kept consistent across all representations and channels.

On Digitals’ brand service provides you with design that drives real and lasting results.

Cut through noises with simply stunning and engaging design in an inclusive creative service package

With every brand trying to look their best at every single chance in front of the target audience, it’s hard to stand out with just being beautiful.

An original look is what cuts a deal. It’s a look that doesn’t start from an overly used template, but a result from extensive research and deep understanding of what makes people moved.

On Digitals helps your business infuse the WOW factor in every piece of design. Start today for a fresh look that will soon dominate your niche!

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Which steps does a design process entail?

  1. Discovery

    We listen to customer’s story, mission, goals and expectations. Design preferences will also be discussed openly to help form a general ideas about the style that the customer prefers, which will guide the whole creative process.

  2. Market Research

    Based on the brand’s buyer persona, thorough research will be conducted to discover or confirm the target audience’s aesthetic preferences.

  3. Brand positioning

    Identify where the brand wants to stay in the target audience’s mind. If the brand wants to change their previously established positions, more research must be conducted on the current status, implied impact and timeline for the change to take effect.

  1. Design

    This is where all the data, interpretations and ideas come together to give birth to a new brand look. From conceptualization, designing to refining, our dedicated creative team will distill your brand essence into an instantly recognizable appearance that can’t go unnoticed.

  2. Review & Finalize

    Small adjustments may bring about big differences. We offer several revisions to ensure best results and satisfaction for the customer.

What types of design are included in a brand identity design service?

We offer various design services as your request, including:

  • Logo design
  • Company Profile and Brochure design
  • Stationery design, including business cards
  • Website design, for both informational and eCommerce purposes
  • UX/UI design
  • Graphic design
  • Poster and Banner design
  • Online ads design, including PPC ads
  • Video editing
  • Animation and illustration

Your online presence will continuously exude charm through professional, unique and consistent look across all digital channels.

What makes a good design?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it’s hard for any piece of art to be considered beautiful in all cultures. However, a brand with great design will evoke positive intended feelings from the very first look and make it unforgettable.

Audience with different demographics may associate a certain look, color, theme with a certain feeling. If your brand wants to be seen as “futuristic” rather than “homey”, sleek instead of warm design may be a better choice. In short, an effective brand identity design knows how to best represent the intersection between a brand’s intent and their target audience’s preferences.

Another note is good design doesn’t make people wait. No matter how beautiful your brochure or website looks, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, you have lost the battle before seeing it.

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