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Stand Out From the Playing Field With the Most Unique Designs

Creative design services are one of the most sought-after services for good reasons. First and foremost, it has a place in almost all aspects of branding and digital marketing, which is no surprise since 93% of communication is from visual elements [1].

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There is no fixed formula to succeed in creative design

so businesses often need to utilize the flexibility and creativity of design agencies

to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

On Digitals is a digital marketing agency in Vietnam with a highly capable team of designers that aims to create the most trendy and creative designs for clients. Whether you are looking for a new logo, concept, or a long-term collaborator for your ongoing SEO or Social media campaign, we can be just the option for you.

We understand the importance of branding and the need to stand out from your competition in the incredibly competitive digital landscape. This is why businesses can enjoy a new and improved look for their products, services, and overall online presence with On Digitals’ creative design services.

Reach out to us if you require consultation or eye-catching designs for your digital marketing needs.


are On Digitals’ creative design clients?

On Digitals’ creative design services play an influential role in many of our campaigns, working in tandem with other services. For that reason, some of our biggest clients have benefited from our creative designs.

ods banner colgate
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

The global personal care and grooming products brand employs a highly recognizable branding scheme, making them stand out in their industry. All we need to do is incorporate those elements into our creative designs and showcase what the brand is all about to the public.


Scope of work: Design UX/UI and interface for Vietnam.


Results: Organic traffic increased by 120%

Ondigitals Partners

The Ducati brand values high performance and power, evident in its products and branding. On Digitals’ motto in creative design is displaying brand identity using visual elements, and that proves to be a recipe for success.


Scope of work: Research, consult, and design UX/UI and website design.


Results: 150% and 120% increase in website visit and organic traffic, respectively.

Ondigitals Partners

For an educational business like EduClaas, On Digitals focused on simplicity and message delivery. We optimized their landing page with engaging designs, presenting their e-learning solutions to their audience in an authentic and intuitive light.


Scope of work: Develop their landing page with CTA.


Results: Qualified lead increased by 300%, reaching 150 leads/month.


sectors do our

creative design services cover?

On Digitals provide the full package for all types of client, including startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. As a creative design campaign can be anything from a supplemental element of a different campaign to a complete overhaul of a brand identity, we offer a variety of different products for clients to choose from.


Company profile and brochure





Including books, magazines, manuals, eBooks, etc.


Including business cards, employee cards, envelopes, notebooks, pens, etc.



We offer our services for both informational and e-commerce websites.


Taking it a step further, On Digitals can also work with UX/UI design projects for mobile apps and software.



Poster and banner

GDN Banner mockup 1

Online ad banners

Video mockup


Motion Graphic and Illustration
(2D and 3D)


are creative design services to On Digitals?

On Digitals considers this aspect of marketing to be way more than presenting an aesthetically pleasing design to the consumers and hoping that they are impressed enough to check out the products/services of the business.

To keep up with the rapid pace of the Vietnamese market, we chose a more proactive approach. For On Digitals, creative design means learning what the audience or consumers need, researching their preferences, and presenting the messages from brands in such a manner that resonates with their target audience.

Creative Design ondigitals

We consider our creative design works as a means to win over consumers and persuade them to spend their time getting to know the business, potentially converting them into customers in the process.


should businesses collaborate

with On Digitals for creative design services?

As a digital marketing agency, it is On Digitals’ job to comprehend the insights about the Vietnamese audience and market and reflect that knowledge in our creative design products.

original icon

1. Original

We want to address the largest ongoing problem in creative design in recent times. Despite the rise of AI design tools, On Digitals only considers them as supporting players in our campaigns. We want our designs to attract consumers with a sense of familiarity and authenticity, so our designers will directly handle most of the workload instead of relying on AI-generated designs.

icon brand

2. Personalized

The centerpiece of all our creative design products is the business itself. To stand out in the overcrowded digital landscape, companies need to dig deep to recognize what truly sets them apart from others. On Digitals will assist our clients in finding that one wow factor of their company or products, deciding whether it is suitable for the target audience, and building the entire campaign around it.

icon trendy

3. Trendy

The major task of creative designers is juggling between delivering authentic brand messages and chasing the current trends, ultimately finding the sweet spot between the two.

On Digitals always strives to be on top of every development in the Vietnamese and global market to update our ideas and concepts. Additionally, we will integrate the most suitable trends where appropriate to avoid overshadowing the primary message.

iocn tech-driven

4. Tech-driven

The Internet moves incredibly fast, so businesses have an extremely small window of opportunity to impress passersby. We know that no matter how attractive a design may be, it will lose a considerable number of users if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. For example, the number can go up to 40% for web pages.

This is the reason why On Digitals pays very close attention to the technical side of our designs. We utilize the best design tools to ensure the quality of our designs.


does a creative design campaign

from On Digitals go?



Check out all the steps we take to produce the most engaging creative design products.

Step 1


This step covers both key aspects of creative design: our clients and the ongoing trends. While market research is a recurring process, we will learn about our clients by going through their digital platforms (websites, social media,…) as well as the brand and corporate identity.

All this research will precede the first meeting where we will have the chance to learn first-hand what the client’s goals and preferences are. Finally, we will communicate what we know about the target audience and what they currently prefer in the market.

Step 2


Next up is building the foundation of the entire campaign from all the insights in the previous step. This is when our team will brainstorm and come up with the perfect common theme for every piece in the campaign, establishing consistency from the get-go.

Clients’ input will be instrumental in this process, as we are more than ready to make any adjustments should the business want to change its direction before the campaign officially starts.

Step 3


All the most important activities will begin during this stage, as our designers will get started based on the briefs that On Digitals and the clients agreed on. We will work according to the schedule established beforehand and deliver the products timely.

Step 4

Review and finalize

On Digitals understands that the initial product almost always requires some modifications. Consequently, we offer our clients several opportunities to provide feedback and we will revise the product to reach the finalized version.


about creative design services

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On Digitals’ creative design services can help businesses utilize the power of visual elements in digital marketing. Displaying your brand in a creative and eye-catching manner is the key to success in the competitive marketing scene and bringing yourself closer to your target customer base.

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