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Automotive Industry

Similar to other industries in Vietnam, the automotive industry is full of potential. With a mixed bag of foreign brands like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Mercedes staking their claims to a large portion of the market and Vietnamese brands like Vinfast trying to win over the public with quality and eco-friendly products. These names have attracted considerable foreign investment, putting the industry in pole position for future growth.

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is the current condition
of the automotive industry
in Vietnam and nearby regions?

While the potential is certainly evident, recent times have seen some bumps in the road for automotive production and distribution. Over the last few decades, numerous global names in the industry have set up their factories in the country, some of them being Honda, Mercedes, and Ford. That has laid the foundation for steady growth throughout the years, even through the pandemic.

However, in 2023, the automotive industry stumbled due to a few glaring flaws. While both domestic and global supply chains have developed extensively, Vietnamese manufacturers still need to depend on imports for certain raw materials. That, combined with a change in consumer preferences, has halted the development of the automotive industry.

On a positive note, the latest developments have suggested a new route for the industry. Electric vehicles burst onto the scene with intricate designs and plenty of choices for different consumer bases.

All in all, the industry has retained its potential, but some issues on the market have slowed down its development. However, a new trend on the horizon can reignite the momentum, allowing businesses to enhance their growth in the crowded Vietnamese market.



are some challenges that
automotive industry may face?


The stagnant period suggests a few problems in the industry and businesses need to understand what they are to maintain and enhance their development process.

Primarily, competition is certainly a major barrier for all businesses. Foreign brands with major factories in the country are still dominating the industry while domestic enterprises are trying to win over consumers with newer and more intricate designs. This ongoing situation affects the import of raw materials, distribution of products, and customer acquisition. The domestic supply chain has its limits and only the biggest manufacturers can ensure a steady source of material to keep up their production.

Since there is no way around it, businesses can only constantly improve themselves to stay competitive, which leads to the next issue. There is no guarantee that improvements will increase sales because of the ever-changing consumer preferences. Cars and motorbikes are still in demand, but consumers have become more reserved with their purchase decisions, leading to a drop in the industry’s overall sales.

By leveraging digital marketing, automotive businesses can address these challenges and enhance their growth. But how?


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in automotive industry?

Ondigitals Partners

On Digitals drew inspiration from the meticulous and powerful designs, the best aspect of the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati, to create a clean and sleek look for their website, letting them zoom past many competitors in the Vietnamese market.


Solutions featured: SEO and Digital Content

Ondigitals Partners

On another lane of the speedway, Bentley keeps up with their competitors in Vietnam with the help of On Digitals to bring their luxurious and dynamic identity to Vietnamese consumers.


Solutions featured: SEO, Digital Content, and Paid Performance


can On Digitals help
automotive businesses enhance
their digital marketing strategies?

On Digitals can use our experience and expertise to help businesses in the automotive industry grow more effectively through these services


To stand out from their competition, many businesses utilize a long-running SEO project to catapult their web pages to higher rankings and enhance brand awareness. Furthermore, SEO allows enterprises to learn about consumer preferences through their search behaviors and use the data to adjust their digital marketing strategies.

Additionally, establishing a user-friendly website simplifies the buyer’s journey for consumers. Instead of multiple trips to dealerships and going through various rules and regulations to register their vehicles, they can now go through the initial research and weigh their options online.

Digital Content Marketing

Automotive businesses need to find creative and engaging ways to directly showcase their products to a large number of consumers. TV Commercials is a form of content that promises wide exposure while allowing businesses to showcase their branding and promotional messages with the help of engaging audio and visual cues.
Additionally, pairing a TVC campaign with PR booking and event can round up an effective marketing strategy. While TVCs can raise awareness and draw attention of viewers to the product, PR articles and interactive events can help consumers learn more about the products first-hand, enabling brands to be more transparent with their consumers and incentivize them to make purchase decisions.

Paid Performance Services

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, and YouTube are some of the platforms On Digitals is well-versed in and we can put the spotlight on your brand on these platforms with perfectly laid-out ad campaigns.
The best way to pull ahead in a competitive industry is surely paid advertising. Advertisements can draw the attention of relevant audiences effectively, which enhances lead generation. For that reason, paid ads are an ideal choice for the launch of a new product or promotional offers.

Social Outreach

Speaking of new products and promotional offers, businesses can utilize an email marketing campaign, collaborate with KOLs, or even host an event to maximize their exposure. Social outreach is vital for automotive businesses, especially because these campaigns can help turn a brand into a prominent name in the market.

Join the race in the automotive industry with On Digitals

The automotive industry is a complicated one since the potential is evident but so are the challenges. With the help of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, businesses can separate themselves from the rest of the industry and compete with the giants in the industry.

On Digitals, with our data-driven approach and diverse services, can be a trusted partner for automotive manufacturers. We possess extensive knowledge about the Vietnamese market, allowing us to lead businesses down the right track for enduring growth.