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Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is one of the main pillars of the Vietnamese economy, being one of the main driving forces of the entire country. For that reason, the country is investing a lot of time and effort into the development of this industry. This has provided some major incentives for businesses to enhance their production, but it also means a considerable rise in competitiveness in an industry that is already crowded.

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is the current condition
of the manufacturing industry
in Vietnam and nearby regions?

The manufacturing industry is a cornerstone of global economic development and its position in Vietnam is no different. From textiles to electronics, the industry has a pivotal role in creating employment, encouraging innovation, and contributing significantly to GDP.
During the modern industrialization process of the country, the manufacturing industry has been one of the most influential of all industries by being one of the top 5 contributors to the country’s GDP and the runner-up on the job creation leaderboard.

In the last decade, the manufacturing industry has experienced a paradigm shift towards integrating advanced technologies and digital solutions. Not only does this evolution pave the way for increased efficiency through automation, but it also means businesses are presented with more and more opportunities.
However, these opportunities do not come without some major challenges that businesses will need to address and overcome to continue their growing process.



are some challenges that
manufacturing businesses may face?


Businesses in the manufacturing industry have to deal with many challenges that can significantly impact their operations. From managing the supply chain to integrating the latest technological developments, businesses are required to handle a wide variety of tasks to maintain and enhance their efficiency, therefore staying competitive in their markets.

These tasks may include acquiring equipment and training the workforce to streamline production, staying mindful of regulatory compliances, and paying close attention to the environmental sustainability of the factories and products.

Aside from that, outreach remains an essential task because that is how businesses can approach and acquire clients. However, some businesses still have trouble with their limited market reach, engaging with current and potential customers, raising brand awareness, showcasing their products, and generating valuable leads.

By leveraging digital marketing, manufacturers can overcome these setbacks, enabling them to find clients effectively and put their technological advancements to good use.


are On Digitals notable clients
in manufacturing industry?


Take a look at how On Digitals helps Areus open a window of opportunity to bring its aluminum and glass solutions to the wide-open Vietnamese market.


Solutions featured: Digital Content, Paid Performance, and Social Outreach

Ondigitals Partners

Explore how On Digitals has taken the digital marketing efforts of TPCloud to new heights, allowing them to find more opportunities in the Vietnamese market, where new technological developments are always welcomed.


Solutions featured: Digital Content

Ondigitals Partners

On Digitals has utilized our insights about the manufacturing industry in Vietnam to accelerate its entry into the market. By showcasing their innovative vision of automation with robots, we have successfully introduced Universal Robots as an exciting name in the industry.


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services we provide?

To help businesses achieve these goals, On Digitals offers our selection of services:


do On Digitals digital marketing services
help businesses grow in the industry?

Digital marketing is widely considered to be a capable ally for manufacturing enterprises to increase their outreach efforts. With a perfect balance of digital channels such as social media, search engines, and email campaigns, manufacturers can effectively showcase their products and establish their credibility with customers all around the world.

On Digitals uses data-driven methods to come up with the most suitable strategy for each business, allowing enterprises to showcase their unique branding and products to approach customers. Overall, businesses can utilize our services to:

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1. Increase global exposure

On Digitals can help businesses come up with a perfect awareness plan, subsequently presenting themselves as a global name and ready to take on their target markets.

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2. Identify unique selling points

Businesses need to showcase their unique aspects to attract customers. Working with a creative digital marketing agency can show businesses a way to present their unique values to customers and separate themselves from the pack.


3. Facilitate direct communication

Manufacturers will greatly benefit from direct communication with their clients, especially when the industry is getting more and more competitive. Through platforms like social media, email newsletters, and interactive websites, businesses can foster a positive relationship with their clients, allowing them to generate leads effectively.


4. Target the right audiences:

Digital marketing operates on data and this can help businesses save considerable resources. Tools such as targeted ads enable enterprises to point out their exact audience demographic and use their budget for relevant audiences only.

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5. Gain informative insights:

While businesses can easily conduct market research on their own, a digital marketing agency like On Digitals will have a different point of view, which translates to more valuable insights that can assist businesses in forming a suitable digital marketing strategy to acquire more clients.

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For the manufacturing industry, the current trends suggest that the only way is up. Businesses should be leveraging digital marketing to take advantage of numerous opportunities that may come their way in the Vietnamese market as well as international ones.

To help businesses achieve their goals, On Digitals can be a trustworthy and capable collaborator in this industry thanks to our expertise, experience, and commitment. Contact us today to learn more about our service packages and let’s make an excellent digital marketing strategy.