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Zalo Advertising Services

Harness the Largest Messaging Platform in Vietnam

As a business, if you want to enter the Vietnamese market, which area will you target? Vietnamese people are avid Internet users, thanks to many technological developments in the country, especially when it comes to messaging. At the top of the ladder is Zalo, a Vietnam-based messaging platform that edges out giants like Facebook. In turn, the platform is perfect for advertising, and On Digitals’ Zalo advertising services can help businesses with just that.

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Zalo Paid Performance Services

Zalo is a popular messaging and social media platform in Vietnam

offering a multifunctional app that encompasses messaging, social networking, news, and more.

With Zalo Ads, businesses can create targeted and customizable advertising campaigns, leveraging features like precise demographic targeting, sponsored content, and interactive ad formats to engage users.
These ads appear seamlessly within the app, allowing brands to connect with users while they interact with various Zalo features, making it a valuable platform for businesses aiming to expand their reach and visibility in the Vietnamese market.

Zalo Paid Performance Services

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are Zalo advertising services to On Digitals?

Vietnamese people have welcomed the technological developments in the country with open arms, most notably the social media boom. Despite the integration of many platforms, Zalo stands atop the mountain with 60 million monthly active users, making it the number 1 messaging app in Vietnam.

Zalo’s primary usage is calling and messaging, offering Vietnamese people an easily accessible communication method. Over the recent years, it has evolved into an engaging social media platform, evident by the surge of brands establishing their presence here.

Zalo Ads

On Digitals considers Zalo ads to be a highly beneficial investment thanks to its vast user demographic and user-friendly ad system. With the addition of Zalo OA (official account), this social media platform can help businesses significantly expand their reach and generate quality leads.


should you choose On Digitals

for Zalo advertising services?

Zalo advertisements can perform at their best by being concise, unique, and unintrusive. On Digitals can help elevate your ad campaign with our professional and experienced team.

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1. Local

Much like other platforms, establishing your presence on Zalo is a tall order, considering that many other brands are looking to do the same thing. On Digitals values brand identity and we will showcase what is unique about your brands as well as products and services authentically and engagingly.

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2. Seamless user experience

Since most people use Zalo as a form of communication, On Digitals figures fitting advertisements seamlessly into the user experience is the way to go. The window of opportunity to impress your audience is rather narrow, in this case, and our content writers and designers can help you draw the attention of users effectively with captivating promotional materials.

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3. Experienced

Vietnamese businesses are familiar with the platform but it is still pretty much uncharted territory for international brands. As a Vietnam-based digital marketing agency, we have accumulated considerable experience in digital advertising platforms and Zalo is no exception. Collaborating with On Digitals will allow businesses to break into the Vietnamese market.


do On Digitals’

Zalo advertising services work?



On Digitals designs our Zalo advertising service package to handle all tasks related to creating and implementing advertisements on this platform.

Step 1


On Digitals will begin by learning the business objectives, budget, requirements, etc., of our clients. Furthermore, we also want to make sure that their target audience demographic is active on Zalo by doing extensive market research.

Zalo user behavior is drastically different from that of other prominent channels like Facebook or Instagram. Since their primary purpose is communicating, trendy and funny materials will not resonate with them. In fact, it may even be intrusive.

On Digitals wants to make sure that the advertisements provide value to users while not being disruptive to their experience.

Step 2


Zalo offers businesses various methods to implement a paid performance marketing campaign. Some of the most notable ones are Zalo OA, product advertising, content advertising, website advertising, and video advertising.

Either way, this stage of our approach stays the same. We delve deeper into our client’s target audience’s behavior and preferences to single out the best approach for them. For example, we want to see if they respond better to direct messages from official accounts or posts integrated into their timeline. From there, we will choose the appropriate creative direction to enhance the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Step 3


Zalo enables easy advertisement implementation for users and businesses. On Digitals can assist businesses in the entire process, from creating the official accounts and choosing the appropriate targets to setting up budget allocation and creating and optimizing the ads.

Here are the advertisement types that On Digitals can support your business in implementing:

  • eCommerce ads
  • Form ads
  • Message ads
  • Website ads
  • Official account (OA) ads
  • Video ads
  • Product ads
  • OA post ads

Step 4

Monitor and report

Lastly, we provide our clients with periodic reports, i.e. weekly and monthly to update them on the performance of their ad campaigns. Additionally, we will provide our evaluations and suggestions for future developments so businesses can build on the results of the project.


about On Digitals’ Zalo advertising services

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On Digitals’s Zalo paid performance services for all clients aiming to make an impression on Vietnamese consumers. As a Vietnam-based digital marketing agency, we have a profound understanding of the platform as consumer behavior to lead your business to success.

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