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SEO brings a lot of benefits to a website and its business, most prominently improving exposure on search engines. Of all the aspects related to SEO, traffic growth is one of the best indicators for increased brand awareness. To assist businesses in optimizing their website for organic success, On Digitals offers our SEO traffic service package with a focus on generating organic traffic.

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SEO Traffic

SEO traffic focuses on both user experience and search engine algorithms

enabling the website to win an advantageous position on the result pages while retaining users.

Gradually, businesses will be able to improve their brand awareness and become more competitive in the market.


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are On Digitals’ SEO traffic clients?

SEO traffic services are a popular option for SEO services, attracting many reputable clients from different industries.

Ondigitals Partners

Passion Wine from World Wine aims to bring the most carefully curated and distributed wine to Vietnamese people. Most consumers in the country will search for products before committing to a purchase decision. On Digitals has helped Passion Wine become a formidable player in their industry by improving their SEO strategies, therefore increasing their reach and exposure.


Scope of work: Comprehensive SEO service.


Results: 140% increase in revenue and enhanced online presence for the brand.

ods banner colgate
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

Colgate Palmolive is an entirely different case. They have established themselves as one of the industry leaders in personal care and hygiene, but SEO could always enhance a brand’s digital presence, especially when they plan on entering a new market. For Colgate Palmolive, we handled the keyword research stage of the Thai market, setting a foundation for their market entry.


Scope of work: Keyword research for SEO content for the Thai market.


Results: 2 keywords in the top 6-10, 5 keywords in the top 11-30, and 9 keywords in the top 31-50, resulting in a 120% increase in organic traffic.

Ondigitals Partners

Ducati is a global brand and undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the motorcycle manufacturing industry worldwide. With SEO services from On Digitals, they have managed to facilitate the entry process in the Vietnamese market, continuing the dominance of the Italian brand.


Scope of work: Comprehensive SEO service accompanied by full website design.


Results: 150% increase in website visits and 120% increase in organic traffic.


are SEO traffic services to On Digitals?

SEO traffic services still retain most of the tasks from traditional SEO, only this time we turn our attention to generating organic traffic, specifically. To perfect a strategy for this service, On Digitals looks to all the factors that will encourage users to access a website. In this service, we pay close attention to the content, UX/UI, technical aspects (loading speed, device compatibility, etc.), and the overall user experience.

This version of SEO services takes on an organic approach, focusing on improving the quality of the website to attract more visits and encourage users to explore the site further. It also means that On Digitals’ strategy will center around your brand and products.


SEO traffic is also a perfect way to build the foundation for other digital marketing projects in the future. As one of the most influential metrics, traffic is a testament to a business’ capability on the market. Once you have acquired significant traffic, you can move on to more targeted projects with a higher chance for success like SEO Keywords or Paid ads.

These services are ideal for both old and new websites in need of a boost in traffic. Additionally, SEO traffic services are a viable alternative for businesses in highly competitive markets.


is On Digitals an ideal choice

for your next SEO traffic campaign?

icon team

1. Experienced

On Digitals has gathered immense experience in SEO and Digital Marketing and always stays updated with search engine algorithms. Furthermore, we have had the privilege of collaborating with many brands in various markets, giving us valuable insights into user behaviors and market situations.

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2. Personalized

We understand that each business has its requirements and objectives. We always want to provide the best possible services for our clients, so we take our time to get to know businesses’ branding, products, and services, and target consumer base. From there, On Digitals will be able to devise an SEO traffic strategy tailored to the business.

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3. Thorough

Despite catering to a specific aspect of websites, SEO traffic also requires considerable tasks due to the organic approach. On Digitals will handle competition analysis, content creation and optimization, on-site optimization, link building, and more with utmost commitment to deliver valuable results.

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4. Committed

SEO is a long-running process and businesses may not be able to observe significant results in a short period. This is why there are many underhanded tactics designed to yield results in this area.

On Digitals can guarantee that we will only utilize white-hat SEO tactics to grow your website traffic organically and effectively. Businesses will receive monthly reports regarding the campaign’s progress to keep them updated.


does On Digitals execute
a standard SEO traffic campaign?



There are five major stages in a standard SEO traffic project of On Digitals:

Step 1


Before beginning the campaign, On Digitals will need to learn the budget, objectives, and requirements of our clients. Furthermore, as traffic is the main focus of SEO traffic services, we also need to examine the current monthly traffic as well as audit the website. Outside of the business, On Digitals will conduct research into the market, especially our client’s industry, to gauge user behaviors and market trends.

Step 2


To start the strategizing phase, On Digitals will begin our competition analysis process. Since businesses are competing to win traffic from users, they will need to examine the SEO strategies of their direct competition to identify pitfalls and beneficial strategies.

From there, On Digitals will devise a comprehensive strategy that includes content creation and website optimization centers around generating organic traffic.

Step 3


By this phase, On Digitals will have completed two important tasks: keyword research and website audit.

The keyword list will contribute to creating meaningful and valuable content that addresses users’ needs. To generate traffic effectively, On Digitals will incorporate the most searched topics of the business’ target user base through keyword analysis.

The website audit will help On Digitals identify potential design or performance flaws that may hinder user experience for optimization. This includes utilizing various on-page and technical SEO tactics to improve the quality of the website, increasing its chances of ranking higher and attracting more visitors.

Additionally, building backlinks and taking advantage of social media platforms will also be tremendous for generating traffic.

Step 4

Monitor and analysis

The best thing about SEO is that there are various tools to track the results of the campaign. On Digitals primarily uses data from Google Analytics to measure traffic as well as other SEO performance metrics like rankings, bounce rate, CTR, or pages per session. Additionally, we also use other tools like Google Search Console or Sitechecker to analyze the website and its performance on search engines.

Step 5


User behaviors will change over time and businesses will need to adapt to maintain the monthly traffic of their website. On Digitals will monitor the website and make adjustments where necessary to maintain and improve the traffic. Throughout the campaign, the execution, monitoring, and adjustment stages will happen almost simultaneously to maintain efficiency.


about SEO traffic services

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On Digitals can be just the agency you are looking for. As a Vietnam-based digital marketing agency with extensive knowledge and experience in SEO Traffic, we can help elevate your website to the top of the search engine result pages. Our collaborators can rest assured that our services can enhance their organic exposure and reach, therefore increasing their brand awareness on the market.

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