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Keywords play an influential role in SEO. They help search engines learn what your website and pages are about and users rely on them to find solutions for their problems. To assist businesses in targeting and optimizing the appropriate keywords, On Digitals offers our SEO keyword services as an effective solution for businesses in all industries.

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SEO Keyword

Almost all users will do some research

on the products or services before committing to their purchase decisions
and search engines are where they turn to.

Almost all users will do some research on the products or services before committing to their purchase decisions and search engines are where they turn to. Understanding how to leverage the keywords to your advantage will help businesses not only rank highly on search engines but also target the correct user base, drastically increasing click-through and conversion rates.


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are On Digitals’ Keyword SEO clients?

SEO keyword services are a popular option for SEO services, attracting many reputable clients from different industries.

Ondigitals Partners

Passion Wine from World Wine aims to bring the most carefully curated and distributed wine to Vietnamese people. Most consumers in the country will search for products before committing to a purchase decision. On Digitals has helped Passion Wine become a formidable player in their industry by improving their SEO strategies, therefore increasing their reach and exposure.


Scope of work: Comprehensive SEO service.


Results: 140% increase in revenue and enhanced online presence for the brand.

ods banner colgate
Ondigitals Partners
Ondigitals Partners

Colgate Palmolive is an entirely different case. They have established themselves as one of the industry leaders in personal care and hygiene, but SEO could always enhance a brand’s digital presence, especially when they plan on entering a new market. For Colgate Palmolive, we handled the keyword research stage of the Thai market, setting a foundation for their market entry.


Scope of work: Keyword research for SEO content for the Thai market.


Results: 2 keywords in the top 6-10, 5 keywords in the top 11-30, and 9 keywords in the top 31-50, resulting in a 120% increase in organic traffic.

Ondigitals Partners

Ducati is a global brand and undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the motorcycle manufacturing industry worldwide. With SEO services from On Digitals, they have managed to facilitate the entry process in the Vietnamese market, continuing the dominance of the Italian brand.


Scope of work: Comprehensive SEO service accompanied by full website design.


Results: 150% increase in website visits and 120% increase in organic traffic.


are SEO keyword services to On Digitals?

Keyword SEO requires businesses to identify what users are searching for and provide them with exactly that. If they manage to provide relevant and valuable solutions, search engines will put their web pages close to the top. The idea is simple enough, which in turn, sparks major competition. Google only has 10 spots on the first page of the search results, and there are usually millions of pages vying for those slots.

On Digitals’ SEO keyword services will assist businesses in identifying the appropriate keyword list and optimizing their content and website primarily for these keywords to not only win them those coveted positions but also generate valuable conversions.


We want to provide a sustainable solution for businesses to stay competitive in the market, reach the right audiences, and acquire quality leads without considerable monetary investments.


is On Digitals an ideal choice

for your next Keyword SEO campaign?

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1. Experienced

It takes significant experience to determine the most suitable keyword list for a keyword SEO campaign. On Digitals has accumulated considerable experience in SEO and digital marketing by working with multiple clients in various industries. Additionally, as a Vietnamese SEO agency, On Digitals can also provide businesses with insights into user behaviors in Vietnam and neighboring markets.

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2. Personalized

Each business requires a different strategy for keyword SEO due to the differences in their industries, their products/services, business scale, or budget. To increase the success rate of our SEO keyword campaigns, On Digitals will craft a customized strategy for our clients tailored to their objectives and market.


3. Tech-savvy

On Digitals uses multiple keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to compile appropriate keyword lists for our clients. Our team has had plenty of experience working with these tools so businesses can rest assured that we will be able to find the most suitable keywords for the project.


does On Digitals execute

a standard SEO keyword campaign?



There are four major stages in a standard SEO keyword project of On Digitals:

Step 1


The first step involves On Digitals learning about businesses, specifically their scale, objectives, and budget for us to have an idea of how to tackle the project. We will also discuss with our clients their target consumer bases and expectations going to the campaign.

On the other hand, On Digitals will propose initial goals based on our observations regarding the business’s current position on the search engine results pages.

Step 2


Specifically, this stage consists of two major phases: keyword research and market research.

Market research will help On Digitals understand the current user behaviors, especially on search engines. While the business will provide information about their target customers, we also need to identify what products or services they are interested in and their behaviors in certain stages of the buyer’s journey.

From there, we will move on to the most important task of SEO keyword services, keyword research. Utilizing the SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner, we will provide a full keyword list based on the business requirements including branded keywords, product keywords, informational keywords, or navigational keywords.

Additionally, competition analysis will also allow us to examine the strategies of our client’s direct competitors for their chosen keywords and adjust our plans accordingly to overtake them on search engines.

Step 3


With a completed keyword list, On Digitals will begin optimizing the website, starting with a site audit to point out potential flaws that may affect SEO performance. We will promptly optimize key on-page and technical features of the website to improve the overall user experience.

Afterward, we will move on to optimizing landing pages. These are the destinations of users who click on the links, so it will dictate the keywords’ ability to generate conversions. We make sure that they not only adhere to search engine algorithms but also provide a seamless user experience.

Aside from optimizing what is already on the website, On Digitals’ service package also includes content creation. This includes writing blog posts, designing illustrations, and producing videos to enhance the website content quality for the target keywords.

Off-page SEO is also important for keyword SEO, especially backlinks, so we also work on earning credible backlinks for the website. These votes of confidence are a ranking factor so it will play a tremendous part in increasing rankings for a keyword.

Step 4

Monitor and adjust

On Digitals will keep a close eye on the performance of the web pages for each keyword. Using Google Analytics and other viable tools, we will compile transparent reports for businesses to keep track of their website performance.

Moreover, On Digitals’ SEO keyword services also handle maintaining website rankings on top of winning them. Website rankings can change after updates to algorithms, site errors, content quality decline, and various other factors. When this occurs, On Digitals will come up with appropriate adjustments to regain the rankings for the web pages.


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On Digitals can be just the agency you are looking for. As a Vietnam-based digital marketing agency with extensive knowledge and experience in SEO Keyword, we can help elevate your website to the top of the search engine result pages. Our collaborators can rest assured that our services can enhance their organic exposure and reach, therefore increasing their brand awareness on the market.

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