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A promotional event presents an incredible opportunity for businesses to interact with their target customers and potential partners. However, a successful event requires tremendous preparation on all fronts. To assist businesses in providing value for their prospects, On Digitals provides a comprehensive Event Marketing Service package tailored to specific industries and consumer demographics.

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Hosting an event sounds like an extremely appealing idea for any establishment

but handling the logistics can be a tough nut to crack for new businesses and startups.

Our event marketing service aims to help our clients propel their branding to new heights with the utmost commitment and dedication.
Now is the best time to start planning for an event of your own or in collaboration with other benefactors in the same industry. As many businesses are harnessing this highly beneficial marketing method, On Digitals will help you hop on the hype train with a quality event.


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event types can On Digitals assist in organizing?

On Digitals can assist businesses in hosting a wide variety of events from conferences and networking events to trade shows, seminars, and product launches. Currently, we can help organize three different types of events:



Since the pandemic, events have made their way onto various digital platforms. Not only are they more convenient, they also allow businesses to leverage the latest technological developments to bring their visitors engaging and immersive experiences.



Going back to basics, events offer valuable chances to foster organic, positive relationships between businesses and their consumers/partners. Offline events or activation remains an immense way to close the gap between businesses and their prospects.



Businesses can also enjoy the best of both worlds, hosting both live visitors and virtual attendees in the same event. This can raise quite a challenge as businesses will now have to juggle two different mediums at once but On Digitals is ready to help with our services.


are Event Marketing Services to On Digitals?

On Digitals sees our Event Marketing Service as a reliable helping hand for businesses looking to improve their branding and relationships with their customers and partners.

Hosting an event is a rather demanding task, involving numerous procedures ranging from logistics to legal proceedings. Unless companies dedicate an entire team solely to event organizing, this task presents a gigantic challenge for any enterprise. So, does that mean Event Marketing is absolutely out of the question for startups and young entrepreneurs?


The answer is no if you are working with a highly capable team like On Digitals. Thanks to our experience, we can help pave the way for a fitting campaign based on your business scale, industry, and requirements.


is On Digitals an ideal choice
for your next Event Marketing Campaign?

On Digitals has everything it takes to provide the best event marketing service for businesses in Vietnam.

icon team

1.Professional team

First or foremost, our project and account management team is at the forefront of every project. Since project management has a crucial role in event marketing, human resources become a valuable factor in determining the success of a campaign. Tasks like landing the perfect sponsors, reaching out to reputable speakers, sending out invitations to key prospects of a business, etc., will all be handled by our team.
The demanding nature of this sector requires dedication, adaptability, responsiveness, and from the organizers. Naturally, you can expect nothing less from On Digitals because we always strive to deliver the best results.

icon research

2.Profound experiences

On Digitals possesses a variety of experiences in numerous industries, allowing us to work with companies with different requirements. Like all our marketing services, we aim to provide tailored solutions and that approach has proven to be highly effective for Event Marketing.

We understand that each industry and company serves a particular customer demographic with varying preferences. To provide them with the best experience, businesses need to understand what they want to see, try, or learn from the event. With our available knowledge about the Vietnamese market and the economic landscape, On Digitals will simplify the strategizing and hosting process for any event.

icon personalized

3.Marketing natives

On Digitals has the ability to juggle planning and executing events with both online and offline elements. Our team can support businesses with a wide variety of activities like creating digital content, hosting contests and minigames, and utilizing user-generated content.

During the planning and execution process, we always keep the marketing goals of our clients in mind, which will dictate the creative direction of the activities leading up to the event.

icon trendy

4.Focus on visitor experience

Our service aims to assist businesses in enhancing the overall experience for all visitors with the use of data. We find the sweet spot between trends and user preferences to incorporate different elements into the event. Additionally, with the help of digital content, hashtags, challenges, and real-time analytics, we can collect and analyze feedback from visitors to make appropriate adjustments to our strategy.


does On Digitals execute
a standard event marketing campaign?



There are 3 major stages in a standard event marketing project of On Digitals:

Step 1


The first step of an event marketing of On Digitals is collecting information from the clients. We will learn about their main objectives, branding scheme, creative direction, budget, and other specific requirements.
Additionally, On Digitals will also learn about similar events in the same industry as our clients to assess the interest levels of their target audience. With all the necessary information, we can proceed to analyze them and come up with a viable strategy to organize the event.

Analysis and research
With the information obtained from the client, we will evaluate several factors to determine the success rate as things stand. Some of the marketing elements that we want to have a closer look at are content, branding materials, customer and prospect database, and the overall marketing strategy.
Following that, we will conduct further research to single out the best event type, theme, venue, sponsors, speakers, guests, etc., for the upcoming event.

After finishing the research, On Digitals will pitch our proposals to the client for feedback. When everything is finalized, we will work side by side with businesses to lay out the schedule, allocate the budget, and flesh out the entire strategy.
This step will set the stage for everything that comes after, covering all key stages of the upcoming campaign. Though this seems like a filler stage, it allows On Digitals and the client to get on the same page for the remainder of the project.

Step 2

During event

This is the first stage of the actual operation. Working in tandem with our client, On Digitals will compile the guest and sponsor lists, scout potential venues, send out invitations, reach out to collaborators, refine promotional strategies, etc.
Most of the logistics tasks will go down during this stage. Depending on whether the client chooses a traditional or digital event, the process will differ slightly. For example, we will discuss with the client their preferred virtual platform to host the event instead of scouting locations.

Content creation
Content is one of the indispensable parts of event organization. Everything from promotional materials to the event script is considered a type of content and that is where On Digitals thrives.
We will help businesses showcase their brand and products while ensure that visitors can come away with valuable information about the products and services that they can benefit from.

Rehearsal is necessary for any event with live speeches, performances, demonstrations, and more. This may not be necessary for some events, but they still play an influential role in ensuring the seamless flow of the event on D-day.

D-Day Execution
No matter how thorough the preparation is, there are bound to be certain occurrences that require organizers to think on their feet. On Digitals’ team will accompany businesses during the event to assist them with customer service, technical issues, or anything that may arise during and after the event.

Step 3

After event

Knowing the objectives and metrics to keep an eye on for the event, On Digitals will evaluate the data and insights from the event to make a comprehensive report for our client.


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Hosting or participating in an event can be just what a business needs to generate more leads in their industry. With years of experience and a professional team, On Digitals can play an instrumental role in helping a business host or participate in a successful product launch, exhibition, trade fair, etc.
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