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Businesses from various industries consider social media platforms to be one of the best mediums for digital marketing. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to this highly beneficial digital marketing method. Knowing the high demand in the current market, On Digitals’ social media strategy services are ready to help businesses devise a suitable and effective strategy for their social media marketing efforts.

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Think of venturing into social media as traveling through a thick jungle

of products, or information across relevant channels to cultivate interest and generate organic visibility.

Devising a strategy creates a foundation for the entire campaign, allowing businesses to target the right audience and save their resources. Overall, On Digitals can assist businesses in optimizing their social media content as well as their advertising strategy, giving them the key to unlocking the full potential of these platforms.

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are On Digitals’

social media strategy clients?

Social media strategy services can help businesses take the first step in their plan to approach various audience demographics and acquire valuable leads. On Digitals has had the privilege to develop a social media marketing strategy for these businesses:

Soju Korice is one of the most exciting players in the Vietnamese F&B industry with their Korean-made products. With an equally captivating strategy as their products, On Digitals has played a huge part in bridging the gap between Soju Korice and Vietnamese consumers.


Scope of work: Conduct F&B market analysis and create an audience-targeted social media plan.


Results: 1138% increase in monthly revenue to over 20,000 USD. Engagement surpassed expectations by over 160%.


Kim Long Diep is a luxury jewelry brand looking to etch their name as a leading choice for high-end gold and diamond accessories. Building on their classy and tasteful characteristics, On Digitals devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that covers all aspects including websites, social media channels, and many more.


Scope of work: Integrated Marketing focusing on live streaming, social content & paid performance.


Results: Revenue grew by 16 times, reaching 8 billion VND


Crafty and innovative are the two words that best describe Areus, a workshop for furniture design, predominantly aluminum door and window systems. On Digitals has accompanied the revolutionary brand in two projects, spotlighting its brand values with effective social media strategies.


Scope of work: Art direction & content for social media and social media management



  • Chấm collection: 780k+ reach and 1,1 million+ impression
  • INVISIDOOR collection: 707k organic reach, 396.2% page visit increase, 321.8% web traffic increase, averaging 400 visitors/day to the activation launch, and 300+ organic mentions.

Total revenue generated: $55,422, 9.4x ROI.


elements are in a

social media strategy evaluation?

To devise the perfect strategy, we pay close attention to 7 aspects:

Brand and business

A business’s reputation and branding will affect public perception, enhancing its marketing strategies. This will help us determine suitable objectives for future activities related to digital marketing.

Audience demographics

Each business will have its own target consumer and customer demographic. Learning about their behaviors and preferences is important to tailor the digital marketing strategy accordingly, enhancing its effectiveness.

Social platforms

The two preceding factors will help On Digitals determine the best social media platforms. Each of these channels caters to a different purpose and user base, so choosing the right ones can be the key to success.

Content and engagement

This includes what the business displays on its social channels and social media advertisements. We will examine how well they communicate the intended promotional messages and how well they resonate with the intended consumer base.

Company resources

The budget, human resources, and business scale can heavily influence a social media marketing strategy. They dictate a business’s ability to run a campaign and its sustainability.

Technology integration

It is only possible to succeed in social media marketing by being tech-savvy. Many businesses and marketers utilize the latest technological developments to improve content creation, design, and data analysis efficiency.

Customer segmentation

We will examine the best lead sources of a business and how relevant they are to its digital marketing plans. If those sources are where the target customers frequent, we suggest consolidating efforts on that front.


are social media marketing

strategy services to On Digitals?

Leveraging social media is an exciting idea for businesses thanks to the active user base and the ability to fully express their brand identity by interacting with users. However, since these platforms give businesses a lot of creative room, they can be somewhat confusing to navigate. Social media strategy services aim to be the guide for businesses to approach the right audience with suitable methods.

For this service, On Digitals will play the role of a trustworthy partner, using our insights and experience to help our clients explore the vast landscape of social media. We will help them pinpoint the best platforms, determine the overarching creative angles, plan comprehensive content schedules, implement posts and contents, track and report tangible results, and propose solutions to incorporate social media marketing results into other channels.


is On Digitals an ideal choice

for your next social media

strategy campaign?

Strategizing is of the utmost importance for the success of a social media marketing campaign, so why should you entrust On Digitals with the responsibility?

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1. Local knowledge

First and foremost, On Digitals has spent considerable time and effort in understanding the world of digital marketing, especially social media. We have a clear idea of what works and what does not for certain customer demographics and businesses. Additionally, we keep ourselves updated on the hottest trends and the evolution of consumer behaviors and preferences.

On top of that, if there is one thing that we know from top to bottom, it is the Vietnamese market. We want our social media marketing strategy services to open the gateway into this rapidly developing market for businesses all around the world. If you have your eyes on Vietnam, we can be in your corner.

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2. Careful research

To come up with a suitable social media strategy, we need to know about your previous efforts. Since this is a comprehensive service, we will cover all corners of your past and current social media marketing plans.

Specifically, their metrics, methodologies, creative angles, promotional materials, and chosen platforms will all be under scrutiny. If your previous results were undesirable, at least one of these elements did not fit your target customers’ preferences.

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3. Transparent communication

We always ensure that our clients are kept in the loop at all times. This service involves us going through various company materials like credentials or creative products, so we want our clients to be assured about their data safety. In addition, we will present our findings and proposals during the entirety of the campaign in great detail for our clients to understand the reasons behind such decisions.

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4. Committed team

Lastly, human resources are essential for this service. On Digitals’ team will handle all aspects of a social media strategy with utmost professionalism. Furthermore, we will be your trusted advisors in improving your future campaigns.


does On Digitals’

social media strategy

development project work?

Look inside the creative process to see how we can revitalize your digital marketing game.



Our standard social media strategy development project consists of 5 steps:

Step 1

Information gathering

We want to dedicate the first stage to getting to know our clients, specifically what they strive to achieve with digital marketing. Throughout a series of meetings, we will learn about the business’s overarching goals as well as specific objectives and quotas for their social media platforms. Aside from that, we also want to learn about the company’s branding and target customer base to tailor our approach accordingly.

Step 2


The second stage dives deeper into our client’s social media marketing campaigns. We will look at their current social media presence and how it affects other prominent sectors like SEO or PR. After dissecting all possible elements, On Digitals will single out areas of improvement for the client and explain their ineffectiveness.

We will also take the evaluation outside of the digital realm. It is common to see businesses biting off more than they can chew by setting somewhat unrealistic goals for their current resources and industry position. After we are done, we will make sure to relay all our findings to the clients.

Step 3


With all the information at hand, On Digitals will get to work developing a comprehensive social media plan to help our clients reach their objectives.

Our strategy starts with setting the groundwork, addressing the most fundamental elements of social media marketing such as selecting the platforms, figuring out appropriate perspectives for the material, and creating a comprehensive content schedule. 

Afterwards, we will focus on your intended clientele in order to create the ideal outreach plan for them. We will choose the appropriate course of action for our customer based on their business objectives and existing market position.

Step 4


On Digitals will inform clients of our findings every step of the way to keep them posted. Once we have finished, we will propose a variety of possible solutions.

These suggestions can range from minor adjustments like improving content quality and switching platforms to significant alterations like improving brand schemes, targeting different customer demographics, and changing the final objectives outright.

Our clients can provide feedback for these proposals, specifically on whether they deem these suggestions suitable for their future marketing direction. Once we have received feedback from businesses, we will tweak the strategy to accommodate their needs.

Before putting the strategy into operation, On Digitals and our clients will review it again. We will put ourselves in the consumers’ shoes and go through their experience to see if it is as seamless as planned.

After some final tweaks, we will finalize the strategy with the client and proceed to the final stage.

Step 5

Implementation and making adjustments

The strategy consulting service does not cover the implementation part, so it is up to our client to set the project in motion. However, we do offer specialized social media marketing services to assist businesses in executing the project.

On Digitals will track and evaluate the strategy using data from various analytic tools. If the projects do not work according to plan, we will provide the client with possible solutions to get them back on track.


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A full-fledged social media strategy can make all the difference for a business’s marketing efforts on these populated platforms. On Digitals can be a trustworthy and highly capable companion for your business in your marketing ventures in Vietnam and other lucrative markets.

Reach out to On Digitals now to get a quote and see how we can enhance your social media marketing ideas with a complete strategy.