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Is your enterprise looking for a highly cost-effective and time-efficient digital marketing solution? Do you want to put your brand in an advantageous position for more exposure? If both your answers are yes, our PPC services are the one for you.

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Paid Performance Services

Paid performance services take on a more focused and targeted approach

instead of generating organic interest and trust, perfect for enterprises looking to establish themselves quickly and effectively.

This is an overwhelmingly crowded digital marketing sector, yet it can be anyone’s game, not just the giant conglomerates. With extensive research and appropriate timing, these services can play a role in improving brand awareness in the long run.

Paid Performance Services

Contact On Digitals today so we can help you join the fray and acquire quality leads for your business with our paid performance services.


are On Digitals’ PPC services clients?

PPC services can put a brand right in front of their target customers in an instant. This proves to be a highly effective tactic, as proven by some of the most notable clients of On Digitals.

Ondigitals Partners

The online learning solutions from EduClass can be the next step in revitalizing education in the country. To promote their services and products effectively, they chose paid advertising accompanied by landing page optimization to accelerate the customer acquisition process.


Scope of work: Implement ad strategies combined with landing page optimization.


Results: 300% increase in qualified lead (150 leads/month)

Banner Bentley
Ondigitals Partners

Paid advertising can be the solution for the biggest brands in their industry. Its targeted nature has allowed On Digitals to enhance Bentley’s digital presence, the revered automobile company known for its intricate and innovative approach to automotive manufacturing.


Scope of work: Paid ads and landing page development.


Results: 120% increase in organic traffic to the landing page.

Banner nội thất RK
Ondigitals Partners

RK Resources is a Vietnamese furniture brand providing high-quality home furnishing products. That means they are one of the players in a highly competitive industry, and paid advertising helps them yield instant results in lead generation.


Scope of work: Lead generation, focusing on paid performance.


Results: 1200% increase (50 leads/month) in key product engagement, and 160% more website and social media traffic.


are the PPC advertising types

we provide?

Paid advertising has a place on all digital platforms, with search engines being the most prominent ones. Here are the platforms that On Digitals can cover with our paid  performance campaigns:



Search ads

Search advertising is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when it comes to PPC because search engines are usually the place for consumers to do research before making a purchase. As a bonus, it is perfect for businesses looking to implement a one-time campaign thanks to its quick results.

Display ads

Display ads are more about general exposure rather than targeting specific audience demographics. Since it does not appear exclusively for its designated audience, it can be distracting for other users, so it is important to maintain a moderate amount of display ads on one page or website.


Social ads

The recent digitalization era has witnessed the rise of social media channels. Though search engines are still the primary options for research, more and more people are switching to social media thanks to its nature.

By placing ads strategically on Meta apps (Facebook or Instagram), TikTok, Linkedin, or Zalo, you can target an entire community of like-minded users.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads generally cost less than regular paid advertisements, thanks to the highly specific audience base and way less competition. This type of ad can help you retain previous customers by informing them about new products or promotions.


E-commerce platform ads

Since the pandemic, e-commerce has gained incredible traction and shown no sign of slowing down. Placing ads where relevant can entice users to check out their products and potentially make a purchase. This is a sector worthy of your investment, thanks to the number of users frequenting these platforms.

Google shopping ads

Google shopping ads are tailor-made for vendors. It belongs under the Google ads umbrella and utilizes its targeted approach strictly for trading products. Instead of keywords, this form of online ads is based on Google Merchant Center data, allowing businesses to reach a wider yet more relevant user base.

Email ads

Emails can be tremendous for paid advertising, especially when businesses target the appropriate users. Using emails allows a more personal approach, which may encourage users to have a look at your products and finalize their purchase decisions.

Local service ads

Local service ads are somewhat similar to Google shopping ads. They are both on Google and primarily based on the products’ information instead of the keywords. Local service ads require you to provide your business information, and once a user enters a relevant query, they will get to see your business profile.

Instream ads

Internet users are watching a lot of videos across multiple platforms and instream ads on Meta take advantage of that trend. Instream ads allow businesses or users to place ads in a non-intrusive manner into videos, both live and on-demand. These short ads can capture the attention of users, allowing businesses and users to reach a wide audience.


TikTok is the home of the hottest trends on the Internet with a young and active user base. Placing advertisements on this platform seems like a no-brainer for businesses, but many are wary of the fierce competition.


The biggest social media platform in the world has worked its way into the everyday life of almost every active Internet user. On Digitals will help you leverage this absolute gold mine of marketing opportunities with our Meta advertising services.


Earning an advantageous position on Google will be tremendous for a business in terms of lead generation and raising brand awareness. On Digitals’ Google ads services can help you accomplish just that.


As a business, if you want to enter the Vietnamese market, which area will you target? On Digitals’ Zalo advertising services can help businesses with just that.


are PPC services to On Digitals?

Paid advertising is a fruitful and rapidly developing sector of digital marketing. What it does is allow businesses to target specific user demographics and display their advertisements right in front of said audiences. The greatest thing about this method is companies only have to pay when users click on their ads.

To On Digitals, paid advertising is more than a convenient digital marketing method. We consider it as an equalizer for businesses looking to close the gap between them and their competition. The way this method works allows the advertisements to appear for the right audience, taking away their negative effects while presenting users with viable solutions to their problems directly.

Additionally, paid advertising depends on a business’ content quality and budget, enabling new businesses to accelerate their growth. It will also help businesses gain fast results like generating leads as well as brand awareness in a shorter term than a marketing campaign based on organic results like SEO, for example.

Paid Performance Services

We also think of paid advertising as a comprehensive digital marketing effort. It spans multiple platforms, including search engines and social media channels. Tackling a campaign based on PPC on all fronts will help a business reinforce its brand awareness on a large scale.

Lastly, paid advertising allows a lot of breathing room for businesses. It is possible to create multiple ad copies and evaluate their performance to single out the best ones during the campaign. Furthermore, paid advertising does not have to be long because it can generate near-immediate results. Businesses without a considerable budget can test the waters with a one-time campaign and still yield tremendous benefits.


should you choose On Digitals

for PPC services?

On Digitals is your one-stop shop for everything digital marketing and our PPC services are designed to bring enterprises the best possible results.

icon brand

1. Comprehensive

Here at On Digitals, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to crafting a strategy for your campaign. Depending on our client’s demands and preferences, we will devise a plan that covers all key platforms available as well as address all of the business’ requirements and problems.

icon research

2. Extensive

Paid ads do not allow businesses much time (or space) to persuade their potential customers with a long sales pitch. To understand what consumers are looking for and how relevant it is to the objectives set by our clients, we need to conduct a lot of market research. The insights obtained from this process will go into creating the perfect advertisements to incentivize users to click.

icon personalized

3. Personalized

Grasping user behaviors is only half of the battle because your competition will do the same thing. On Digitals values authenticity and identity, so we place tremendous importance on delivering your brand identity in its full glory to your target customers.

As mentioned before, businesses have a narrow window of opportunity to impress users. By learning and understanding your brand, we will incorporate the highlights of your products/services into ad copies, design, and landing pages to help set you apart from the fierce competition.

icon team

4. Professional

Throughout the campaign, our team of dedicated and creative marketers will assist you in crafting the most perfect paid advertising strategy for your business. You will be working closely with an assigned campaign manager, who will relate your input to the teams working on the project. As a professional online advertising company, we can ensure a seamless project.

icon transparency

5. Thorough

Like any other digital marketing campaign, learning the performance of your projects promptly enables timely and appropriate adjustments. On Digitals will provide our clients with periodic reports, allowing them to see the performance of their advertisements. Through these reports, we will also evaluate engagement metrics and make suitable adjustments.


6. Affordable

Pricing is the deciding factor of many paid advertising projects. With a reasonable price plan, On Digitals aims to offer the best possible service packages.

On Digitals understands that these campaigns center around ROI, which we consider a primary driving force for most of our campaigns. Our strategies are based on generating leads and conversions to make your investments worthwhile.


do On Digitals’ PPC services work?

Paid advertising is a highly competitive venture, so On Digitals will take multiple measures to help your advertisements stand out.



There are many tasks in a paid advertising campaign, but they generally belong to one of these five stages:

Step 1


This stage consists of two major tasks: market and keyword research.

Market research involves On Digitals learning about your business and your products/services to see their selling points. Also, we will have an in-depth look into your industry and competition.

Keyword research, on the other hand, is all about users’ search behaviors and ongoing trends. This process facilitates the creation process, allowing On Digitals to create engaging ad copies and designs for your ads.

Step 2


Afterward, we will examine a business’ previous campaigns. Doing so will help us see whether your past advertising efforts reached your designated customers and if so, how effective they were. Should there be any issues in these campaigns, we will address them with the clients and adjust the strategies to enhance their effectiveness.

Step 3

Make the ads

This is where On Digitals will start writing and designing advertisements based on the creative directions and angles agreed upon with the clients.

On Digitals’ services include writing ad copies, designing illustrations and visual elements, and customizing landing pages. Using insights from the research and audit stages, On Digitals will craft ad copies and designs tailored to the business and built for acquiring its target audiences.

Step 4

A/B split testing

In a paid advertising campaign, businesses and marketers can create multiple versions of an advertisement and see which one performs best. Every element of an ad can have numerous variations, including the content, visual elements, landing page layout, etc. By creating various versions, On Digitals helps businesses cast a wide net, making it simpler to find the best possible solution.

On Digitals will be in charge of monitoring these versions closely and providing clients with key engagement metrics. After a certain period, after enough results to reach a verdict, we will adjust the strategy and go all in on the most effective variations of the advertisement.

Step 5

Monitor and report

Even after the testing, consumer behaviors can still change. By monitoring these changes, On Digitals can easily adjust the strategy.

Lastly, depending on the agreement between On Digitals and the clients, we will provide comprehensive monthly or quarterly reports about the performance of the entire campaign while proposing viable solutions for its issues, if any.


about On Digitals’ PPC services

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Paid Performance can help businesses increase their exposure and reach significantly in a short time. Entrusting On Digitals with PPC advertising allows businesses to rest assured that their monetary investments will be worthwhile thanks to relevant and appropriate paid ads strategies.

Contact On Digitals today to learn how we will approach PPC advertising for your business specifically and get a quote for the entire service package.