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You may not hear people discussing this particular method a lot, but the truth is plenty of businesses are utilizing seeding to attract their target audiences. It has proven to be quite effective in helping businesses deliver their promotional messages to consumers in a method that looks organic but targeted. To help businesses take advantage of this beneficial method, On Digitals offers comprehensive product review and seeding services for all businesses.

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Seeding Services

Seeding services focus on strategically planting or distributing content

products, or information across relevant channels to cultivate interest and generate organic visibility.

These services aim to sow the seeds of brand awareness, leveraging influencers, online communities, and targeted platforms to create buzz and initiate conversations about a product, service, or idea. Through targeted and strategic dissemination, seeding services help brands grow their presence and nurture audience engagement from the ground up.


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do On Digitals’

seeding & review services do?

Seeding services involve implementing various practices to start discussions about a business’ new venture such as a new product launch or a rebranding campaign with various social groups.

Usually, the business will be taking the role of conversation initiator and starting organic discussions while getting its main point across like introducing its website or a new product. It is also possible to reach out to other parties and allow them to deliver promotional messages on behalf of your business in a more relatable way for your target audiences. The method has largely remained the same, though not without some improvements to adapt to technological developments. Seeding has evolved and now involves influencers and content creators, which can help diversify the seeding methods and enhance their effectiveness.

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Either way, the idea remains unchanged. Seeding services will help businesses bring the conversation to their target audience in an organic and relatable way. On Digitals will tailor our approach and utilize various strategies to ensure that we can bridge the gap between businesses and consumers with engaging and valuable discussions.


should businesses choose On Digitals

for seeding & review services?

There are 4 main reasons that we think our seeding services are the choice for you, especially in the digitized era:

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1. Engaging

There are millions of discussions taking place every minute on the Internet, so it is extremely difficult to stand out from the competition. However, with thorough research and an eye for the hottest trends, On Digitals can help our clients effectively weave in their promotional messages while taking part in discussions on social media.

icon research

2. Native

By conducting market research and learning more about our clients, we can propose  the appropriate platforms and communities for their seeding services. Additionally, thanks to our wide network, we can also reach out to suitable KOLs and influencers, in case that is what our clients prefer.

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3. Professional

Seeding, when done right, can be effective in improving a brand’s image in the eyes of its intended audience. However, if it is overdone or misfired, the audience tends to have a bad impression of the brand.

On Digitals guarantees to devise an appropriate strategy for the business’ target user base to ensure the effectiveness of the seeding campaign. Additionally, we will commit to the daily schedule and be transparent with the results.

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4. Result-oriented

On Digitals will make sure to help businesses see tangible results from the seeding campaign through digital engagement metrics from our periodic reports.


does an On Digitals’

seeding campaign work?



Generally, On Digitals’ seeding services will take businesses through 4 main steps.

Step 1


To start the project, we will need to do two things: learn about our clients and conduct market research.

First and foremost, we will need to learn the budget, objectives, and timeline of our clients, the two most important aspects of a seeding campaign. Depending on the purpose, we will decide the suitable course of action for the campaign. 

Secondly, market research will help us see which platforms are suitable for seeding. It usually takes place on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or X. However, we will need to examine the user behaviors to determine the most suitable.

Step 2


With all the available information, devising a strategy for the seeding campaign should be straightforward. Generally, a seeding campaign should run regularly everyday and last up to a year, preceding the primary event (product launch or event date), and proceed long after to retain the audience.

Based on the predetermined objectives of our clients, On Digitals will brainstorm creative angles, single out suitable platforms and communities, and identify appropriate KOLs and influencers for seeding if necessary.

Furthermore, market research will also reveal how to resonate with the audience effectively, such as which influencers to collaborate with and which social groups or communities we should target.

Step 3


Nowadays, it is easier for businesses to partner up with influencers and utilize their loyal following for seeding. Much like KOL marketing, seeding involves us working closely with our clients and the influencers to come up with an appropriate content strategy while making sure that the business maintains a prominent presence in social posts, videos, comments, etc.

Throughout many years of operating in Southeast Asia, On Digitals has gathered a considerable network, which allows us to find the most suitable influencers for the campaign.

Step 4


Our seeding services can provide tangible results like improved engagement on websites and social media as well as long-term benefits like increased sales and revenue.

All these results can easily be observed in our periodic reports. Furthermore, we will also keep our clients in the loop regarding the campaign’s progress and propose suggestions for future developments.


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On Digitals offers our seeding services to help your business and brands generate interest in an organic and targeted way. As a digital marketing agency, we can even reach out to various influencers and KOLs to enhance your seeding campaign.

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