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The most popular Vietnamese influencers for brands

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The blooming social media scene of Vietnam is dominated by influencers, from celebrities to content creators in almost any field. These individuals have garnered a significant following on their digital platforms, making them viable collaborators with businesses for their digital marketing campaigns. But how can brands identify the best Vietnamese influencers?

In this article, let’s go through the most notable names in various platforms and topics, while getting to know how to choose the best Vietnam influencer.

Vietnamese Influencers by Platforms

In Vietnam, Facebook remains the biggest social network in the country for multiple age demographics. Following closely behind are YouTube and Instagram, with TikTok continuing its meteoric rise in recent years. All of these platforms are incredible for influencer marketing, but the list of top Vietnamese influencers of each app can be somewhat different.

For Facebook and YouTube, due to the large number of users and their varying interests, many of the most followed accounts are official accounts of artists and/or media companies. While the influence of content creators are certainly evident, it is not shown through the top 10 most followed fan pages and most subscribed channels, respectively.

When it comes to Instagram and TikTok, however, these two platforms are driven by user-generated content, which puts influencers in the spotlight. Hence, the most notable Vietnamese influencers on these two channels are very prominent names:

Top Vietnamese Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is frequented by relatively young and active users, a fact echoed by this list of celebrities and content creators. These are the top 10 most followed Vietnamese Instagram influencers:

Son Tung is one of the most notable Vietnamese influencers

Son Tung is one of the most notable Vietnamese influencers

  • Son Tung M-TP (@sontungmtp): 7.7M followers
  • Chi Pu (@chipupu): 5.9M followers
  • Ngoc Trinh (@ngoctrinh89): 5.7M followers
  • Tran Thanh (@tuilatranthanhday): 5.7M followers
  • Linh Ngoc Dam (@kinglnd): 4.8M followers
  • Hoa Minzy (@hoaminzy_rose): 4.4M followers
  • Nguyen Huong Giang (@huoggiangggg): 4.3M followers
  • Dieu Nhi (@dieu_nhiii): 4.1M followers
  • Chau Bui – Chou Chou (@chaubui_): 3.8M followers
  • Ho Ngoc Ha (@hongocha): 3.4M followers

As you can see, these names are all well-known celebrities in Vietnamese showbusiness. These actors, singers, and models are considered mega-influencers, who are perfect for major brands with a sufficient budget and considerable influence on the market.

Most followed Vietnamese Influencers on TikTok

TikTok is tailor-made for consumption of short-form content, which has been a major hit for young audiences. Additionally, TikTok encourages homemade funny and relatable content, which explains why some of the most notable creators on this platform started as regular social media users.

  • Tra Dang (@tra.dang.904): 21.1M followers
  • Linh Barbie (@linhbarbie): 19M followers
  • Dao Le Phuong Hoa (@hoaa.hanassii): 14.5M followers
  • Nguyen Van Tai (@tai2701): 14.8M followers
  • Ngo Ngoc Hoa (@hoa_2309): 13.5M followers
  • Cindy (@cindymiicute): 13.4M followers
  • Viet Phuong Thoa (@vietphuongthoa98): 13.1M followers
  • Calixto Serna (@mexicocookingclub): 12.3M followers
  • Lykio (@lykio.98): 11.9M followers
  • Thanh Y Vo (@thanhyvo): 11.8M followers

TikTok influencers are taking over the platform in Vietnam

TikTok influencers are taking over the platform in Vietnam

Since these Vietnamese influencers have built their following by creating organic content and connecting with the public, they can effortlessly fit into your digital marketing strategy with their own unique image and persona. Working with these individuals can be amazing for a social outreach campaign, especially when their content and opinions can have a positive effect on a large part of your audience.

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The most popular topics of Vietnamese Influencers

While follower count dictates the influencer type, we know that it is far from the most important aspect to consider while picking influencers. Instead of plainly going for the biggest names, it is essential that businesses opt for relevant influencers, preferably the ones active in the same industry.

In Vietnam, the top 5 topics covered by influencers are Fashion and Beauty, Food, Entertainment, Family and Education, and Travel. Here is a list of some of the most prominent Vietnamese influencers for each industry:

Fashion and Beauty

When it comes to beauty products, the most suitable influencers for the target audience are models or fellow fashion and beauty enthusiasts. While supermodels are more affordable for large corporations, smaller businesses can always collaborate with Vietnamese Instagram models and Tiktokers to approach consumers interested in this topic.

Fashion and beauty remains the top industry for influencer marketing

Fashion and beauty remains the top industry for influencer marketing

  • Tran Tieu Vy (@trantieuvy_20): 788.1K followers on Instagram
  • Trang Ngo (Tracy) (@changmakeup): 855.2K followers on Instagram
  • 💋💄 Min Beauty 💄💋 (@anniemakeupp): 3.3M followers on TikTok
  • Nguyen Tra Giang (@tragiang.tiktok): 2M followers on TikTok
  • Mai Thi Anh Huyen (@m.t.anhhuyen): 3.3M followers on TikTok


Vietnamese audiences are always on the lookout for the best restaurants and food stalls around the country, which is why Vietnamese food influencers are always in demand.

Moreover, since more and more people are learning to make their own meals at home, cooking content can also attract a considerable number of viewers, putting more eyes on your product when you collaborate with a Vietnamese influencer.

  • Nguyen Minh Truong (@nmtvlog99): 2.9M followers on TikTok
  • 🇫🇷Will in Vietnam🇻🇳 (@willinvietnam): 2.6M followers on TikTok
  • Heominhon (Loan Hoang) (@heominhon): 819.6K followers on Instagram
  • Mie ❤ (mienguyen): 816.6K followers on Instagram
  • Tri Phan (@saigonspringroll): 2.1M followers on TikTok


Vietnam show business is always bustling with exciting releases and celebrity news, and influencers covering this topic have no shortage of content everyday. These content creators are a perfect match with media companies hoping to showcase their new products and hype up the public leading up to the debut date of a new film, series, or song.

  • Nguyen Hoang Vinh (@hoangvinhhh): 8.9M followers on TikTok
  • Doan Quoc Thanh (@quocthanh0308): 8.7M followers on TikTok
  • Bich Phuong (@bichphuongofficial): 3.1M followers on Instagram
  • Ngo Kien Huy (@ngokienhuy_bap): 2.9M followers on Instagram
  • Son Hoang Nguyen (@soobin.hoangson): 2.8M followers on Instagram

The growth of the entertainment industry paves the way for influencers

The growth of the entertainment industry paves the way for influencers


Many social media users in VIetnam utilize these platforms for educational purposes with an aim to learn valuable professional and soft skills. Understanding these demands, many Vietnamese influencers have used their platforms to share their insights, attracting a considerable following in the process.

  • Nguoi Doc Sach (@nguoi.doc.sach): 1.1M followers on Instagram
  • Nguyen Xuan Nam (@xuannamdvb): 1.4M followers on TikTok
  • Co Giao Quynh (@cogiaoquynh): 866.7K followers on TikTok
  • Hope It Helps (@ngocanh.buii): 1.3M followers on TikTok
  • Toan Thay Kien (@toanthaykien): 575.9K followers on TikTok


Vietnamese people love to travel, though not everyone can afford the time and money for many trips in a year. For that reason, social media users have a tendency to check out travel vlogs and guides to know about the hottest destinations before embarking on a trip themselves. This is where travel influencers come in:

  • Vietnam Meets Dustin (@vietnammeetsdustin): 315.9K followers on TikTok
  • Trinh Pham (@trinh.phamm): 545.9K followers on Instagram
  • Minn Cookie| Food & Travel Blogger (@minn.cookie): 121.6K followers on Instagram
  • Khoai Lang Thang (@khoailangthang): 675.1K on TikTok
  • Do Hoang Lan (@do.hoang.lan): 227.1K followers on TikTok

Vietnamese travel is a promise land for influencers

Vietnamese travel is a promise land for influencers

Final thoughts

Vietnamese influencers are incredible for digital marketing strategies of all businesses with their influence and large following. They create content on various topics and cater to the needs of many audience demographics.

It is up to businesses to identify the most suitable Vietnamese influencers for their outreach campaign from their budget, objectives, and target audience. Harnessing the power of these individuals can turn a good digital marketing strategy into a successful campaign.

Collaborating with a digital marketing agency can allow brands to find the best influencers in the Vietnamese market, and On Digitals is more than ready to fill in those shoes. Contact us to learn more about our social outreach marketing services, particularly KOL Marketing.

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