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Tet Content Ideas: Everything You Need For Effective Sales In the Biggest Time of the Year

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Benefits of promotional Tet content

As competition is getting fiercer, quality and attractive content is crucial for businesses nowadays, especially during the Tet holiday season.

Creative and appealing sales content for Tet will undoubtedly attract customers. Therefore, grasping the psychology of consumers during Tet to produce content is one of the effective ways to significantly boost your sales compared to other holiday seasons throughout the year.

Tet content

Tet content benefits

Tet content topic suggestions to attract customers

The final days of the year are when people’s shopping demands start to increase. It is also the best time of the year for brands and businesses to make a strong impression through sales campaigns. Below are some Tet content suggestions that you should consider:

Writing thank-you letters to customers

A thank-you letter is a wonderful way to express gratitude and appreciation for your customers over the past year. This not only helps build a good relationship with them but also enhances brand loyalty. Additionally, thank-you letters can be an opportunity to introduce new products, services, or promotions to customers, thereby increasing sales opportunities.

Tet content

Thank-you letters are a great Tet content idea

Hosting minigames or giveaways

Organizing minigames or giveaways is one of the creative and highly effective content formats for Tet. It draws significant attention and anticipation, increasing interaction between the brand and customers.

Tet content

Minigames and giveaways improve brand awareness

Additionally, sharing information about mini-games on social media channels can also increase sales opportunities and promote your brand effectively.

Recap of the past year’s events

Making a summary of events in the past year is more than appropriate to introduce the business’ achievements over the past year while building trust and reliability.

In a recap, you can mention achievements, including major projects, new products or services, promotional programs, and social or fundraising activities that your business has undertaken in the past year. This is key for brands to gain trust and support from customers, partners, and employees.

Designing and decorating a Tet outlook for the brand

Decorating the brand’s identity for the festive season is also a wonderful way to get into the Tet spirit. This is a popular content during the holiday, including creating banners, images, videos, or Tet-related articles. This format often employs decorative elements such as the color red, apricot blossoms, and lucky money envelopes, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Tet content

Updating the brand identity for Tet

Writing about next year’s zodiac

Traditionally, there will be a new zodiac chosen to symbolize a year. The zodiac is usually beautifully designed, carrying strong traditional values and positive meanings. It will represent the spirit of the new year and the hope for a bright future.

Tet content

Producing content about the zodiac of each year

Writing about the upcoming zodiac also helps create curiosity and interest among customers, especially those unaware what the next year’s mascot will be. This topic will answer their questions and, in turn, expand your brand or service during the festive season.

Making promotional Tet content and year-end sales program

Despite being a very common topic, promotions and sales still draw significant attention from consumers. This is especially true during Tet season, when shopping demands are always high.

Tet content

Planning sales programs to attract customers and increase revenue

Posts about promotion programs and product discounts during the year-end period are very effective for Tet holiday season. This is because customers are always on the lookout for sales. These events can help them shop at a lower price and save costs.

Writing about Tet dishes

Food plays a crucial role in the rituals and traditions of Vietnamese people during Tet. Alongside traditional dishes such as banh chung, pickled vegetables, braised pork with eggs, and bamboo shoot soup, there are still many other popular and flavorful dishes that grace a family’s festive table.

Tet food content not only gives readers ideas for their celebrations but also allows food-related businesses to connect with customers. By introducing enticing, unique, and delicious dishes, brands can capture the attention of consumers and boost their sales.

Tet content

Making content about Tet dishes

Producing content about Tet games

Traditional games such as dice rolling, Parcheesi, and fireworks are an indispensable part of ceremonies and traditions in Vietnamese culture. These games are organized within families and communities to create a joyful, warm, and happy atmosphere for everyone involved.

Content about these games during the Tet holiday can introduce readers to exciting recreational activities during this festive time. Additionally, this approach also helps entertainment and gaming brands increase their reach.

Appealing to customers’ emotions during Tet

Producing content about the emotional element of Tet holiday also has a high viral potential. It helps brands in the service, art, and entertainment industries reach and attract the attention of customers.

Tet content

Appealing to customers’ emotions will make your posts more meaningful

Writing content for Tet products short-form videos

Short-form videos are incredibly effective nowadays thanks to their ability to convey information faster than any other type of content. Not only that, it can also appeal to viewers on three levels: sound, images, and emotions. With videos, brand identity elements can easily come into play to emphasize the uniqueness of the business.

Tet content

Short-form video content increases brand awareness

To take full advantage of videos, you can create short videos to increase your reach and keep customers engaged longer. Then, you can focus on conveying the message of your product, its values, and other benefits.

Engaging Tet content samples for effective sales

On Digitals will show you some creative promotional content samples to boost sales during the upcoming Tet holiday season:

Year-end promotional content sample for fashion stores


???? 40% Off + up to an additional 200K off for T-Shirt purchases + 1 free T-Shirt

Embrace the new days with comfort and confidence and head to our store to switch up your T-Shirt collection with these amazing offers:

▪️ 50K off on Basic T-Shirts

▪️ 70K off on Graphic Tees

▪️ 120K off on Hoodies

▪️ 150K off on Oversized Tees

▪️ 200K off on Long Sleeve Tees

⏰ Valid from: 01/01 – 28/02/2024

As Tet approaches, give your loved ones the most meaningful presents. Choose our T-shirts to experience comfort and confidence in the early days of the year.

New Year, New Outfit, All Wishes Come True!


[Brand Name]


Store Locations:


#sale #promotion #TetSale #TetHoliday

Florist’s content samples for Tet

???? TET PROMOTION ???? – Get 10% off for designed flowers purchases from 500,000 VND at the florist’s

Tet is right around the corner, let us help you embellish your space for the festive season with this promotion.

???? From now until 23/01/2024, for every designed flowers purchases worth 500,000 VND or more at the store, you will get a 10% discount on the product’s value.

???? This is a fantastic opportunity to go gift-hunting for your loved ones and friends with vibrant and fragrant flowers during Tet.

❤ Don’t miss out, visit our store today to enjoy the incredible promotion ! ????????????

【NOTE】The promotion does not combine with the membership discount, but shipping support is still available.

???? Address:

⏰ Operating Hours:

☎️ Hotline:

???? Inbox:

???? Instagram:

#freshflowers #TetFlowers #beautifulflowers #elegantflowers #TetGifts #Tet2024 #promotion #florist #flowers

Attractive promotional content samples for home appliances stores



From 20 to 27/01/2024, we are offering massive discounts: Up to 200K vouchers, 70K free shipping, 10K voucher for new followers, up to 50% off on all products ????

???? SHOP NOW at: [Insert product link]

On 27/01 and 21/02, the store is presenting a series of TET GIFTS FOR HOME

???? Receive exciting GIFTS like stainless steel thermal bottle, 950ml Tritan water bottle, foldable dish rack, Y-shaped peeler, 3-layer knife sharpener, mop, or clothes hanger (limited quantities) when you purchase any air fryer, stove, electric oven, vacuum cleaner, thermal lunch box,….

  • Buy 2 pots or pans, get an EXTRA 25K OFF. Buy any Pillow, get an EXTRA 20K OFF
  • Get a FREE stainless steel spoon and fork set for a lunch box
  • Receive a FREE thermal bottle for a vacuum cleaner
  • Get a FREE toothbrush head for an electric toothbrush set
  • Get a FREE stainless steel water bottle for an air fryer or electric oven

10 EARLIEST ORDERS will receive a premium 680ml shaker worth 182K

The TOP 3 ORDERS will receive a high-quality air humidifier

20 lucky customers will receive premium gifts from the Innisfree cosmetics brand

Seize these great deals to welcome a warm and joyful Tet!




Contact information:


Voucher-based promotional Tet content for restaurants


???? The program “BROKEN RICE, LOADS OF SMILES” runs until 09/02 with numerous attractive gifts waiting for you:

???? 100% chance to win one of the lucky gifts below when purchasing 1 of the 3 COMBOS:

  • One-of-a-kind lucky money envelopes
  • 1 Notebook for jotting down pearls of wisdom
  • Free voucher for a cold herbal drink
  • Free voucher for a lucky soup
  • A 50K voucher for a special rice order

Don’t forget to fill out the ballot for a chance to win a 9999 gold tael

???? Address

???? Home delivery information

#brokenrice #vietnamesefood

Mini games promotional Tet content for cosmetics stores

???? GLAM UP YOUR TET ????

???? RED HOT TET SALE ???? Full #BEST_SELLER makeup set from [famous brand]

???? [Insert brand] ????

Maximum coverage, ultra-smooth effect

SPF50+ PA+++ sun protection

Long-lasting color up to 24 hours

Balances moisture and controls excess oil

— 01 core version ???? 480K SALE #329K

???? [product link]

— 02 core version ???? 550K SALE #425K

???? [product link]

???? [Insert brand] ????

Natural coverage, velvety matte effect

SPF50+ PA+++ sun protection

Smudge-proof and mask-proof for up to 9 hours

Ultra-fine powder to fill pores

— 01 core version ???? 480K SALE #329K

???? [product link]

— 02 core version ???? 550K SALE #399K

???? [product link]

We guarantee authentic products with complete invoices and authenticity certificates.

We will refund up to 10 times the price for counterfeit products.

Free shipping for orders over 300k in Ho Chi Minh City.



???? Hotline: ‎

???? Contact information:

⏰ Opening hours:

???? Email:

FAQs about Tet content

Why is Tet content necessary?

Tet holiday is an important and traditional celebration in Vietnam. People will search for products, services, or ideas for meals to prepare for this special occasion. Creating content for Tet holiday helps businesses introduce their products and services, build brand awareness, and attract customers.

Tet content

An engaging Tet content strategy is essential to generate significant revenue for businesses

Furthermore, it helps businesses establish better relationships with customers, share valuable information, and provide them with special experiences.

What should Tet content focus on?

Captivating and effective Tet content should focus on the customers’ benefits and inspire them to engage in activities, events, or promotional programs. It should also reflect cultural identity with appropriate keywords to increase interaction and credibility with the target audience.

Which Tet wishes should be included in sales content?

Here are some greetings you can use for Tet:

  1. A prosperous and safe New Year, filled with good health and lasting happiness.
  2. May you and your family have a Tet full of joy, warmth, and abundant happiness.
  3. Wishing you robust health, smooth work, and success in all endeavors.
  4. Hoping for a peaceful, happy, and successful New Year in all aspects of life for you and your family.
  5. Wishing you a New Year filled with luck, success, and boundless joy.

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Those are some meaningful and unique Tet content samples that On Digitals wants to share with you. Hopefully, these ideas will help you create your own content that is both unique and engaging. Feel free to contact us for additional consultation if your business is seeking Digital Marketing solutions.

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