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The top strategies for marketing in Vietnam to achieve your goals

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1. Create a memorable catchphrase with music videos – Hottest strategies for marketing in Vietnam

In recent years, many businesses have been using catchy music rhythms as one of the primary strategies for marketing in Vietnam. Since the majority of consumers go online to search for products, one viral video with a memorable slogan can make all the difference.

It becomes a part of your brand identity and sets you apart from competitors, building brand loyalty over time. Customers who connect with your catchphrase are more likely to check out your products and gradually become brand advocates. The catchphrases can also be used in various marketing materials, from ads to hashtags on social media.

Based on that business’s desire to market in Vietnam, jump on that train and collaborate with a famous singer or rapper, using their fame and audience to draw attention to the MV by using music to spread catchphrases that will be remembered and replayed in their minds.

Let’s take a look at an example of this tip. In the MV “HẾT MANA,” the commercial music video for Viettel Pay, the promotional message makes a great impression on the viewers. Once the video went viral, the brand saw a significant rise in exposure and revenue. Therefore, consider teaming up with a beloved Vietnamese singer or rapper if you are looking for a creative way to showcase your business.

Keep your brand name in mind by using a catchy phrase

Keep your brand name in mind by using a catchy phrase

2. Incorporate memes and trendy topics

An effective strategy for any brand is to be active and interact with customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Making use of memes or trending topics and leveraging their relatability can enhance these efforts and create a friendly identity for your business.

Memes can be instrumental for marketing because most of them originate from organic interactions of Internet users. In fact, they are so powerful that, with the right strategy, any brand can stand out.

Consequently, major brands in Vietnam like Highlands and Be have already jumped on the meme marketing bandwagon. When the Conan movie came out, Be Vietnam came up with a brilliant piece of content by using the movie’s iconic car for ridesharing customers. As you would expect, the idea became a hit online, attracting many eyes to the brand.

To ensure success, businesses need to identify their target audiences and their preferences. As a ride-hailing service, Be Vietnam’s major customer demographics are people from 25 to 40 years old, so Conan taps into nostalgia for these customers.

Originality is also important. Most businesses are aware of the power of nostalgia, but they need to find different aspects to invoke that feeling. That is where the insights about customers and your creativity come into play to find the best promotional materials and angles.

Improve your performance through brand marketing

Improve your performance through brand marketing

3. Take advantage of micro and nano-influencers

Another way to improve brand awareness is to collaborate with influencers. In Vietnam, there are countless influencers on any social media platform that you can think of. These strategies for marketing in Vietnam are an effective way to boost brand awareness, build relationships with customers, and resonate with younger generations.

Recently, consumers have had more confidence in KOC (Key Opinion Consumer). They have a committed audience that values their opinions, which can generate sales of the sponsored item. This is frequently observed among Instagram influencers with long-running profiles, typically a few years.

Specifically, micro influencers could be a good starting point for businesses new to influencer marketing. With a lower asking price compared to macro influencers, they present a more affordable opportunity. Do not be misled by their smaller audience, these influencers can make a significant impact thanks to their loyal following. To find these influencers, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are a few viable platforms.

Collaborate with influencers to strengthen your customer relationships

Collaborate with influencers to strengthen your customer relationships

4. Make visual comics

In Vietnam, it has been incredibly successful to use comics to promote brands. Since these characters are relatable and have a strong connection to daily life, they make an ideal marketing tool. On the Internet, people adore relatable or humorous content that can be used to convey just about any message, but they really excel when explaining complicated, difficult-to-understand, or otherwise unattractive ideas or products.

The cuteness and relatability of comics are an unbeatable combination. Unlike images or Videos, they are not limited by reality. Many Vietnamese comic artists have captured the hearts of many Internet users with their unique storytelling, art styles, and character rosters.

Én Comics, Chấm Comics, Chuyện công sở, and Thỏ bảy màu are some comic artists to keep an eye on for your future marketing campaigns. These creators have distinctive personalities and certain aspects that they prefer making content about.

For example, Thỏ bảy màu makes comics primarily about funny and relatable everyday situation. In order to collaborate with this team, you need to ensure that your product will work seamlessly with their characters, vibes, and stories. 

A successful tactic for promoting brands is to use comedic influencers

A successful tactic for promoting brands is to use comedic influencers

5. Create microfilms or short videos on YouTube

Last but not least, these strategies for marketing in Vietnam may have gained traction just recently, but it has been around for a while. The young generation loves watching short-form videos on video platforms such as YouTube or TikTok.

They are beneficial for business growth thanks to the creative freedom without a considerable budget, so even small businesses can leverage this platform to create a presence for themselves. These platforms are also where online trends begin, so essentially, businesses will never be short of materials.

They enable brands to communicate their values through emotional storytelling to resonate with consumers and create values for them. A video marketing project provides businesses with a blank canvas to deliver their promotional messages effectively. For that reason, giants like OPPO, Cadillac, Prada, and Coca-Cola have all found success with microfilms.

Related insights: Businesses can refine their digital marketing strategies based on their potential customer base.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Vietnam’s market could be the next gold mine for your business. As a result, it is critical to select the appropriate strategies for marketing in Vietnam and stay updated with current trends. Marketing in Vietnam is a diverse playing field and these 5 strategies can help businesses remain competitive.

On Digitals, we hope this list has given you insight into the Vietnamese market. If you need assistance with digital marketing, contact us and visit our blog for additional useful information. We look forward to collaborating with you on our SEO, social media marketing, and website design projects.

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