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The Top B2C Digital Marketing Trends in Vietnam to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Battling Reduced Attention Spans – One of the Major B2C Digital Marketing Trends

The rise of TikTok and similar functions on other platforms indicate a decrease in users’ attention span. This is one of the most prominent B2C digital marketing trends as consumers are more inclined to consume short-form content than ever before.

However, short content alone is not the answer to this equation. When content takes less time to create, that means there are more of them on the Internet. Additionally, platforms like TikTok have made them extremely simple and affordable.

The competition is getting fiercer, which calls for businesses to create more engaging content. Consumers do not tend to wait around for long. With the reduced attention span of the new generation, this statement remains true. Therefore, in order to reach more customers, companies need to provide engaging short-form content that instantly grabs people’s attention.

Batting short attention span

Batting short attention span

Influencer Marketing is the Way to Go

Social media makes it easy for people and businesses to showcase their identity, which turns it into a viable marketing platform. When the world was in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had made the most of their time and established an online presence.

Simultaneously, businesses had to take their marketing efforts entirely online since physical events were impossible. Those two trends created an huge influx of influencers, who have taken the world by storm.

Flashforward to 2023, these people have become major players in digital marketing. They contribute a significant amount of potential customers to businesses while offering a more engaging and affordable alternative to traditional marketing methods.

Furthermore, they are also consumers, not corporate representatives, so other consumers will consider their opinion more unbiased. With influencer marketing, businesses can take advantage of the organically grown following and convert them into buying customers.

Influencers contribute a significant of potential customers

Influencers contribute a significant of potential customers

Growing Personalization Demands

Personalization is extremely effective by bridging the gap between corporations and consumers. It is one of those B2C digital marketing trends that center on creating a friendlier identity for a business. The trend is all about providing customers with personalized experiences and making them feel understood. Basically, the identity businesses go for is a trusted companion for their customers.

While this goes a long way in building trust and establishing positive relationships, the amount of research going into it is astronomical. Businesses are required to take time to introduce and familiarize themselves with the consumers while learning their preferences. The more organic this process goes, the more successful the business is.

This has become a trend thanks to the evolution in consumer behaviors. They have now grown away from considering their shopping experience a commercial transaction. Instead, companies are now expected to have an eye for their customers’ needs and demands and what better than offering them an experience tailored to their preferences?

Increasing the probability of selling by increasing personalization

Increasing the probability of selling by increasing personalization

Increased Use of AI

One of the defining technical trends of this new era is the rising use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the development of computer systems that execute jobs that normally require human intelligence such as content production and web design. AI is only now beginning to transform not only businesses, but also the way we live. Finally, all forms of artificial intelligence have shown to be extremely beneficial and impactful in marketing.

Consumers now consume content and products at a significantly more rapid pace compared to a few years ago. While it is possible for businesses to maintain their existing workflow, it requires considerable investments in resources. When utilized appropriately, AI tools can accelerate the working process without jeopardizing quality, allowing businesses to streamline their products effectively.

Chatbots, for example, have done an excellent job of automating human customer service workers. These bots have been shown to improve response times and overall customer happiness. However, it also carries with it ethical, legal, and societal issues that must be addressed as AI evolves.

Privacy concerns, overdependence, job losses, and the amount of investment required are all potential issues that may hinder the growth of AI in digital marketing.

AI has proven to be useful in marketing

AI has proven to be useful in marketing

Emails Remain Effective

Due to the intense competition on search engines and social media, several B2C companies have reverted back to email marketing. In fact, this method did not really go away, but it has taken a back seat to other sectors in the digitized era. The trend of going back to email marketing allows marketers to see how effective this method can be.

Weekly newsletters can help your B2C marketing approach because the people who subscribe to them are already interested in your products/services. Use your emails to market products/services, industry-related tips and tricks, and the occasional discount voucher for your regular readers.

Many email tools also enable businesses to customize their promotional emails based on their email lists. They can start small by addressing consumers with their first names or take things further by offering deals based on their preferences and previous purchases.

b2c digital marketing trends

Email marketing remains effective

Micro Films Continue to Grow in Popularity

Last but not least, while this approach has just gained popularity in Vietnam, it has been prominently featured globally. The younger generation enjoys watching short-form videos on YouTube and TikTok. Businesses can leverage this trend by creating simple and engaging micro films to draw the attention of their potential customers.

This goes hand in hand with the trend of reduced attention span. Micro films do not require as much investment as a traditional video marketing project, but they can resonate with audiences just as well if not better.

They enable brands to communicate their values through emotional storytelling and create value for their customers. Considering that their duration is mostly from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, these videos can easily capture the attention of users.

All in all, this trend gives businesses a blank canvas to deliver their promotional messages effectively without considerable monetary investments. For that reason, giants like OPPO, Cadillac, Prada, and Coca-Cola have all found success with microfilms.

Additionally, judging by the diversity of TikTok trends, the possibilities are endless. From wholesome and relatable stories to quirky and funny jokes, micro films can convey their intended messages effortlessly, making the hottest among the B2C digital marketing trends.

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Final thoughts

B2C digital marketing trends in the Vietnam industry are a treasure trove of potential for businesses in the country. Choosing the right marketing approach to go with these trends can be the recipe to success in the Vietnamese market.

On Digitals hope this list has given you insight into the Vietnamese market. If you need assistance with digital marketing, contact us and visit our blog for more insights into the world of marketing. We look forward to assisting you in your next SEO, social media marketing, and website design projects.

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