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Top 10 latest SERP Tracking Software




Many people mistakenly believe that just understanding content and how to write standard SEO articles will achieve the expected high search results. However, this is only part of the factors that determine your website’s SEO results. To ensure your website and articles are optimized in the search bar, you need to use SEO software. In the following article, On Digitals will explore with you the top 10 professional and effective SEO software for SEOers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool for highly accurate website analysis. One of the most popular SERP programs, particularly for business SEO, is this one.

Following the SEO optimization process, you may examine the behavior of your audience (site users) and your website using Google Analytics. You can use the data to map out your next move and make informed adjustments to enhance your SEO approach.

Some noteworthy features of Google Analytics are:

  • Track the number of users accessing the website, manage website information and data such as the access and exit time, pageviews, the number of audience, etc.
  • Track and manage site user behaviors.
  • Control the number of visitors accessing the site in real time.
  • Analyze the path traveled by users to the website.
  • Support interfacing with other tools such as Google Tag Manager, Adwords, etc.

Top serps software reviews

Google Analytics – A well-known SERP tracking software

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, or GSC, is regarded by many user reviews as the greatest and most user-friendly SEO software. It facilitates the collection of all website data, particularly performance data. Additionally, you may utilize Google Search Console to find out which terms actual people who visit your website prefer.

Furthermore, GSC facilitates the release of website data, like a new sitemap or index content, to the Google search engine. In particular, GSC assists you in disavowing unsolicited backlinks with the Disavow Link function.

Top serps software reviews

Google Search Console – A popular SERP checker software

SEO Semrush

Semrush is a well-known brand in several SERPs software evaluations. For up to seven days, this tool is free to use. Following that, you will be able to choose between a $119 and $449 monthly subscription.

Below are several highlighted features of Semrush, most useful when implementing SEO campaigns for your site:

  • Provide organic traffic data.
  • Support checking for technical errors on the site.
  • Analyze the number of visitors.
  • Analyze keyword rankings, content, keyword competition of competitors’ websites.
  • Analyze link building effectiveness of competitors’ websites.

Top serps software reviews

SEO Semrush: A business-grade SEO tool for search engine rankings

Screaming Frog

Nowadays, Screaming Frog is regarded as a well-liked site crawling tool that aids SEO professionals. Each user can have up to 500 URLs from a specific website crawled by it. The free version’s data collection is more comprehensive than the paid version’s, nevertheless. Screaming Frog is therefore best suited for small and medium-sized projects or blogs.

Additionally, it’s worthwhile to think about a paid upgrade if you need to crawl websites with more data. For just €185, you may take advantage of all Screaming Frog’s features for a full year. With the update, you can access a few additional features which include:

  • Search for broken links
  • Support data extraction with XPath feature
  • Crawl JavaScript, Directives or Robots

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a cost-effective, high-quality SEO support software. Most SEO practitioners, both junior and senior, leverage this tool on web browsers to support SEO implementation.

SEO Quake is an extension that helps you quickly analyze and check the Onpage SEO elements of a specific URL. In addition, it also supports checking traffic, links, number of shares on social media sites and keyword density of the website.

By this way, you can quickly pinpoint any error on your site and choose the best solutions to implement. To install SEO Quake, visit Chrome Web Store. Some outstanding features of SEO Quake include:

  • Analyze Onpage SEO effectiveness
  • Compare URLs
  • Analyze keyword density
  • Check internal and external links


Ahrefs is a well-liked SERP monitoring tool among Vietnamese SEO experts. It is able to efficiently get a lot of backlink data. Keyword research and competitor analysis are supported by the Ahrefs tool.

Nevertheless, you should only use the competitor statistics as a guide. So, think about inviting Google Search Console to join the team if accuracy is essential to your objective.

Ahrefs provides almost everything an SEO practitioner may need:

  • Research for keywords
  • Check website rankings
  • Support to disavow backlinks
  • Audit websites
  • And many other SEO features.

Beware: Don’t abuse the tool. Use Ahrefs only for what it’s intended to do and perform white-hat SEO practices.


Ahrefs – A SERPs software vouched for in many reviews

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool for Google advertising. It provides a lot of useful data for SEO keyword planning.

Google Keyword Planner uses Google’s own data sources to collect data and can filter by country or location. Many consider this the most popular and preferred keyword research software for SEO campaigns.

Keyword Planner offers outstanding features, such as:

  • Provide search volume data
  • Search and analyze questions in which users are interested
  • Provide keyword ideas from competitors
  • Check out profitable keywords by reviewing suggested bids
  • Analyze and check keywords in nearby locations

Top serps software reviews

Google Keyword Planner: A well-known tool for improving SERP ranks


SimilarWeb is one of the most commonly used SEO software thanks to its security and effectiveness in supporting traffic research on competitors. SimilarWeb offers up to 5 free results per data. 

Top serps software reviews

SimilarWeb – A free SERPs checker software

Yoast SEO for Onpage SEO

If you have experimented with WordPress, Yoast SEO is undoubtedly familiar to you. With over 30 million sites using it, it is the most used SERP tracking program globally. Yoast SEO assists you with content optimization that is both innovative and efficient.

Top serps software reviews

Yoast SEO – A SERPs software for WordPress, praised in many reviews

Rank Math

Rank Math is developed with the main focus on Onpage SEO and to edit SEO copywriting content on basic or advanced websites. It has over 500,000 visits and many free SEO features. To websites built on WordPress, Rank Math is considered a direct competitor of Yoast SEO.

Some perks Rank Math offers are:

  • Easy-to-follow installation wizard for free
  • Simple, neat and easy to use interface
  • Google 404 error
  • Automatic SEO for images
  • Google Trends and Keywords Comparison Tool
  • Website evaluation based on 40 SEO factors
  • Support in all contexts: tooltips, notifications, help tabs, etc.

Why do we need SERP tracking software?

Many might wonder if using a SERP checker program is really necessary for their SEO plan. SEO-optimized websites are no longer an aberration in the present 4.0 era, which intensifies competitiveness. You are left with no choice but to continuously update and enhance your website’s SEO effectiveness in order to satisfy customer needs and ascend to the throne.

Despite various enterprise SEO practices on the market, the ultimate purpose of SEO is to improve the site rankings on SERPs, and that puts a SERP software on your priority list. This tool will help you answer important questions like why rankings move up or down; why traffic grows in this direction; why this content has high conversions; etc.

Top serps software reviews

The right enterprise SEO software = Boosted rankings on SERPs

Some reasons why you should use specialized SERP tracking softwares to support SEO plans:

  • Save time in implementing SEO processes by collecting and filtering valuable data. Of course with the support of tools, all tasks will be completed in a shorter time, such as analyzing all quality backlinks without opening each page to check.
  • With the right SERP checker software, you can easily analyze the pros and cons of your running campaigns by looking at overview reports. In addition, the tool can promptly identify and analyze all competitor websites.
  • Automate tasks, such as searching and detecting errors in every article.
  • Data is classified and displayed more clearly, which helps you easily manage traffic, ranking, etc.
  • Contribute to quick revenue and profit boost for businesses. And most importantly, they are cost-effective.

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Hopefully, the top 10 best SERP softwares that On Digitals has introduced to you have given you useful insights to help with the implementation of SEO. Recall that you can combine these tools in any way you see fit to maximize their capabilities and run successful SEO campaigns for your website.

If you want more information about SEO services, contact On Digitals today to receive dedicated consultation and tailored solutions.

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