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The best digital marketing strategies for Vietnam in 2024

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Vietnam, a vibrant hub of digital innovation, is experiencing a digital marketing revolution. As we traverse through 2023, it is clear that the digital landscape is the driving force behind a marketing strategy. Let On Digitals help you look through the most successful digital marketing strategies for Vietnam and how they play a part in the current landscape.

The digital landscape and transformation of Vietnam

For businesses and marketers, understanding the current digital landscape is paramount in entering a new market. With an increasingly connected population and a booming e-commerce scene, Vietnam presents a ripe opportunity for marketers to reach and engage with a dynamic audience. Furthermore, seeing how they can fit into the bigger picture will allow businesses to implement the right digital marketing strategies for Vietnam.

See how Vietnamese people interact with digital content

Vietnam, with a population of 99.27 million in 2024, is experiencing a digital revolution like never before. The country’s digital landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by internet adoption, mobile connectivity, and social media usage.

Internet adoption soars

In a span of just three years, from January 2020 to the beginning of 2023, the number of internet users in Vietnam skyrocketed from 67.6 million to 77.93 million with an average time of 6 hours per day.

Internet usage in Vietnam significantly increased over the last 10 years

This remarkable growth signifies a voracious appetite for all things digital among the Vietnamese population. From consuming captivating content to utilizing online services and actively participating in the thriving e-commerce scene, Vietnam is wholeheartedly embracing their new era. The increased Internet exposure has done wonders for the digital marketing scene, unlocking plenty of ways to obtain valuable insights and monitor their marketing campaigns.

On the flip side, digital literacy is still a major problem in Vietnam, especially in areas with minimal Internet access before the growth. It is up to businesses to tailor their approach, specifically platforms, content angles,  and schedules, to accommodate the needs of their target user demographics.

Mobile devices reign supreme

Much like the rest of the world, mobile devices have also begun their takeover in Vietnam. As of early 2023, the country boasted an astonishing 161.6 million cellular mobile connections with 95% of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices.

The pandemic period saw an astronomical surge in mobile usage

This trend underscores the pivotal role of mobile devices in the daily lives of the Vietnamese people. These devices bridge the gap between individuals and the digital world, facilitating seamless access to information and services.

What this also means is the majority of Vietnamese people are willing to adapt to technological developments, including the elderly and young children. This is a great sign for the future developments of the economy, as technology proficiency allows businesses to diversify their digital marketing efforts, which leads to more exposure and opportunities for brands.

Social media dominance

The realm of social media is experiencing a renaissance of its own in Vietnam. In January 2023, an astounding 70 million individuals in the country actively engaged with various social media platforms.

This impressive figure not only highlights the vast influence of social networks but also showcases the Vietnamese population’s digital preferences. These platforms have evolved into lively hubs for communication, interaction, and content sharing, revolutionizing how Vietnamese people engage with the world in this exhilarating digital age.

These figures displays the full picture of social media in Vietnam

Beyond the numbers, this digital transformation signifies a profound shift in the way Vietnamese people interact with technology and information. With a rapidly expanding internet user base, profound mobile connectivity, and a thriving social media scene, Vietnam is poised to become a dynamic hub for digital innovation and a gold mine of digital marketing opportunities.

The best digital marketing strategies in Vietnam in 2024

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – the hottest digital marketing in Vietnam. From what we know about consumers, brands can utilize this to their advantages. The following are digital marketing strategies that are recommended in Vietnam, designed to pave the way for your brand’s triumphant entry into the country.

Leverage the live shopping scene

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the shopping landscape has been turned upside down. As physical locations became unavailable, online shopping emerged as the lifeline for consumers adhering to safety measures.

shopee dominance in the vietnamese market

Shopee solidifies its position in the e-commerce market with Shopee Live

This digital shopping boom has ushered in some interesting digital marketing strategies for Vietnam: live shopping through livestreams. These platforms have redefined the shopping experience by offering real-time interaction, expediting the purchasing process, fostering customer loyalty, and strengthening trust between consumers and brands.

As a consequence, an increasing number of businesses are embracing the live shopping phenomenon. Thanks to social media giants like Facebook and TikTok, companies are harnessing the potential of live shopping to engage audiences. Even prominent e-commerce platforms such as LAZADA and Shopee have jumped into the fray with their own live shopping features—LazLive and ShopeeLive, respectively.

If you want to thrive in the digital realm, it is high time to pivot toward live shopping. Simplify the overall buyer’s journey for your customers and observe as brand loyalty and consumer confidence soar to new heights. The future of shopping has arrived, and it is happening live.

Create relatable content

People are generally drawn towards things that evoke a sense of familiarity. Closing the gap between businesses and consumers can be the key to success. There are multiple methods for brands to do so, and they all begin with content.

To put it simply, companies can foster a healthy relationship with consumers by shrugging off the corporate look and putting on something more casual. This includes their brand voice, style, promotional or informative content, or even a mascot to go above and beyond.

Relatable yet unique and endearing campaigns do not come by very often, but when they do, they are usually an astounding success. Hoa Lo Prison Relics’ media team is one such case. This team of young marketers have rekindled an interest in history from Vietnamese Gen Z with funny, witty, and relatable social media content.

They have recently been celebrated at the 2023 WeChoice Awards as one of 10 most inspirational individuals or groups in the country, voted by none other than the Vietnamese audience. Their content perfectly highlights the relics on display and their major historical significance while giving them a humorous and engaging twist, therefore drawing the attention of Gen Z social media users to the historical landmark.

digital marketing strategies for vietnam

Hoa Lo Prison Relics is seeing a revitalization thanks to its media team

The Hoa Lo Prison Relics’ media team is a much-needed breath of fresh air. While young Vietnamese people respect and uphold traditional values, there seems to be a lack of passion when it comes to this aspect, judging by the low test scores in national history exams and many historical sites not being major attractions. That is no longer the case, as Hoa Lo Prison Relics has become a well-beloved attraction in Hanoi, thanks to this incredible media team.

Promote culture values

Historically speaking, Vietnamese have deeply rooted community values upheld by locals for thousands of years. To enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns, businesses can showcase these cultural traits. Since these values are extremely prevalent in the country, they can resonate with an equally wide customer base.

digital marketing strategies for vietnam

Tet campaigns are prime examples of cultural storytelling content

With the campaign “Bring Mom money,” Honda seamlessly integrated their brand identity into the Tet holiday ambiance. Moreover, they managed to relate with those currently living away from their hometowns, signifying their understanding of familial values in Vietnamese culture. With the help of a widely beloved local artist, the song and video were astounding successes.

Embracing the profound sense of community in Vietnamese culture allows brands to create memorable campaigns and improve customer sentiment toward them. In the last few years, this trend has become a mainstay of Vietnam’s digital marketing scene, having made its way into various industries from automotive, food and beverage, and home appliances.

In terms of timing, these campaigns can work at any given time of the year, but occasions with spiritual significance like Tet, Mid-autumn festival, or Father’s and Mother’s day can considerably amplify the message of the campaign.

Choosing the right KOLs

Vietnam’s social media landscape is teeming with influencers of all sizes. Depending on the scale and objectives of a business, businesses may choose from mega, macro, micro, or nano influencers to assist them with their digital marketing strategies for Vietnam.

The smaller-scale influencers have engagement rates, all while demanding a fraction of the cost compared to their mega-influencer counterparts. Meanwhile, celebrities and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) excel at building brand presence and awareness, thanks to their large following.

With that being said, identifying the perfect influencers is a momentous task. Their following is only one part of the equation. To judge their compatibility with a business, their public image and content style will need to be taken into consideration.

If your aim is to forge authentic connections with consumers, the power of influencers can be your ticket to success. The best places to find influencers and KOLs are the social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Follow the hottest topics surrounding your niche and single out the best creators and channels.

Reaching out and finding the best representatives for your products and brands among these individuals can be a trial-and-error process, especially in terms negotiating pricing, content angle, and publishing schedules. Nonetheless, if your business manage to land a deal with a group of active influencers with a fitting image with your brand identity, you can approach a wider group of audiences and increase the likelihood of converting them to customers.

Ready to dive into the dynamic Vietnamese market?

We hope that these digital marketing strategies for Vietnam have offered you a closer look at the country’s market. Vietnamese consumers are spoiled for choice, and businesses need to be absolutely outstanding to succeed.

On Digitals will be your number one ally on the journey to explore the Vietnamese market. With a track record of successful collaborations with domestic and international partners, we specialize in crafting customized marketing strategies according to your business objectives. Reach out today to learn more about our SEO, social media, and KOL marketing services.

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