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With the rise of social media and individual-created content such as blogs, influencer marketing has drawn more and more attention and investment from different companies with various sizes and industries.

Influencer marketing leverages the social influence and status of influencers – people with knowledge and/or reputation in a certain field who are believed to be able to impact the buying behaviors of a group.

Increase your reach and revenue with the right key opinion influencers in your niche

With nearly half of buyers today rely on the recommendations of influencers to make a purchase decisions, choosing the right key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers is vital to the success of any marketing/selling campaign.

Leave no stone unturned with the most suitable influencers who can really bring your brand to the next level and mark a favorable impression in social groups.

Pave the way to the top of your market with a full package of influencer marketing service

Starting an influencer marketing campaign is not so hard, but the question is how to get the most out of it.

On Digitals relieves your load by offering you a complete service package, from initial analysis, in-depth local market research, strategy development, to influencer identification, selection, outreach and management, to relationship cultivation and performance tracking.

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What are included in an influencer or KOL marketing campaign?

It’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of an influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Analysis

    We don’t jump to action right at the time a request comes in. An analysis before any action will increase the success rate and avoid any unpleasant surprise.

    One reason leading to influencer campaign failure is mismatch between a customer’s detailed brief and influencers’ style or perceived image. The company’s starting reputation earned by previous marketing campaigns in the eyes of targeted social audiences is also another factor.

  2. Target Audience Research

    The first action is to get to know the market and targeted audiences. You need to know the battlefield before shooting the first arrow. For companies aiming to make their name in the Vietnam market, we help you learn about the market and local people’s behaviors first, before exploring competitors’ tactics, key opinion leaders and top talks relevant to your content.

  3. Strategy Formulation

    Goals, KPIs, budgets, process and timeline need to be discussed in detail and agreed on. You may also consider combining your influencer marketing campaign with other social media or content strategies to amplify content’s effectiveness.

  1. Influencer Search & Outreach

    Influencers can be divided into 3 levels based on the number of followers: macro influencer, micro influencer and nano influencer. Depending on the consumer group size that you want to make an impact on, you may need to rely solely on one type or create a mix.

    When we have built a list of top influencers in your niche with specifics such as demographic match, style, main communication channel, number of followers, etc., it’s time to connect with them as long-term strategic partners, not just a sort of corporate communication channel.

  2. Creative Brief

    The creative brief contains the key message and an outline for influencers to base their content on. The brief must be informative while leaving enough space for individual expression to fuse the brand’s image with the unique style of the influencer.

  3. Implementation & Tracking

    Once the campaign is on the run, real time data will be collected to match against expectation and make changes as needed. Influencers’ effectiveness will also be rated and recorded for further improvement.

  4. Analytics

    There are several metrics to look at to gauge a campaign’s success, such as engagement (number of likes, shares, comments, etc.), impressions (actual views), reach (number of followers) and results (number of people who really took the action recommended by the post/video).

    One common mistake that many companies make is not to continue engaging with influencers after their campaign, despite its success. You can’t make your name sustainable with just one campaign, so building and maintaining relationships with top influencers is never a bad choice.

What are some common characteristics of a KOL? How long does it take to see the effect of a content marketing campaign?

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are considered a type of influencers. They are experts on a specialized topic within a niche and their influence may be limited geographically, unlike an online influencer. If you want to market a beauty product, choosing a KOL who is a famous local makeup artist is a great way to go.

Besides apparent requirements like popularity and influence, the ideal KOL must possess other important factors, such as likeable personality, charisma, and great communication skills on their key channel. Because a KOL can be a trendsetter, you may want someone with the ability to be a role model, especially if you’re targeting teenagers and young adults.

One feature of KOL that may escape your eyes in the selection process is their mannerisms and style. Make sure they match your brand’s value and message, or you may have to spend much more to reverse the unwanted impact and explain your original intent.

Another note on KOL is that if you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn is a more certain bet than Instagram or Facebook because 94% of B2B influencers are doing their job on LinkedIn.

What will influencers really do?

There are many ways to advocate for a company’s campaign, product, service or brand. Depending on each company’s requirement and the niche’s preferences, some of the most common actions of influencers are:

  • Posting reviews on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Zalo, etc.
  • Livestreaming how to use a product on Facebook Live, YouTube and other channels
  • Tagging or sharing relevant posts
  • Posing with a product in a digital or print ad

How effective is influencer marketing in Vietnam?

Given that Vietnam has a young population with high penetration rate of Internet, influencer marketing is a good choice for businesses to increase their brand awareness and customer conversion. Also, there are some industries spending more resources on influencers, including food and beverage, travel & lifestyle, fashion & beauty, and entertainment & media. These industries are also growing fast in Vietnam market, with more beauty influencers, fitness influencers, fashion influencers, food bloggers, travel bloggers… each day.

With 73,7% of Vietnam population being active social media users in 2021 and more and more users installing ad-blocking software, online influencers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. have a much better access to the end users.

If you’re still uncertain about how to apply this marketing practice for your company in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact On Digitals today.

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