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SEO Copywriting: The Process and Best Practices




SEO Copywriting: The Process and Best Practices

You may think SEO Content and SEO Copywriting are just one thing, but there is a critical difference.
While both satisfy basic requirements, the latter must go the extra mile to perfect all necessary elements and other supplementary factors.

Why have so many reputable businesses invested in building their own SEO copywriting system? The answer is because positive reader responses will accelerate the rate of conversion.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Also known as SEO writing, this is the process of creating articles that are both of high quality and search engine-friendly. This process is summarized by the formula:

SEO Copywriting = Compelling Content + On Page SEO
Let’s take a look at each element for deeper understanding.
Compelling Content: This takes the right topic presented in the right outline. To complete this quest, you should really understand your target audiences, their favorite topics and information preferences.

For example, who is the target audience of this Small Business Marketing Guide? They are SMEs and even startups who are learning about every aspect to build an effective marketing plan.

Onpage SEO: This element requires a process of optimizing the layout, keywords and links in the content and displayed information on search results (title tag, meta description, alt tag and the URL).


Seo copywriting

SEO Copywriting: Attractive Benefits for Businesses

Though building a search-optimized site requires many elements done right, consistently and over a period of time, the ultimate benefits are just irresistible.

Boost keyword rankings

Each piece of SEO based content writing will focus on one or more keywords related to the topic. The higher quality the keyword-containing article has, the higher chance to increase its ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages). At the same time, a keyword mentioned across the site will also improve its SERP rankings.

Increase SEO efficiency

When you do it right, your website traffic, PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) scores will definitely enjoy a boost.

Improve competitiveness

This is the top benefit when your business has a search-optimized site. A highly potential keyword is sought-after as many businesses focus on promoting it. So when your search engine optimization efficiency is boosted, your business will gain an edge in the incessant battle for SERP rankings.

seo content benefits

Seo content benefits

Maintain favorable SEO results

A search-optimized site will provide you long-term benefits. Initially, high quality SEO based content writing will boost keyword rankings, DA and PA scores of your website and the blog site. When those keywords reach the top, keeping up SEO copywriting will help maintain current results to protect the business’ hard-earned competitive position.

Enhance customer conversion rate

SEO copywriting engages the audience with its compelling articles and intuitive layout, making the process of searching for the right information easier. By this way, your business can create a positive impression and build a prestigious brand image. This acts as the leverage to convert the audience into customers.

Save time and money

All digital marketing efforts are to help businesses save time and resources. SEO copywriting is not an exception. Imagine how much your business can benefit when the customers actively reach out to you after being fed high quality information.
Now your (potential) customers are more well-informed, reducing your effort in converting and supporting them. Another treat to enjoy is more promising results of your future marketing campaigns and PR activities.

seo content writing benefits

Seo content writing benefits

SEO Copywriting: The Ideal Process

Topic Selection

Choosing a topic is the first step in the creation process. But not every topic will do. The potential of a topic varies with how much the target audience is interested in knowing about it. Audiences these days tend to look for information to satisfy their needs and interests or to support their work and study. To know which topic is the best, try to figure out the connection between your audience’s search intentions with your products or services.

Keyword Research by Topic

Keywords are not everything, but it means more than 50% of the success of SEO copywriting.

A topic may cover multiple aspects and concepts which correspond to different keywords used in search engines.

For example, the topic “CONTENT MARKETING” will include keywords like “what is content marketing?”, “what types of content marketing?”, etc.
In addition, keyword research gives the copywriter a general idea of the readers’ information need about a topic. It also shapes the general layout for the final work.

Outline Design by Search Intent

There are more than one way to present your article, but not all are effective. On the first glance, your audience will decide in a split second (or even less!) if this piece is worth reading.

When the demand for content increases, most users know what format of information they want to look for. It is reflected in the keywords they use.

With the keyword “what is guest blogging?”, users are looking for an explanatory text to understand about the concept of guest blogging. On the other hand, the keyword “How guest blogging works?” signals a need for a list of steps that shows how guest blogging works.

Many pages cover the same topic. When your outline is built on the search intent, the audience is more likely to stay at your site rather than running to your competitors’.

Content Diversity

Search-optimized articles are posted on your sites and satisfy the need of intentional information acquisition rather than a “snapshot” as on social media.

SEO copywriting must be planned effectively on the chosen topic and the number of researched keywords. Also, long-form content is rated more competitive on SERPs.

With optimized SEO blog writing, the balance between keywords and meaningful content must be honored. Remember a dose of moderation to achieve both grace and effectiveness.

Seo blog writing

Seo blog writing

Keyword Integration

Here comes the most wanted question: How to best integrate keywords in your articles?

In search-optimized articles, copywriters should focus on keyword density and keyword placement.

Regarding keyword density, the times a keyword appears should be proportional to the length of the writing. In other words, the longer the article, the more often a keyword can appear.

Regarding keyword placement, you need to choose strategic positions where the keyword is more “valuable”. They are the title, headings and in the first 100 words. When doing onpage search engine optimization, don’t forget to insert keywords in the title tag, meta description, alt tag and URL.

LSI Keyword Optimization

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are meaningful keywords related to the topic and main keywords used in the article.
For example, in the article about “Digital marketing strategy”, “digital marketing” and “marketing strategy” are LSI keywords.

Search engines use LSI keywords to evaluate the quality and scope of content of a search-optimized page.

Creative Presentation

No matter how interesting your blog writing is and how effectively your SEO works, a full-text page is just not candy to the eye. Therefore try other ways to present your ideas creatively such as images and videos for a fresh experience.

The right combination of multiple presentation styles in a search-optimized page will attract more readers and earn a higher ranking on SERPs.

Note: To optimize SEO based content writing on your site and blog, the images and videos must wear alt tags. The alt tags still contain the keyword but will not be displayed on the page, so readers are often unaware of their existence.
Have you ever wondered how search engines can return results of images and videos when all we give them are texts on the search bar? Alt tag is the answer. It supports search engines like Google Images to do this wonder.
seo based content writing

Seo based content writing

Link Integration

Links used in your articles are divided into two types:

Internal links: Links to other pages in your website. The presence of many internal links in a piece of writing implies your website’s confidence in content quantity.
External links: Links to other websites. External linking is a way to increase your reliability and diversity as it leverages other information sources.

Search-optimized articles with the right links will help increase the page authority in the minds of readers and search engines.

SEO Copywriting vs. SEO Content

Before making the comparison, let’s review 8 steps to create search-optimized articles:

Topic selection
Keyword research by topic
Outline design by search intent
Content diversity
Keyword integration
LSI keyword optimization
Creative presentation
Link integration

When you choose SEO copywriting, don’t miss any of these content creation steps. It is to ensure the final work receives the best reader response and search rankings.
This process also requires thorough research, in-depth understanding of the target audience and knowledge of the topic and related aspects.

Therefore SEO copywriting is the go-to choice when you want to attract customers with compelling information or satisfy the need of “heavy readers”.

In SEO articles, all 8 steps are also followed but on a lesser level. It just focuses on search engine evaluation results and providing basic information. This is also the most popular form of content today.
SEO content is developed from popular topics with keywords to rank, images and/or videos, internal and external links but not in the best effort. Factors such as user search intent, diversity, and LSI keywords are limited.
Therefore SEO content is best for quick content creation to meet the basic information need.
seo based content blog writing

Seo-based content writing

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The Agency with First-Rate SEO Copywriting Services

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