Telemarketing Service –
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Whether it’s about branding, sales or customer service, telemarketing can serve as one of the best frontline-supporting solutions.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, inbound or outbound, telemarketing gives companies an opportunity to build customer relationships and provide services in a personalized, effective manner.

Whether it’s global or local, telemarketing services are best for companies with the purpose of growing their market, influence, customer service quality, and ultimately the bottom line.

Telemarketing Agency – The Expert who Creates Momentum

Many companies have struggled to find the best telemarketing and telesales agency to get them to the top of the market.

You’re at the right place!

At On Digitals, we provide all-inclusive telemarketing solutions, telesales services, and customer services via telephone. The all-in-one package includes:

  • Customer database service - Always updated.
  • Effective telesales scripts - Tailored to your needs, goals and strategies.
  • An expert team – Dedicated and always by your side.
  • Visible improvements - Sales, customer services and branding.

Telemarketing Outsourcing – The Choice to Get More for Less

On Digitals have extensive experience in various projects across industries, and we want to help you get the most of your investment.

Hesitate no more as our telemarketing and telesales outsourcing solutions cover all services you will need.

  • Customized telesales scripts by industry.
  • High quality customer database service.
  • Knowledge and skill training for agents.
  • Implementation planning.
  • Constant tracking and periodic reporting.

Contact us today to receive free consultancy and detailed quotation for your specific needs.

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What is telemarketing service?

In simple terms, telemarketing is the process of marketing goods or services to potential customers via telephone.

Telemarketing is an established, legal and effective practice, though many people and even companies don’t hold it in the best opinion. It is because this practice has been abused and misused for so long and by so many.

It’s time to give telemarketing the credit it deserves by understanding and using it properly.

There are two main ways of classification of telemarketing: by format and by purpose. In terms of format, we have two types.

This includes cold calling, follow-up calls and customer services calls.
Also named “warm calls” because customers initiate the call, showing some interest in what you have to offer them.
Be noted that inbound telemarketing is different from call center services as the latter focuses on providing answers to customer queries and support on demand.

In terms of purpose, telemarketing can be classified into 3 types, but one call can have more than one purpose.

1Lead generation
The agent calls to collect or check some information of a prospect, so this can be seen as a type of “market survey call”. If the information matches, the often-seen call-to-action is an event invitation to create opportunities for direct selling.
2 Sales
For some certain types of products and services, selling by telephone is as effective as direct selling, and it can be done at a fragment of the cost, which means improved bottom line.
3Customer service
The agent makes a call to a current customer of the business to up-sell or simply ask for review and feedback.

Some sources consider B2B and B2C as another way of classification. Refer to our FAQ below for more explanation.

What is the standard process of telemarketing solutions?

These 6 steps ensure your telemarketing and telesales outsource decision is made wisely.

What are key values of telemarketing service?

Have a look at 8 reasons that make telemarketing the go-to choice for many businesses.

1Boost branding
Many people had no idea about a brand before a call until that brand reached them.
Even with strong social media marketing, OOH advertising and TVC advertising, there’s still a risk of “ad fatigue” that makes the audience numb to your branding messages. But the 1-on-1 telemarketing call will drive it home.
2Boost sales & sales opportunities
Well-trained telecallers can close deals, set up business meetings and invite prospects to company events.
Also, compared to other practices, telemarketing increases the chance to connect with decision makers.
3Reduce cost
More qualified leads mean less cost for sales and marketing, and you can even enjoy an updated customer database without an increase in expenses.
4Expand reach
As long as your business can provide products and services without a geographical limitation, telemarketing is a worthy investment.
5Improve customer service
Each customer is taken care of by a well-trained telecaller and their technical concerns are also addressed right in the call.
Personalized experience will boost customer retention.
6Receive immediate feedback
You learn right away how customers are thinking and feeling about your products and services.
And if they are displeased, you have the golden chance to fix the problem before it goes rampant on social media or they simply leave.
7Highly measurable
With telemarketing, you don’t need to wait as long to know if it’s working. The metrics are straightforward and don’t need any complicated calculation.
8Can be outsourced easily
Even if your company hasn’t established a branch office in a new country you want to expand to, telemarketing offshore service is available.

Are telemarketing and telesales the same service?

No, they are as different as sales and marketing. One apparent similarity comes from the “tele“ part, which means they both take place via telephone.

There are 3 key aspects that differentiate them the most.

Telemarketers have various goals to meet and those should be agreed beforehand: create sales opportunities, provide and collect relevant information, ask for customer feedback, set up appointments and generate leads.
On the other hand, telesellers try to close a deal directly on the phone.
2Skill requirement
Telemarketers should embrace a customer service mindset, while telesellers are more revenue-driven.
A talented teleseller may not fare as well in a telemarketing position and vice versa.
A telemarketer’s script focuses more on collecting information and addressing questions while a teleseller will need to provide persuasive information for the prospect to make a buying decision.

Some argue that telesales is a part of telemarketing, while in fact they are two related, separate practices.

In some cases, you can see a telemarketer closes a deal, but that’s never their original purpose when dialing, and it only works with low value purchases.

Why is telemarketing and telesales outsourcing the better option for companies?

Because every business wants the highest ROI for their investment.

Telemarketing is not especially hard, but without relevant expertise and experience, you will have a hard time optimizing this activity.

With outsourcing, businesses can enjoy various benefits. Here are some more attractive ones:

  • Reduced cost in building calling lists and scripts, and training telecallers.
  • Reduced risk of lost opportunities due to a lacking of experience in telephone communication.
  • Easy to track results.
  • Flexible in making adjustments.

NOTE: If you want to grow your business in another market or country, local insights about the people, language and culture are very important. Your in-house telecallers may not be able to handle this change. Looking for local agencies is a practical and preferred option.

A good news for you: If your next destination is Vietnam, telemarketing is one of the most popular choices there thanks to its convenience, speed, efficiency and multi-functionality.

How effective are outbound telemarketing services?

In one word, very. To the surprise of many, there are still a lot of buyers who prefer telephone communication, even cold calls, especially when they are in the stage of consideration.

Let’s have a look at some statistics.

  • According to a sales research of RAIN Group, 69% of customers accept phone calls from new providers, and 82% accept meetings with businesses who actively make telemarketing calls.
    Also, C-level buyers prefer telephone communications (57%) more than managers (47%). This is great news for both local and global telemarketing services in business to business dealings.
  • According to a sales research of Sales Insights Lab, more than 40% of respondents agreed that telephone is the most effective sales tool, despite the rise of social media marketing and other prospecting services.

However, telemarketing is not the shortcut to sure-win deals, as a research of Mortgage Technology has shown that “93% of all converted leads are reached by the sixth call attempt”. That’s why telemarketing joining forces with other sales and marketing activities makes for a terrific combination!

How telesales boost sales and customer service results?

Telesales reduce the overall cost and effort that sales and customer service usually need. Here are some ways they do it.

  • Reach more prospects and customers more effectively in 1-on-1 communication (compared with direct sales and mass emailing).
  • Pique interest so that prospects are more willing to accept meetings and consider the deals.
  • Address common concerns, including basic technical questions so that prospects are more informed about the benefits of the offer before meeting salespeople.
  • Receive specific feedback right away. Feedback forms can’t be as specific. And you can even ask for suggestions for improvements.

But remember, telemarketing and telesales can’t totally replace sales and customer services, because telephone communication is not the best way to close deals, especially business to business.

How do B2B telemarketing services differ from B2C?

It comes from the basic difference between the B2B and B2C buying process.

  • B2B processes are more complex, time-consuming and involved by more people.
  • B2B decisions are more about logical reasoning while B2C buyers can be swayed more easily by impulse and emotions.
  • B2B deals are more about long-term, strategic solutions while B2C has a more tactical nature and focuses on products.

Therefore B2B telemarketing requires more from all aspects, including effort, time, telecaller skill levels, digital marketing support and more.

Are cold calling services legal in Vietnam?

Of course. You just need to pay attention to certain laws.

In specific, the Decree 91/2020 about telemarketing in Vietnam applies for advertising by SMS, emails and phone calls.

Besides imposing the allowed advertising timeframe, the government also encourages top three Vietnam mobile network operators - Mobifone, Vinaphone, and Viettel to support customers who don’t want to receive cold calls. For example, after you end an incoming call, a question may appear right away on your phone about whether this is an advertising call and bothers you.

Looking at it on the bright side, stricter policies mean better targeting and less compromising on quality. And if you need to outsource cold calling services, whether B2B or B2C, it will be easier to find reputable service providers.

Like any other laws, Vietnam telemarketing policies will have updates to improve their citizen experience. So if you want to grow your business in Vietnam, go for local telemarketing and cold calling services to leverage the most updated information and local insights.

How does customer database service help you build an effective list?

The customer database is a collection of telemarketing leads, including MQL (marketing qualified lead) & SQL (sales qualified lead).

There are 4 main ways to grow your list.

1Organic lead generation
This gives you MQL with the highest quality, but it takes more time and effort.
You need strong SEO for prospects to reach you “by themselves”, and great Content to make them subscribe for your blog or complete download forms.
2Events & conferences
You can conduct, co-host or co-sponsor some events to generate leads, or register for relevant events. The former is more costly but you will be able to receive the full participant list or at least a portion of it. As for the latter, it depends on your networking skills.
3Telemarketing list brokers
Basically you pay for the lists. It is arguably the quickest and most convenient method, but there is no guarantee for the quality.
4Digital tools
An example is using Google Maps to find out a certain group of companies in a designated area. This works better for B2B and when you have clear targeting. Agencies usually have their own ways in utilizing lead generation tools.

You can use all these methods at the same time if you want, but it’s recommended to factor target audience characteristics, business situation and goals into your decision.

Also, the best practices vary with countries. For example, some certain industries in Vietnam haven’t been digitalized much. So Google Maps may not work as well as going to industry events or fairs. Contact local agencies to be better informed on this and legal aspects as well.

How can we boost telemarketing results with digital marketing solutions?

It depends on the situation, but here are some general guidelines.

1Before – Digital marketing creates a good foundation for telemarketing.
Do you know that your customer database service provider can utilize digital marketing to create calling lists and verify data?
2During – Digital marketing helps boost telemarketing effectiveness.
After someone fills out a form on your page, they should receive an automatic email that gives them what you have promised, for example a link to download an ebook.
3After – Digital marketing helps keep relationships made by telemarketing
E-newsletters, blog updates and event invitations are some examples to keep the hard-earned relationships fresh and blooming.

How can companies measure telemarketing and telesales results?

Here are some most popular metrics for your consideration.

  • Calls: The number of calls made (per day or per caller), the number of answered calls, etc.
  • Sales: Sales per caller, sales per hours, etc.
  • Appointments: Appointments made per day or per [number] call.
  • Time: Average duration for each call.

It’s not only about choosing which metrics, but also deciding on the number (like how many calls per day). Don’t copy the numbers from any other telemarketing campaigns because they vary with industries, types of business, products and services, and the market.

What should companies prepare for telemarketing and telesales outsourcing services?

Even top telemarketing and telesales outsourcing companies can’t decide for you these 3 important keys.

  • Input: What you give your telemarketing agency and your feedback in the process.
    This includes basic business information, customer data (unless you already have a customer database provider), previous scripts (if any) and other required information.
  • Expectations: Your campaign goals.
  • Alignment: How this campaign supports and receives support from other current sales and marketing strategies, such as email marketing, social media, content marketing.
    If your telemarketing agency also offers these services, don’t hesitate to ask for their advice.

All in all, to get the most from your investment, first make sure you have your overall strategy thought out, then go into details how this campaign fits in the big picture.

How to choose the best telemarketing agency?

Choose a local telemarketing agency

For example, if you want to expand to Vietnam, outsource your telesales and telemarketing activities to Vietnam-based service providers. Local insights can’t be duplicated easily, and offshore telemarketing services are generally more affordable.

Match your needs with their capabilities

For example, if you want to outsource just B2B cold calling, look for service providers or companies with that type of experience and whether they provide other relevant outbound telemarketing services.

Pay attention to communication and chemistry

Think and feel whether their communication and working styles match yours. Most of the time, the first impression signals how the partnership unfolds.

How to receive On Digitals’ proposal on telesales and telemarketing outsourcing services?

Please provide us with the following information to receive our proposal in the shortest time.

  • Your business information and industry.
  • Your prospect/customer list.
  • On Digitals can support in evaluating and updating the current list, or we also offer email list service (especially when you want to run email marketing in Vietnam). Just have your requirements listed.

  • Your script.
  • We are willing to help if you need updated or new telesales scripts. Just have your requirements listed.

  • Estimated workload and timeline.
  • Other requirements.
  • If there’s anything else you think we need to know, please note it down too.

This information helps us a lot in building an optimal solution tailored for you. But if you don’t have these ready yet, don’t worry. Our experts are here to help you.

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