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Website is a crucial component of an effective marketing strategy and the first impression on your clients.

That is why we carry out detailed plannings and invest time to learn and research about your business, your targeted audience, and current marketing goals.

So our experts can craft a website that is not only beautiful but also capable of growing your business in a strategic way.

A Vietnam-based web design agency with ambitious objectives

  • Deliver a website experience that impresses visitors
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive website design
  • Custom and eye-catching design
  • SEO-optimized
  • Speed-optimized
  • Clear calls to action
  • A website that captures leads and improves conversions
  • And most importantly, cost-efficient

Custom eCommerce Web Design for conversion optimization and greater sales

An effective eCommerce website requires different elements to a standard company website. An eCommerce website needs to facilitate users through the buying process with the least friction and the most convenience, including product search and information, ordering, payment processing, and much more.

With more than 50% of online shoppers making their purchases via their smartphones, eCommerce websites need to provide great mobile user experience in all stages of online buying, tailored to specific preferences of different audiences.

On Digitals don’t stop at making your website a feast for the eyes. We go beyond to ensure its effectiveness in bringing you potential customers and increasing conversion rates through SEO-optimized design and continuous website enhancement.

An all-inclusive website solution with outstanding UX/UI design to best represent your unique values

Any website, either informative or for eCommerce purposes, need to prioritize user experience, or UX/UI, to maximize their competitive advantage and drive sales. PwC found that more than 30% of customers will leave a favorite brand after just one bad experience. And when customers these days interact with brands online much more than directly, your online presence, including your website, deserves more attention and investment.

When mobile devices become the new norm, one company must have their website on both desktop and mobile versions. Having a desktop view with full functionality on a mobile device just doesn’t cut it. Do you know that if a website isn’t mobile responsive, the users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task they’re trying to complete?

Besides great design and responsiveness, an effective website also needs a Content Management System (CMS), which helps you manage and organize all content to improve your content marketing strategy.

On Digitals helps you ensure seamless website operation on both desktop and mobile versions, leveraging best practices with value insights of local aesthetic sense and preferences.

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Why do we need a responsive web design?

A responsive or mobile friendly web design provides a beautiful touch on every screen resolution. In other words, it displays nicely on large desktop screens and mobile phone screens. This is crucial because the majority of online activities happen through mobile phones.

At On Digitals, we create the most stunning websites that align with your marketing strategy. Contact us today and get free consultation.

What does it mean for a site to be SEO-optimized?

An SEO-optimized website gives clear ranking signals to the search engines about what keywords you intend to rank on the first page.

It also provides maximum support to search engines to discover and understand your site. This accelerates the indexing time and provides better chances to rank.

Optimized websites also prove to have better conversion rate in Search Engine Optimization and Paid-per-click campaigns.

Why do we need to improve page loading speed?

Have you ever closed a page because it took too long to load? Some visitors may wait for 5 seconds, others might only wait for 2 seconds.

Improving your page loading time will retain more traffic and thus, increase your conversion rates. According to Google, speed is also a significant ranking factor.

Why should we invest in UX/UI design?

A research from Forrester has shown that on average, for every dollar invested in UX, $100 is earned. The figure may vary across businesses and industries, but it’s hard to deny that people will be more likely to stay and engage with things that are pleasing to their eyes and their feelings.

When you neglect user experience, you don’t only lose potential customers, but you also turn them to competitors with better care for UX/UI. Most of displeased visitors just leave your site without a complaint, so you may not realize the damage until much later.

If you’re unsure about how your site is doing in terms of UX/UI design, don’t hesitate to contact On Digitals.

Do my website need a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software or application to manage all content on a website, including creating, editing and publishing pieces of content by different users with different authority. WordPress, Joomla or Magento are some common names of CMS.

A CMS is often used for sites that need to update content frequently, such as blogs, news, marketing or eCommerce websites. Coupled with effective content marketing and SEO strategy, your site is guaranteed with increased traffic, leads and engagement.

Talk to On Digitals today to see how CMS fits with your current or upcoming website and how it can help you reach your marketing and sales targets.

Is mobile-first design approach better?

When you design a company site, you want it to work properly on all devices and screens, be it PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. A designer may choose to design a desktop version first with full functionality, then “degrade” it to smaller screen size such as on a smartphone. Mobile-first design approach is the exact opposite, with designers focusing on key elements to create a lean look with prioritized features.

Early in 2012, sales of smartphones surpassed sales of PCs. Since 2016, the number of mobile internet users has overtaken desktop users. With most people making the first information search about a new product/brand on their mobile devices, you may need to consider having your website designed for mobile version first. If that’s your choice, make sure your website is really mobile responsive and friendly because most visitors don’t give a bad site a second chance.

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