Maximize ROI by applying excellent content marketing strategies

Content marketing is no longer a new term to forward-thinking organizations, with 84% of companies saying that they have a content marketing strategy in place.

Basically, it is a marketing technique to attract, retain and ultimately drive profitable actions of a group of target audience by creating and distributing valuable content on different channels. While costing less than outbound marketing, content marketing generates more leads – 3 times higher, with increased chance for conversion.

Secure a sustainable source of revenue with SEO-optimized, creative and meaningful content

Content marketing, when done right, provides multiple long-term benefits, including improved SEO results and brand awareness, increased site traffic and qualified leads, and higher conversion especially if your products or services require a lot of research and consideration before purchase.

Moreover, great content advocates for reliability and expertise, two factors promoting your brand’s reputation.

Top your competition with a full-service content marketing agency in Vietnam

For companies who want to see quick results in site traffic, they may turn to PPC ad campaigns. But it’s hard to retain and convert visitors if your site’s content doesn’t pique their interest. That’s when a page with content published frequently and with consistently high quality makes a difference.

If you’re planning to make your name in Vietnam, entrust your content marketing to the local expert – On Digitals.

Act as a credible source and boost sales with great B2B content marketing practices

A survey on B2B companies using content marketing in 2020 shows that 88% of the most successful B2B companies prioritize their target audience’s information needs over their brand’s promotional messages or sales goals. It helps them assert their position as a credible source of information in the audience’s mind.

On Digitals helps you create a comprehensive and documented content marketing plan to reach your goals with clear metrics to measure performance and ROI. Start today to accelerate to the top of the market!

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What are the steps in an effective content marketing process?

  1. Business Analysis

    This is “step 0” because it doesn’t really belong to a content marketing process, but it’s as essential as any step taken after that. On Digitals will spend time to learn about your business, your goals and your current state of content marketing practices (if you’ve already applied some). The general landscape in your industry will also be researched in depth for better understanding of the competition and topical issues.

  2. Keyword Research

    To create SEO-optimized and evergreen content for sustainable high-quality traffic to your website/blog, keyword research must be taken seriously. This task doesn’t only include finding the right keywords, but also sorting them into logical, relevant groups with different priority for optimizing current pages and creating new content.

    There are a number of factors to consider when conducting keyword research, such as search volume, competiveness, cost-per-click (CPC) and search intent – what users really want to know when searching with a certain keyword.

  3. Audience Research

    Different audiences have varied preferences for content topics and formats. Knowing this information helps you save a lot of time and resources investing in content creation and distribution. Your buyer’s persona will be researched thoroughly with local insights for optimal results.

  4. Content Strategy and Consultation

    This steps can be divided into different tasks:

    • Content Ideation

      This involves looking for relevant topics that best attract a brand’s target audience. Content that addresses real pain points will not only gain traffic but also boost conversion.

    • Content Schedule

      Content marketing should eventually lead to conversion, so a content schedule needs to follow the buyer’s journey to facilitate viewers to find solutions to their problem. Different types of content will also have different timeframe for publication, review and update.

    • Content Creation

      Depending on previous analysis, On Digitals will offer you different types of content, including long-form content, SEO-optimized blog and website content, case studies, infographics, online guides, social media posts, and more.

      Each piece of content will focus on a certain stage of the buyer journey – awareness, consideration and decision – and be optimized for SEO.

  1. Content Outreach and Distribution

    Once you have a great piece of content, it’s time to let people know about it and willingly share it, in other words, promote your content. Social media advertising and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) or influencers are just two of many ways to do it.

    Depending on the communication channels, one piece of content may need to be presented in various ways to appeal to different type of viewers, while maintaining the same message and consistency with brand image.

  2. Reporting

    To know how your content marketing is performing, we will look at various metrics, including:

    • Consumption: such as traffic and page views for different formats and devices
    • Engagement: such as average time on page, social shares, backlinks, etc.
    • Conversion: such as qualified lead generation, blog subscriptions, time to purchase, etc.

    Knowing these data will help you optimize your current and future content for better results with less and less effort.

How long does it take to see the effect of a content marketing campaign?

Content marketing does takes time to generate real results in leads or conversion rates. Depending on your business size and industry, it may take from 3-9 months for content marketing to work its magic.

Why does it take so long? Because users and search engines prefer more established sites with frequently published content, which can’t happen overnight.

That’s also why it’s better to start building your content marketing now than later. Let On Digitals help you with the very first steps to acquiring new qualified leads and potential customers.

Which types of content create the best results?

To achieve the highest overall results from content marketing, it’s best to have a mix of types of content. Which types requiring more attention depends on your target audience, distribution channel and business goals, among other factors.

For example, blog posts with good SEO will bring you more organic traffic, while video helps increase time on page. Infographics serve well at presenting valuable information and making it easier to remember. And case studies attract people who want to know how a solution (maybe similar to theirs) really works for others.

How much content should be published each month for the best results?

Some believe that the more the better, but volume may come with over-saturation of search engine results. In fact, you need to consider various factors:

  • Content goal: If you want to increase your organic traffic, Hubspot advices publishing new blog posts 1-4 times a week. If you want more brand awareness, publish less often with content being more diverse and less SEO-optimized.
  • Type of content: Blog posts take much shorter time to produce and consume than a case study, while a video requires more than one person’s effort.
  • Business size: Smaller businesses generally produce less piece of content.
  • Distribution channel: It’s not wise to push emails daily, but it’s different with social media when things move much faster and in a more public space.

Let On Digitals help you decide the best volume of content you need to achieve your business goals. Contact us today!

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