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Are you looking for a proven PR practice to bring your company to a new level?

PR event marketing services will serve your company well, especially in a blooming market like Vietnam. Your task is to find the best PR agency among a collection of top public relations firms and online event management companies.

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Your success is our success. We run every single event with dedication and focus as if it’s our brand that is promoted.

We aim to bring the best experience to every stakeholder, from the participants to the media, from the speakers to the sponsors. Be it offline or online, our public relations services are peerless.

Hesitate no more! Reap great results for your company with On Digitals – the best online PR and event management agency in Vietnam.

All-Inclusive PR Event Marketing Services and Solutions

  • Venue booking / platform setup
  • Invitation list building
  • Sponsor, exhibitor and speaker outreach
  • PR content production
  • Program planning
  • Promotion planning and execution
  • Tracking and reporting

Whether you want to run a traditional or an online PR event, our agency has every event marketing, production, planning, public relations and management services your company may need.

Just pick the PR and event services you need or contact us today for free online consultancy on the best offers tailored to your unique need.

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What is a PR Event and why is it important?

Event management and PR or public relation are two separate concepts that go hand in hand.

There are many essential activities in event management, from selecting venues, coordinating with various vendors, building content and engaging speakers, to ensuring compliance with safety standards and monitoring the event.

And of course, PR plays an important role in deciding the success of the event. PR activities are usually run before an event, and an event can be conducted solely for the purpose of marketing a brand, a product or service. This is widely known as a PR Event.

A PR Event can take place in a physical venue or on a digital platform, and sometimes a bit of both.

When dedicating a full event for PR purposes, you have a very clear focus and goal – boost branding results and pave the way for subsequent business efforts.

Because of its high importance, many companies prefer to outsource the whole PR event together with any necessary online marketing and digital efforts to a trusted agency or event production company.

What are some popular types of PR Events and their benefits?

There are 3 main reasons for a business to conduct a PR event. And because these reasons are distinctive, trying to achieve more than one at the same time may backfire.

  • Brand activation
  • As the name suggests, brand activation is to boost brand awareness and engagement. The company may try to expand their business to another market such as a new country, or introduce new brands under their portfolio.

  • Product launch
  • In this type of event, the focus is on the marketing of new products. There are generally giveaways and contests to stimulate curiosity and grow the number of early adopters.

  • Press/media preview
  • While the other two aim at end users or consumers, this type of event is made for the media and KOLs or influencers. There can be multiple non-competing brands in the same event.

In any type of PR event, remember that your PR activities must run before, during and after the real event. There must be offline efforts such as out-of-home ads and digital activities such as email marketing and social media.

What is the process of PR event marketing services and solutions?

  • Gather information
  • The customer provides the (online) PR and event planning agency with basic information such as their event goals, expectations and budget.

  • Assess current situation
  • Based on the request of the customer, the agency helps assess the status of essential resources for event success. They may include content, branding activities, customer database or prospect lists, current and future marketing and business strategies.

  • Research
  • The agency conducts necessary research and advice on the most suitable solutions, including type of events, time and venue, target audience, implementation process, marketing strategies, etc.

  • Discuss and plan
  • The customer and the agency discuss and agree on key factors – the strategy, process, timeline, and metrics.

  • Prepare
  • Depending on the agreement, the agency helps prepare all necessary materials and activities for the event. They may include invitation lists, content, website or landing pages, offline venue or online platform, speakers, media contacts, and social media promotion.

  • Promote
  • We recommend doing this simultaneously with the previous step – preparation for better time and resource utilization. For example, we don’t need a complete list of speakers to start promoting the event on social media.

  • Rehearse
  • This step is required if your event has certain activities such as product demos.

  • Implement
  • This includes all event management activities during and after the event date to ensure the best experience for every participant.

  • Tracking & reporting
  • The agency provides reporting on agreed metrics and advice on the best next steps to leverage the impact of the event. For the highest results, it is recommended for the customer to have a representative who works closely with the agency in every step.

    Why invest in PR event marketing services, both digital and traditional?

  • Improve brand awareness for both established and new brands.
  • Increase product exposure especially for newcomers to the market.
  • Reach targeted audience who can make the final buying decision.
  • Cultivate effective relationships with customers, media, KOLs and complementary brands.
  • Boost sales & sales opportunities through an ever-growing source of qualified prospects.
  • Develop positive brand image with the best event experience for all participants.
  • Advance digital results with long-term impact on business growth.
  • Why choose On Digitals’ all-in-one PR event marketing solutions?

  • Extensive experience across industries
  • Connection with various media
  • Digital capabilities for all PR and event activities
  • Proven process and best practices
  • Dedicated support by experts
  • Flexible and responsive
  • Custom solutions
  • High ROI
  • Is digital PR a better choice for my company than traditional PR?

    Traditional (offline / in-person) Digital (online)
    • Better at networking and relationship building
    • Establish a positive brand image as an established, trustworthy and prosperous company
    • Less competition
    • Higher reach and inclusivity
    • More flexible with schedule
    • No risk of cancelling because of bad weathe
    • More affordable
    • Detailed and automatic analytics
    • Higher cost
    • More time to prepare
    • Must follow safety and security policies
    • Less immersive experience due to more possible distractions
    • Less competitive due to a larger number of companies doing the same thing
    • Participants must have a certain level of technology capabilities
    Best for
    • Traditional industries, products and services
    • Older generations who are not as comfortable with technology
    • Modern industries, products and services
    • Younger generations who are used to living with technology

    With the shift to digital, many top companies, event planning and management agencies and public relations firms are updating their PR best practices. Forbes also gives a vote to virtual events as they help generate leads more effectively and there are so many tools to choose from.

    According to the report State of the Event Industry 2021, in the last quarter of 2021, 57% surveyed companies successfully moved from in-person events to virtual events while the rest didn’t try or failed trying.

    In this transition from 2020 to 2021, engagement remains the biggest problem while the increased attendance keeps motivating companies to further their efforts.

    So which type of event is the better choice? While online or digital PR event services are packed with benefits for your company, if your industry and target audience is not tech-savvy, think twice. You can also start with hybrid events to test the water, but expert advice is highly recommended.

    • Clear goal
    • Be clear on what you want to happen after the event, such as the action of the attendee or the boost in revenue. This ultimate goal helps you make a firm plan for all company public relations activities before, during and after the event.

    • Date & time
    • The best time to run an event, be it online or offline, doesn’t depend on your company or the public relations agency. Refer to the question about “the best time to run a PR event in Vietnam” for more information.

    • Platform
    • Which platform is the easiest to use or the most familiar with your target audience? How about their stability and support quality? Refer to the question about “the best platform to run an online event” for more information.

    • Targeting
    • Even the best online PR agencies won’t recommend your company to target everyone that has an Internet access. The only exception is when you just want quantity regardless of quality.

    • Takeaway
    • It’s a good practice to give takeaways such as branded gifts in an offline event. So when you run it online, don’t forget to give away valuable gifts such as media kits and vouchers.

    • Digital activities
    • These include promotion by content, email marketing, website and social media at least.

    • Press and media
    • Most of the time we don’t need to aim for global top media firms because local PR companies or agencies know how to impress local people the best.

    • A local focus
    • This factor depends on the nature of your brand, product and service. If your operation is mostly local, this is a must. But if you are a global service provider, a local-focused event may not be as effective.

    How effective are PR & event marketing solutions in Vietnam?

      The good news is Vietnamese are open to networking opportunities. That’s why events are very effective for branding purposes. The effectiveness isn’t as guaranteed with other goals though. The best PR firm or top event planning and management agency in Vietnam will advise your company to focus on 5 factors.

    • Personalization
    • Participants prefer a thoughtful event organizer company who personalize both promotion content and the schedule. For example, consider running simultaneous sessions on different topics to attract a more diverse audience.

    • Online options
    • Typical examples are livestream or video conferences. Of course it depends on the type of events. Some work much better offline such as a networking event.

    • Online connection
    • Double check the Wi-Fi speed at the venue and make sure you have at least one back-up plan when your digital event has trouble with connection.

    • Security and safety
    • In-person event participants today in Vietnam want the event organizer company or PR agency to strictly adhere to safety and health practices.

    • Unique venue experience
    • Besides familiar options like conference rooms in big hotels, it may be better choice to host your event somewhere unique and harmonious with your brand image.

    What is the best time for your company to run a PR event in Vietnam?

    There is no real low season for a PR and event agency in Vietnam. Just count the Tet holiday and national holidays out. But to know the best time for a specific event, answer the following questions.

  • What are your goals?
  • For example, if your event is to promote a new product, is it ready to sell yet? When is the season that consumers generally want this type of product?

    Each industry has their own high season, low season and budget season. Do your homework well.

  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Be fully informed about your competitor’s product launch campaign, and don’t try to run your event on the same date.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Think of everyone that will take part in your event, including the customers/prospects, the media, the sponsors, and the speakers. Then, choose the most convenient option.

  • How many people will be there?
  • The bigger an event, the more time and resources consumed for preparation. And you also need to plan for more scenarios.

  • Where will it be?
  • Just ask any PR agency in Vietnam and you will learn that the majority of big event participants are from big cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi and Da Nang. It is the same with digital events due to the difference in technology savviness.

    Also, research the local event schedule in advance before making your decision.

    If you are still unsure about the best time to run your events in Vietnam, outsource the whole process to a local event planning and marketing solutions agency.

    What other offline and digital services will help boost the effectiveness of PR events?

      Essentially, we want to run promotion and advertising in almost all channels. But as time and budget is not unlimited, we need to prioritize. If you don’t know where to start, take a good look at the following list.

    • Content
    • Make a thorough content plan for event promotion with specific SEO strategies and even PPC. Don’t just focus on long, detailed articles. Take advantage of Instagram stories or Facebook stories to spark the curiosity of the mass.

    • Social media
    • You can leverage the power of KOL or influencers, social ads, hashtags and mini-contests to spread the news more quickly.

    • Website
    • Consider to create a separate website or a special landing page for your events. Every PR posts must lead to this instead of the general home page.

    • Email
    • Email marketing is a less costly and effective channel for your company to run digital PR. Just remember to modify the content as the time draws near to create the sense of urgency and importance.

    • Offline advertising
    • This could be an out of home ad or TV commercial.

    What is the best platform to run an online event for my company?

      It depends on the event type, target audience and required functions of the platform. Regarding the types of online events, we have webinars, livestream, online courses, team meetings, virtual conferences, virtual networking, exhibitions, etc.

      Many companies choose video conferencing tools to run online PR events, but this is not the best option. For large-scale, immersive, global or international PR events, ask for expert help from a trusted agency or company instead of just going for Google Hangouts, Zoom, GoToMeeting, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Skype [HP6] [N7] and the like.

      In short, to choose the most suitable virtual event platform, consider the following elements:

    • Ease of use
    • Take both the view of users and moderators to judge this element. The more popular a platform to certain audience groups, the more likely it is easier to use.

    • Scalability
    • Some platforms are not recommended to cater for too big or too small a group. Their quotation and package may vary with the number of participants too.

    • Customization
    • Have a look at how much they allow you to customize the look and feel for better branding. And if you have additional activities, spend more time on this element.

    • Functionality
    • Some more commonly used functions are breakout spaces for networking, livestreaming, polling, Q&A sessions, virtual booths, monetization features, and sponsorship.

      Be noted that some functions may be only available for certain packages.

    • Support
    • It’s best if the agency provides live troubleshooting and 24/7 support, especially if your company is running a global or international PR event.

    • Integration
    • If you are using an event management software, ask for integration options. Otherwise, integration with social media is a big bonus as it makes reaction and sharing more convenient.

    • Analytics & reporting
    • Besides the number of participants, you want to know other data such as the most effective marketing channel for the event and lead generation.

    • Pricing
    • Most advanced functions are not included in the free option, but it never hurts to ask for a trial if you deem that function critical to your event.

    • User reviews
    • Take this information with a grain of salt, as they reflect personal viewpoints instead of a business standpoint. Just make sure the platform-providing agency does take action to improve their product and service over time.

    What should you prepare to get the best from PR event marketing solutions?

    • Goal and direction
    • Be clear about the goal of your event and how it fits in your overall business and marketing strategy. Think in advance several options for your event, including time and venue, layout and format.

    • Competitor and market analysis
    • Make sure you know what our competitors have been doing with events and their results. How about the market and the target audience’s reception to various types of events?

    • Support
    • It’s not only about budget and human effort. If you have an active online presence such as an effective website, regular social media activities, email campaigns and such, that’d be a great help.

    • Follow-up
    • What actions do you have in mind to leverage the immediate branding boost from your event? How about the resources and relevant strategies?

      If you haven’t been fully prepared, it’s ok. The best public relations firm or top event planning companies know how to help your company make the most of their PR services and solutions.

    How to choose the best PR and event marketing agency?

    • How they promote themselves
    • Focus on their digital PR activities because there is rarely any event agency that runs offline events to promote themselves.

      If you want to know about offline event production and management capabilities of the agency, ask for track records.

    • Their process
    • A successful event requires multiple steps of planning, production, marketing, management and implementation, so make sure your PR services agency or digital PR company knows their way around it.

    • Flexibility
    • No two events are similar. So pay attention to the extent of customization of your event provider. Their reaction speed and attitude to changes are very important.

    • Experience
    • Is this agency best at offline or digital PR and event production? How about their expert industries and related experience?

    • Insurance
    • This is less of a requirement for online events, but if you choose the offline option, remember to check their event insurance policies.

    • Locality
    • This is important to both online and offline events as it affects the effectiveness of PR content production, targeting, attraction and much more.

    • Harmony
    • Don’t disregard your gut feelings as even the best event management companies can’t click with every customer.

    How to receive On Digitals’ proposals on online PR and event management services?

      Please provide us with the following information to receive our proposal in the shortest time.

    • Your business information and industry.
    • If possible, please include the link to your current website, other public profiles and your previous events.

    • Your goals and expectations.
    • Which type of event do you want to run? How many participants? Is it offline or online? How about the expected results?

    • Requirements about timeline, budget and tools
    • When do you want to run your event? How much do you expect to invest in this? If the event is digital, do you have specific requirements about the platform and its functions?

    • Other requirements.
    • If there’s anything else you think we need to know, please note it down too. This information helps us a lot in building an optimal solution tailored for you. But if you don’t have these ready yet, don’t worry. Our experts are here to help.

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